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CREATIVE ARTS Thursday/Friday … It's a LATE Posting … “Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.”  ― Evelyn Waugh

CREATIVE ARTS Thursday/Friday … It's a LATE Posting … “Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.” ― Evelyn Waugh

By: A. Macarthur  •  17 comments  •  12 minutes ago
“Punctuality is the virtue of the bored,” … or, the luxury of the underwhelmed. Anyway, please post your creative works and/or thoughts. © A. Mac/A.G.
Jul 18 5:55pm @3 I can hear the bees buzzing around that phlox - one of my favorite flowers.
Power returning to major sections of Manhattan after outage

Power returning to major sections of Manhattan after outage

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  28 comments  •  3 hours ago
Jul 18 5:30pm @3.2.13 My parents had no power for a week after the derecho.  Unfortunately, gas was really hard to come by, so a generator wouldn't have helped, unless it ran on something else.  My brother lost power...
Jul 18 10:21am @3.2.10 Same.
Jul 18 7:15am @3.2.5 It would be a moderate expense.  I'd get one that runs on propane, as I have a buried propane tank to fuel my cooking range, furnace, and fireplace.  I've also thought about that, but power outages...
Jul 17 12:43pm @3.2.3 There are a lot of poultry farms where I live.  Any time the power goes out, the farmers risk losing a lot of chickens due to lack of circulation in their barns.
Jul 17 12:41pm @3.1.5 I've considered it, but our power has never been out for more than 8 hours, so I've never bothered.  I think there's only been one time that we had to dip water out of the tub to flush toilets.
Jul 17 7:48am @3.1.3 Same.  Our main problem is water, since we're on a well.  When there's a bad storm coming, I scrub and fill the bathtub with water.  I have a gas stove, so I can cook, if needed, and a gas...
Gul Dukat's Twitter Feed (Trump parody)

Gul Dukat's Twitter Feed (Trump parody)

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  57 comments  •  yesterday
You kind of need to be a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan to really get the quality of the humor here, and if you are, then this should be gold. Gold, Jerry. Gold! (Ok, that was from Seinfeld, but I digress...) Hats off to whomever is behind this parody account. I remember re-watching DS9 the year of the election and noticing the striking similarities between Trump and Dukat at the...
Jul 16 8:57pm @6.1.6 We needed an episode about the El-Aurians
Jul 16 8:56pm @7.2.4 I gave it another try a few months ago, and I just couldn't get into it.  I'm not crazy about Avery Brooks.
Jul 16 8:46pm @7.2.2 I really need to give DS9 another chance.
Jul 16 8:45pm @6.1.4 I felt so bad for Riker, having to give that order.  And for Worf, having to follow it.
Jul 16 8:40pm @6.1.2 Agreed.  And I don't think I've ever had a chill down my spine like the one I had when Picard was assimilated in "The Best of Both Worlds".
Jul 16 3:57pm @5.2.12 She also played the female Q in Voyager.
Jul 16 12:46pm @6.1 One of the best.
How Long Would It Take To Travel To The Nearest Star?

How Long Would It Take To Travel To The Nearest Star?

Via: TᵢG  •  87 comments  •  2 days ago
This is just an interesting article that gives one perspective on the inconceivably vast size of our known universe.
Jul 16 12:49pm @9.1.4 The female Q was played by Susie Plakson, who also played K'Ehleyr (Worf's past gf), in TNG.  Excellent in both roles.
Jul 16 6:15am @9.1.2 The Q and the Gray.
Jul 15 6:07pm @9.1 Transwarp worked out better.  They really needed either a wormhole or for Janeway to talk Q into getting them home earlier (although Q would have figured out a way to make them regret that).
Jul 14 5:27pm @2.5.3 Also, I'm not sure how they'd get past the incompatibility of their chromosomes.  Very few species can reproduce with other species (horses and donkeys producing mules comes to mind), and the...
Jul 14 12:08am @4.2.1 And steering.  Course corrections would be harrowing.
Jul 13 11:41pm @2.1.3 The trillion SPF, I hope.
Jul 13 9:42pm @1.1.3 It's a big detail to me.  I hate being cold.
What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

