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How many under nurished and abandoned children are there.

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How many under nurished and abandoned children are there.

This entails those without a home and very often without any resources.The number of abandoned children in the USA is sickening. People have no respect for themselves or their children or pets. How does this happen the jobless are sooner or later the homeless. The United States of America Has astronomical numbers of homeless children living on the street or in abandoned buildings with no place to go. This is Americas future no one seems to care. As more jobs leave the country these numbers grow. Many minimum wage workers are forced to live in the street sleep in abandoned cars to be able to afford to eat. Many are left to steal or beg for a continued existance.



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Dean Moriarty
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There are more of them because the population has increased. We pretty much have an open border to our south and millions of poor have migrated here in recent years. The actual percentage of them that are homeless has been fairly flat for the last forty years as is the percentage of poor people.


retired military ex Republican
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Dean that makes it all right. So they are almost all illegals running across the borders. Lucky only as a very few as you suggest are red blooded real important children. About five Home owners in the housing area where I live, lost their homes a couple family's both their cars were repossessed no job no making payments. Less than 100 homes here. Seven children involved. Home values roughly 250k to 350k. Case of riches to rags for one of the family's that I know of. Job shipped to China. Company bought out retirement gone, health care, vanished.

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You know, I wonder about the same thing with elderly people that have contributed so much to this world. There are people falling all over themselves feeding and taking care of the kids, but the elderly get to go to hell in a hand basket. When there is something set up for them, I will be more that happy to contribute something for the kids.