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Old School Marine
link   Old School Marine    6 years ago

Yep Rodney, I don't think I"ve talked to one single person who likes that new VINE format. But lots of good folks here from the vine so good for us!!

Semper Fi

Old School Marine
link   Old School Marine    6 years ago

Hey Rodney, sorry brother, I've been really busy at work this week. It's all good, everyone gets heated a sometimes,so no worries at all. I hear the new Vine format is not very popular at all, so here I am. Seeing a lot of Viners coming over here and lots already here when I got here.

Hope to see you around here, I've still got a couple incredibly busy weeks ahead of me but will reply to you on articles as time permits.

Semper Fi!!

link   HappilyBLUE    6 years ago
Good to be here...and to see so many folks from a previous "life."
link   krounded    6 years ago

Hi Rodney! Nice to see you over here. Thanks for the FR!


Old School Marine
link   Old School Marine    6 years ago

HEY RODNEY, Semper Fi brother and great to see you over here!!! How the hell have you been Marine?

CC Armstrong
link   CC Armstrong    6 years ago

Thanks for the friend request!

Good to see you here!


link   easyjjgrand3    6 years ago


I do apologize for not responding much sooner, but this Newsvine stuff is mind boggling to me. Not to an extent where something has been misplaced, but I don't recognize the improvement.

The friend request was accepted without hesitation........We are at peace.

bitemore Gfotwo
link   bitemore Gfotwo    6 years ago

Welcome, Rodney! Very happy to see you here!