By: Trout Giggles  •  80 comments  •  yesterday Any of you old to remember that commercial and jingle? I'll tell you what I did yesterday to deserve a Klondike Bar. I got my pupils dilated and didn't kick and scream or carry on about my eyes burning. And that's the first time ever, too! Then I got in the car, drove to Kroger, walked around the store like a drunk sailor, and bought a six pack....of...
Jul 14 9:54pm @4.2.3 My fave is the caramel - 2 layers of chocolate, caramel in between, vanilla ice cream. I'd go get some, but I just had some homemade peach ice cream after dinner, and I'd burst.
Jul 12 11:27pm @4.2.1 Magnum ice cream bars.  Pure indulgence.
Jul 12 11:45am @4.1.12 I'll have to try one, if I can find one. These are locally-grown semi-cling yellow peaches.  So juicy you have to stand over the sink to slice them, and if you eat them out of hand, you might as...
Jul 12 11:30am @4.1.10 "..."
Jul 12 11:30am @4.1.9 Well, usually. I'm eating a fresh peach from the farmer's market right now.  I start craving them about March, and watch and wait for the sign to go up telling us that peaches are in.  Delicious...
Jul 12 4:11am @7.1.8 I know.  We're good
Jul 11 9:56pm @7.1.6 Ah, I see. Yes.  Spreading my gospel, so to speak.
Jul 11 9:51pm @13.1 Doesn't Lactaid make ice cream?
Jul 11 9:50pm @7.1.4 Moderation in all things.
Jul 11 9:36pm @7.1.2 I brush and floss religiously, and have all of my teeth.  So I'm gonna keep on eating ice cream.
Jul 11 8:52pm @7.1 "..." I'm currently addicted to Stephen Colbert's Americone Dreams.  Vanilla ice cream, chocolate-covered waffle cone bits, and caramel. There's some in the freezer.  For the moment.
Jul 11 8:50pm @4.1.6 "..." That's the best soft-serve.  I worked at an ice cream stand that used the same mix.  It's a whole milk mix, where Dairy Queen uses a reduced fat mix.  So Tasty Freeze is worse for you, and...
Jul 11 8:48pm @2.1.1 Wiping drool off my chin.
Jul 11 8:47pm @1.1.6 I have to drive about 40 miles to shop at a Kroger, and it's not the best Kroger.  All we have is Walmart and a small, outdated Food Lion.
For Meningitis B Vaccines, Climbing Revenue, and Plenty of Skepticism

For Meningitis B Vaccines, Climbing Revenue, and Plenty of Skepticism

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  8 comments  •  3 days ago
Small college outbreaks four years ago of meningitis B — an extremely rare variation of the dangerous infection — have set off a lucrative new business: persuading parents that pricey vaccines are a loving investment for their college-bound children. Today, two brand-name vaccines, both with price tags topping $300, are widely advertised on television playing to parents’ fears. “As moms,...
Jul 14 4:57pm @1.1.3 I'm glad you found your way here.
Jul 11 10:07pm @1.1.1 Karri, were you Karri-M on the Vine?
Jul 11 7:31am @2 Our schools require meningitis A vaccination before entering middle school. Does the meningitis B vaccine carry any more risks than other vaccines?  For me, that would be more of a deciding factor...
Call to raid Area 51 draws hordes of alien hunters on Facebook

Call to raid Area 51 draws hordes of alien hunters on Facebook

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  49 comments  •  4 days ago
By   Tom Metcalfe Area 51 may be facing an invasion. Half a million people have signed up for a Facebook event to “storm” the restricted military base in southeastern Nevada, which has captivated generations of conspiracy theorists convinced that the 4,000-square-mile patch of desert might hold advanced technology from space aliens who have visited our planet. The call to join the...
Jul 13 9:40pm @11.1 "..." Well, Zefram Cochrane's warp flight is just a few decades away.  Maybe we'll meet some other species, after all.
Jul 13 9:40am @7 I think it's likely that life exists somewhere other than Earth, just based on the sheer number of planets out there.  I doubt that we have been visited, nor do I think it likely that we will...
Gum disease and heart disease: The common thread

