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The Undocumented Come and Go - Does No One Respect Boundaries

By:  Robert in Ohio  •  life choices  •  5 months ago  •  23 comments

The Undocumented Come and Go - Does No One Respect Boundaries

"The only boundaries we have are in form. There are no obstacles in thought." Wayne Dyer

I imagine that some pf you saw this as an opportunity to scream, spit vitriol and pummel others on the subject of illegal immigration and the undocumented.

Sorry to disappoint, but this about the amazing birds and insects that come to visit me - and they are always welcome








And there are so many more I could share and maybe I will later

Good fences make good neighbors as a very smart guy once said, but when we have fences Mother Nature has a way of sending beauty to call.

Please share your own photos of visitors in and around your yard


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Robert in Ohio
1  author  Robert in Ohio    5 months ago

This big guy is made of stone, but he guards our pond 


1.1  Studiusbagus  replied to  Robert in Ohio @1    5 months ago

You have pond guards too?

And I see he's one of the ferocious spitting turtles.

Among others I have a bathing elephant.

And...humph! I'll have you know, all my guests are well documented...I'm at the end stop for many of those critters and by the time they get here they're complaining about being documented by geeky college postgrads, pimple faced high school students, and Mrs. Crenshaw that can't wait until the next Bupkis County Ornithology club social.

So there!

Robert in Ohio
1.1.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Studiusbagus @1.1    5 months ago

All of my visitors arrive in the garden, flower beds, trees or yard and rest, relax and eat whatever they want and then just move without any effort to clean up behind themselves in preparation for the next wave of "visitors".

Sometimes I feel like the place belongs to them and they just allow me to live here.


1.1.2  Studiusbagus  replied to  Robert in Ohio @1.1.1    5 months ago
Sometimes I feel like the place belongs to them and they just allow me to live here.

It's true. I was shamed for genocide two years ago.

 I started growing a passion flower vine and it attracted these beautiful butterflies. Soon after I had scores of big caterpillars eating it like a fat kid on a ham sandwich. We were killing them left and right. Then I'm advised that passion flowers are the singular food source for that caterpillar and the only place that butterfly lays their eggs.


Robert in Ohio
1.1.3  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Studiusbagus @1.1.2    5 months ago


Whenever I exercised about the bees and get after them the wife reminds me that all of the creatures - animals, insects, flowers etc etc have a role to play in the beauty surrounding our house

I try to remember that

1.2  Krishna  replied to  Robert in Ohio @1    5 months ago

Good grief-- an "Undocumented Tortoise"! 

Wil it never end . . . 

Robert in Ohio
1.2.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Krishna @1.2    5 months ago


I hear you no one is sure where he came from or how he took over a strategic part of the pond

But the whole neighborhood loves him

2  Jasper2529    5 months ago

Very nice photos, Robert. I really like the monarch butterfly. While I was walking last week, I saw one resting on a leaf and took several photos. They're pretty much a rarity where I live.

Robert in Ohio
2.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Jasper2529 @2    5 months ago


Thanks for the kind words

We see quite a few Monarchs but they flit and move so much it is hard to get good pictures of them - I end up sitting on the porch or in a field for a half-hour to an hour trying to get a good shot.

Buzz of the Orient
3  Buzz of the Orient    5 months ago

When and where I grew up the Monarchs were plentiful, but as we all know, receding in later years. I had a dual loyalty to Monarchs, living in Canada, a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Living on the 15th floor of a building, I no longer have the kind of visitors that you do - and thankfully no flies and mosquitoes. 

Robert in Ohio
3.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @3    5 months ago


I too lived in the city for many years and loved it - but now I know what I was missing and cannot imagine living "in the city" again.

We too have flies and mosquitos time to time, those since have regularly planted basil, mint and some garlic we have very few mosquitos near the patio and front porch.

Have a good day my friend and thanks for the perspective

pat wilson
4  pat wilson    5 months ago

Very nice, Robert !

Robert in Ohio
4.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  pat wilson @4    5 months ago

Thanks for stopping by Pat glad you liked the photos

5  Kavika     5 months ago

Great photo essay RIO. Your becoming quite the photographer. 

I'll have to take some photos of the lizards that inhabit my lanai. Wiki the Warrior Wonder Wiener (mini doxie) loves to chase them around. 

This is a photo of Wiki. She's taking a break from lizard chasing. 


Robert in Ohio
5.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Kavika @5    5 months ago


Our oldest son lives on a small farm in the Missouri and one of his dogs (my favorite) Finnegan loves to find box turtles and bring them to "dad" - he never hurts them, carrying them gently in his mouth and laying them at my son's feet with an attitude and expression as if he has tracked and taken down some huge and vicious creature.

He once brought one of my daughter-in-law's chickens to her in a similar manner and though the chicken was fine, Finnegan was in the dog house (pun intended) for quite a while and has never messed with the chickens again.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing and I look forward to the gallery of lizards

5.1.1  Kavika   replied to  Robert in Ohio @5.1    5 months ago

That's funny RIO, before we moved to Florida (a month ago) Wiki would find frogs and turtles and bring them home...She never hurt one and was quite proud of herself. 

No chickens were brought home...LOL

Robert in Ohio
5.1.2  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  Kavika @5.1.1    5 months ago

Finnegan is fascinated by the chickens because they loose their minds and flap, cackle and run around just because he approaches their area and he finds that quite interesting.

I think he only wants to play and figures they must be some weird skittish breed of dog


6  PJ    5 months ago

My little guy likes to bring me mice and small rabbits when he's not sleeping or trying to sneak into my luggage.  I left for two minutes and when I got back he was snuggled up and snoozing.  


Robert in Ohio
6.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  PJ @6    5 months ago


Obviously he thinks it is high time he got to travel a bit - meet cats from other parts of the country and world.

6.1.1  PJ  replied to  Robert in Ohio @6.1    5 months ago

Well I took him to the beach with me a couple months ago.  It did NOT go well.  The drive wasn't bad but he was paranoid the whole time in the hotel room.  He has since learned that he's happy to be a homebody.  

Robert in Ohio
6.1.2  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  PJ @6.1.1    5 months ago

Our cat passed away quite a few years ago (after 16 years with us) but he was an avid traveler - he loved the car (after the first couple of trips) and especially liked going to my mother-in-law's house where there were many new places to explore and conquer.

7  luther28    5 months ago

Humming bird was my favorite, though the mantis and dragon fly were in the running.

Very nice Robert.

Robert in Ohio
7.1  author  Robert in Ohio  replied to  luther28 @7    5 months ago



The hummingbird was by far the hardest to get a picture of for me - moves a lot faster than this old fella can react