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link   Kathleen    3 years ago

Hi Queenie! I could not get into the chat thing for some reason, anyway, I remembered you from NV, Do you remember me? ButterfiesHaveSouls. 

Glad to see you..

Kara Shalee
link   Kara Shalee    8 years ago

Hi Queenie, Looks like we made it over here around the same time. So, nice to see you. I'll send you a FR and hope you will accept it. I enjoyed your articles on NV, and I think I commented on a couple.

Take care,


Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    8 years ago


I am sorry that I missed your message. It only went to my homepage. In the future to make sure I get it, go to my homepage and click on the "send a message" on the upper left side of the page. To send a message from your group, there are two ways. You hit the invite button on your groups page and it will bring up another screen. If they are already a member of this group and a friend of yours ( you had to have sent them a friend request) then you just check their name, write a message and hit send. If they are not a member of your group, then where it says "invite more friends" you click on one of the icons. The envelope will let you put in your own email addys, which is probably what you want to do. I hope this helps and if you need any more help, now you know how to always get me. I apologize again for missing this until now.9.gif

Vix SixSix
link   Vix SixSix    8 years ago

Ah well....I guess if we have to use it, then we'll worry about it later

Vix SixSix
link   Vix SixSix    8 years ago

So this is it, huh? Smells funny

link   Bryan    8 years ago

Yeah, I made it.

Now where are the keys to the castle? Tongue.gif

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    8 years ago

Hey Queenie,

Welcome ... tell us a little about yourself.