Gum disease and heart disease: The common thread

Via: sandy-2021492  •  37 comments  •  5 days ago
People with gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) have two to three times the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other serious cardiovascular event. But there may not be a direct connection. Many people with heart disease have healthy gums, and not everyone with gum disease develops heart problems. Shared risk factors, such as smoking or an unhealthy diet, may explain the...
Jul 13 1:07pm @8.1.4 Yes, it's still done, although not as commonly as a few decades ago.  Removing some gum tissue is done to make the roots more accessible for cleaning.  The packing guides the healing of the tissue...
Jul 13 12:24pm @9.1.2 Yes, and those times are frustrating for dentist and patient.  When both are doing everything right, and the disease still progresses and they lose teeth, it's depressing.  I imagine it's the same...
Jul 13 12:14pm @8.1.2 Not really, but treatment is aimed at making everything as cleansible as possible.  I've had patients who responded very well to therapy, and once they learned how to care for their mouths (many...
Jul 13 12:02pm @9.1 It was odd - the first time I checked the site, I was able to read the article in its entirety, so I didn't know there was a paywall.  Thanks for the link.
Jul 13 11:54am @6.1.2 Sugar is a huge issue.  And many people forget that starch breaks down into sugar.  That process starts in the mouth, when starch encounters an enzyme in saliva (salivary amylase).  So those potato...
Jul 13 11:50am @8.1 "..." True, but it often can be effectively treated for years.
Jul 13 11:39am @6.1 Genetics and hygiene go a long way. Dentists can't possibly prevent cavities and gum disease.  There's nothing we can do in twice-yearly visits that will undo what folks do the other 363 days of...
Jul 13 11:19am @1.1.5 Floss, then brush.
Jul 12 11:40pm @1.1.3 Have a good night.  Don't forget to brush and floss!
Jul 12 11:34pm @4 At this time, only a correlative relationship has been shown, not a causative one.  As we know that oral bacteria do enter the bloodstream, even from such innocuous activities as brushing and...
Jul 12 11:32pm @1.1.1 You're welcome!
Jul 12 11:26pm @3.1 Apparently, it let me read it once before the paywall kicked in.  Sorry about that. Different types of plaque. One hypothesis is that plaque bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream...
Jul 12 10:59pm @2.1 Thanks, SP.
Jul 12 10:42pm @1 Posting this at the request of another NTer.  Taking care of your teeth may be more important than you think.
How Old Are NT Users? - A Poll

How Old Are NT Users? - A Poll

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  140 comments  •  an hour ago  •  LOCKED
How Old Are NT Users? - A Poll Recently I saw a comment that NT users were mostly very old, making this site unattractive for younger members to join.  I believe that was just an opinion, but then I was curious - what is the age distribution on this site?  Please complete this poll so we can have a definitive answer about the ages of NT users.  You are not giving up much privacy...
Jul 13 2:08am @7.1.41 It's a shot when paired with your "half your brain tied behind your back" phrase.  We all know that's how you meant it. This is trolling behavior.  It's harmful to the site.  There are people who...
Jul 13 1:59am @7.1.38 Then do so now, and stop feigning innocence.
Jul 13 1:51am @7.1.35 Anybody reading knows that you meant a sly shot at secular progressives.  You're so fond of standing by your statements, whether you can support them or not (usually not).  Why not this time?
Jul 12 11:15pm @15.1.3 I think lack of exposure is the primary problem.  Newsvine had a huge advantage there in that it drew in people discussing articles posted on msnbc.  NT has no similar audience from which to recruit.
Jul 12 9:40pm @7.1.26 You're a gentleman.
Jul 12 9:24pm @7.1.23 I see what you mean.  I just disagree.
Jul 12 9:20pm @7.1.21 xx took a shot at many people on this site with one insult, and yes, it was nasty. My "bias" is favoring intelligent conversation over unjustified pot shots and parroting as "debate".  I'll stick...
Jul 12 9:09pm @13.3.6 My guess would be the King James Version, but he'd have to confirm or deny.  I doubt that it's any modern translation.
Jul 12 9:04pm @7.1.18 With the repetition of those pasted words passing for "debate".
Jul 12 8:49pm @7.1.16 DP's comment was in response to an equally nasty and frankly laughable comment by xx.  Many of us came here for intelligent conversation, which is to be had with DP, so I don't think that DP's...
Jul 12 8:30pm @13.3.4 I think you and xx have different ideas on what is meant the "The Living Bible".
E.P.A. Plans to Curtail the Ability of Communities to Oppose Pollution Permits

