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Oil companies push gas prices up with no reason!

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Oil companies push gas prices up with no reason!

Gas goes up from $1.89 a gallon to $2.26 ( 37 cents) inside of two weeks while crude oil only goes up less than $2.00. Oil companies out to push gas prices regardless of oil costs.

Buy a hybrid or electric car if you don't drive extremely long distances.




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Dean Moriarty
Professor Quiet
link   Dean Moriarty    9 years ago

I just don't want them to raise the darn taxes on gas.

Robert in Ohio
Professor Guide
link   Robert in Ohio    9 years ago

The strike at refineries might have a small effect, fromlaborunionreport.com

If a strike does occur, and depending on its length, consumers may end up seeing gas prices rise once againsince a strike would affect 63 percent of domestic fuel production .

Freshman Silent
link   Que    9 years ago

I plan to buy an electric car when my Ford Focus wears out. They are much more efficient and reduce pollution even if charged from coal produced electricity.

retired military ex Republican
Freshman Silent
link   author  retired military ex Republican    9 years ago

Seeing as how gas companies are subsidized by our federal and state governments gas should almost be free.