E.P.A. Plans to Curtail the Ability of Communities to Oppose Pollution Permits

Via: Ender  •  7 comments  •  6 days ago
WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to weaken rules that for the past quarter-century have given communities a voice in deciding how much pollution may legally be released by nearby power plants and factories. The changes would eliminate the ability of individuals or community advocates to appeal against E.P.A.-issued pollution permits before a panel of agency...
Jul 12 10:58pm @3 Sounds like we need another Erin Brokovich.
Can Science Explain the Origin of Life? Revolutionary Video Debunks Materialist Theories

Can Science Explain the Origin of Life? Revolutionary Video Debunks Materialist Theories

Via: XXJefferson#51  •  176 comments  •  6 days ago
In a video published Monday, the Discovery Institute set out to disprove materialist theories to explain the origin of life in purely materialistic, orderless terms. Materialism claims that matter is all there is, and many scientists believe this, but it is an assumption they bring to science, rather than a finding of science. The video is the fifth in a series entitled "Science Uprising"...
Jul 12 4:18pm @4.1.59 Glad it went well.
Jul 12 2:42pm @4.1.52 Nothing in your comment history indicates that you question the basis for your beliefs about creationism.  Every comment you make on the subject reveals that you swallow your myth without ever...
Jul 12 2:33pm @4.1.47 "..." While not questioning their own beliefs, or their basis. Not very wise.  Not something to brag about, certainly.
Jul 11 10:09pm @4.1.36 Yes, they definitely need to "circumnavigate the intellect" for anyone to take them seriously.
Jul 11 9:58pm @4.1.34 "..." Not exactly an endorsement of intellectual accomplishments, is it?
Jul 04 6:33pm @3.1.24 "..." TiG was right to compare your arguments to Pee Wee Herman's. 
Jul 04 2:44pm @3.1.14 "..." Good grief.
Atheists at the Creation Museum

Atheists at the Creation Museum

Via: TᵢG  •  75 comments  •  yesterday
A way to virtually tour the Creation Museum and get a dose of Young Earth Creationism.   
Jul 12 11:42am @7.1.11 I believe it was dslsca who said, "If my dog isn't going to be in heaven, then I don't want to go."  Or something similar.
Jul 11 6:51pm @5.1.6 Puhleeze. You wouldn't make it 30 seconds past the entrance.  You'd crack up and get frog-marched right back out.
Jul 11 7:41am @1.1 It's also sad that taxpayers were forced to subsidize these lies.
Jason Momoa Ridiculously Shamed on Social Media for Not Being in Aquaman Shape

Jason Momoa Ridiculously Shamed on Social Media for Not Being in Aquaman Shape

Via: JohnRussell  •  30 comments  •  one week ago
The actor who played Aquaman in the movies was being belittled on social media because he doesnt look like Aquaman in real life.   Funny thing is, he comes pretty close.  ================================================== Jason Momoa is being body shamed after he was spotted without his shirt on. The 39-year old  Aquaman  star is currently vacationing in Italy...
Jul 11 9:43pm @2.1.1 Ya know, I thought so, until I read that on the set of Aquaman, if Amber Heard wouldn't pay enough attention to him, he'd rip the pages out of the books she brought along to pass time. That's a...
Walk-the-Walk and "Receive More than (you) Seek" on Creative Arts Thursday/Friday

Walk-the-Walk and "Receive More than (you) Seek" on Creative Arts Thursday/Friday

By: A. Macarthur  •  57 comments  •  3 days ago
© A. Mac/A.G.
Jul 11 6:46pm @2.1.16 Yeah, only the blue jays could drive him away from the birdfeeder, and once he'd emptied that, he went after the sunflowers.
Jul 11 6:21pm @2.1.14 I used to get sunflowers from birdseed at the last house I lived in.  It was the squirrels that ate the heads off of those.  Actually, one squirrel.  A very fat one. There is a bear problem where...
Jul 11 5:31pm @2.1.12 My mom gave me some seeds from her black-eyed Susans for my flower beds years ago.  I planted them, and nothing happened until 4 or 5 years later, and the guys who mow my lawn chopped them down...
Jul 10 11:26pm @2.1.5 Thanks.  I'm blessed to live in some very pretty country.
Jul 10 11:18pm @2.1.3 This is a field full of black-eyed Susans around a spring house on my favorite walk.
Jul 10 10:32pm @2.1.1 Thank you.
Jul 10 10:12pm @2 What is the name of the flower in the top pic?  There are some growing in my neighbor's fields, but this is the first year I've seen them there.  Very pretty.
AOC ups ante in feud with Pelosi, suggests speaker is 'singling out' newly elected 'women of color'

AOC ups ante in feud with Pelosi, suggests speaker is 'singling out' newly elected 'women of color'

Via: Sparty On  •  73 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
The public spat between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY , and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif , got a lot nastier on Wednesday, with the freshman congresswoman suggesting that the speaker is "singling out" her and her colleagues based on their race. Pelosi has worked to keep the Democratic caucus in line, specifically four newly-elected outspoken progressives: Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan...
Jul 11 12:51pm @6.1.8 I've had people get insulting when I've told them I am an independent.  Same as you - social liberal, fiscal conservative.
 “Robot umpires” have arrived.

“Robot umpires” have arrived.

Via: JohnRussell  •  20 comments  •  one week ago
YORK, Pa. (AP) — “Robot umpires” have arrived. The independent Atlantic League became the first American professional baseball league to let a computer call balls and strikes Wednesday night at its All-Star Game. Plate umpire Brian deBrauwere wore an earpiece connected to an iPhone in his pocket and relayed the call upon receiving it from a TrackMan computer system that uses...
Jul 11 12:06am @2.2.1 Sometimes, I think authority should be challenged. Politely. There are some umps who are just so bad that they shouldn't be out there, and they should be challenged.  Dead-wrong calls should be...
Jul 10 11:42pm @2.1 As a former pitcher, I concur.  There were many times when I suspected either vision problems or "home cookin'". I can see it improving the game.  Pitchers can't work the corners when they can't...
Mortality and, other things

Mortality and, other things

By: Galen Marvin Ross  •  52 comments  •  8 hours ago
I've been waiting to say anything about why I haven't been on as much the past month and, now it seems is the time, I have all the info I need to tell the story without any holes in it. I was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer of the throat three weeks ago and, I've been waiting to see if it was anywhere else in the old body but, I got lucky, it's only in the throat so, with radiation for the next...
Jul 10 9:09pm @24 Best of luck, Galen.  You'll come through this just fine.
VISITING THE NAVAJO NATION - Native tour and photo essay

VISITING THE NAVAJO NATION - Native tour and photo essay

Via: Kavika  •  22 comments  •  one week ago
Horseshoe Bend in Paige Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. ©Tachiinii Photography Published July 9, 2019 Editor’s Note: This article was first published by . Used with permission. All rights reserved. Last week, I took a road trip back home to the   Navajo Nation  with my friend AJ. As I shared with AJ, my tribal reservation is...
Jul 10 9:10am @4.2.1 I've never been to Vegas.  I've been to Palm Springs (by way of LAX, a scary drive at rush hour).  And I've been to Texas a few times, to visit an aunt who lives there.  Fell in love with San...
Jul 10 7:36am @4 I went to New Mexico to visit my sister in Farmington in early June.  Saw Shiprock, Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verde, the Aztec ruins (not really Aztec, as I'm sure Kavika knows), Salmon ruins, and...
 After FDA warning about grain-free pet food, what's safe to feed our pets?

After FDA warning about grain-free pet food, what's safe to feed our pets?

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  22 comments  •  one week ago
By   Linda Carroll The Food and Drug Administration’s investigation of   grain-free dog and cat foods , highlights how hard it can be for pet owners to figure out whether they are buying the healthiest products for their beloved four-legged friends. Consumers used to reading ingredient labels on their own foods might think that checking the corresponding labels on pet products will...
Jul 09 11:59am @3.1.6 Yeah, I had a male who needed special food for his urinary problems.  I just used the Purina version, and he got along fine.  His brother ate the same thing, even though he never had problems, so...
Jul 09 7:22am @1.1.1 My dog loves baby carrots, but he hates the dried carrots that are in his dog food.  He picks them out and drops them on the floor.  Brat.
A Dogs Life - Sometime it ain't so great. UPDATE July 6th

A Dogs Life - Sometime it ain't so great. UPDATE July 6th

By: Kavika  •  63 comments  •  one week ago
When the owners of dogs die they frequently leave behind a pet that has no where to go and no provisions are made for it. It's a very sad situation.  One of the dogs wants to tell you his story.  Hi, my name is Zeus and I'm 11 years old now. I'm a pretty big fella, around 95 lbs and I'm a iron colored Pit Bull. Some people think that I'm really scary looking and dangerous. I'm really...
Jul 08 7:00pm @26.1 Have a good rest, Zeus.  You've earned it.
Jul 06 5:53pm @19 A peaceful crossing to Zeus, and strength and peace yo his friends as they see him to the crossing.
Kylie Jenner Got Some Backlash After Showing Off Her Many Luxury Cars on Instagram

Kylie Jenner Got Some Backlash After Showing Off Her Many Luxury Cars on Instagram

Via: Krishna  •  46 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Whether or not Kylie Jenner is a self-made billionaire is debatable (and a few months ago Kylie even admitted that maybe she's not toootally self-made), but one thing that isn't up for debate is that fact that Kylie  is  a billionaire and can afford crazy things, like a mini Louis-Vuitton-monogram-covered Lamborghini for her daughter Stormi, who, reminder, is a toddler. Another...
Jul 07 11:02am @9 For the life of me, I can't figure out why the Kardashian/Jenner clan has fans.
We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis

We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis

Via: JohnRussell  •  77 comments  •  2 weeks ago
We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis "Seeing the tweets declaring that Kamala isn't black enough because her parents are from Jamaica and India, I had an immediate flashback to the 2008 campaign". Posted on June 28, 2019, at 4:11 p.m. ET Drew Angerer / Getty Images Not long after Senator...
Jul 05 11:58am @1.1.13 It appears that you don't know what a sweeping generalization is.
Jul 05 11:53am @1.1.11 And Trump delivered handsomely.  Airports?
AOC Photographer Demands Removal of Images Showing Congresswoman Crying Over Nothing

AOC Photographer Demands Removal of Images Showing Congresswoman Crying Over Nothing

Via: 1stwarrior  •  12 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
The photographer who took the photos of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appearing to cry at a protest outside a “tent city” in Tornillo, Texas demanded the removal of the images after it was revealed that AOC was actually crying over little more than a few police officers and an empty parking lot as part of a stunt. Earlier this week, we highlighted the fact that Ocasio-Cortez was clearly...
Jul 05 11:06am @6 Locking article.  Unacceptable source.
Should Insurance Charge You for Your Pre-existing Condition?

Should Insurance Charge You for Your Pre-existing Condition?

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  197 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Jul 04 6:30pm @4.1.47 Have a great time. I'm travelling to my parents'.  We have a family reunion this Saturday.  The crazy side is getting together. If I post an address, it means I need to be rescued
Jul 04 3:21pm @4.1.44 It's not the insurance company that's inflating the cost of the implant.  That's the hospital.  Same for many medications.  And it's the hospital that charged fraudulently for PT sessions.  I agree...
Jul 04 2:37pm @4.1.42 Insurance premiums are determined only by actual costs.  They're also determined by the risk one introduces to the insured pool.  Certain conditions carry higher risks.  If those with those...
Jul 04 2:22pm @4.1.40 They're also paying for the same care as any healthy person - they get coverage for preventive care, routine care like acute care visits for minor illnesses like strep and flu, accidents,...
Jul 04 2:19pm @4.1.39 They're not paying just for the medication.  They are also paying to defray the risks that go along with their conditions, if not maintained.  Heart attack, kidney disease, stroke, for example....
Jul 04 2:11pm @4.1.37 To avoid paying the even higher costs they would have if they were uninsured.  Same as high-risk drivers are still better off paying for auto insurance, even though their premiums are higher.
Jul 04 1:14pm @4.1.31 That would depend on the condition.  For those with conditions maintained primarily with medication, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and some autoimmune conditions, it would.  Many of those...
Jul 04 1:01pm @4.1.26 Um, no.
Jul 04 12:20pm @10.3.19 "..." You're the only one who's said anything about paying nothing. Even under the ACA, those who get subsidies are paying part of their premiums.  I'm not sure how that's "nothing".
Jul 04 12:06pm @10.3.14 No.  In TiG's scenario, all will pay in and receive basic care.  If you want more, and can afford more, you pay for more yourself, or by purchasing private insurance.  All have skin in the game.
Jul 04 11:55am @4.1.13 IMO, there should be no means testing for SS benefits.  We all pay in, and we should all receive that to which paying in entitles us.
Jul 04 11:52am @10.3.9 "..." How?  Please be specific.
Jul 04 11:51am @10.3.8 Oh, I agree.  I was just pointing out why I think we're unlikely to change anything.  We're too polarized on this issue, as on many others.  We won't compromise.  If some can fine one point on...
Jul 04 11:47am @4.1.11 "..." I agree, but a lot of people get pissed when you mention raising the age, especially if they're close to their retirement age.
Jul 04 11:45am @4.1.10 "..." That is where we could introduce government oversight.  It is not new for contracts of any kind to have requirements to be considered legal, to protect all involved.  Certain exclusions...
Jul 04 11:30am @10.3.2 Some are angry at the idea of government replacing private insurers as administrators.  They think it's too much government intrusion. Many who don't mind government "intrusion" balk at the notion...
Jul 04 11:05am @10.3 This is sensible, but too many have ideological objections.  Frankly, I doubt that we'll ever have such a system. 
Jul 04 11:02am @4.1.3 Unfortunately true. Companies selling life insurance policies are fairly good at estimating their odds of having to pay out benefits vs. how much they'll receive in premiums via actuarial science....
Jul 04 10:51am @4.1.1 That would be something that would have to be hashed out.  It seems to me that, if a condition has not required treatment for a long period of time, it should no longer be considered to be a...
Jul 04 7:50am @4 Unsafe drivers pay more. Homeowners who live far from a fire department pay more. So, yes, people with pre-existing conditions should pay more.  They are more likely to require care, often...
Why Christians must support religious freedom for everyone

Why Christians must support religious freedom for everyone

Via: XXJefferson#51  •  126 comments  •  2 weeks ago
(RNS) — The fundamental human right of religious freedom is under attack around the globe today like never before. While this disturbing trend should concern everyone, it should be particularly alarming for Christians, because a Christian worldview requires us to care about religious freedom — including the religious freedom of others. Christians believe that God is sovereign over the...
Jul 04 2:42pm @6.5.1 Your words: "..."
Jul 01 7:40pm @6.4.1 Deafening silence.
Trump's Latest Photo Op with Kim Jong Un

Trump's Latest Photo Op with Kim Jong Un

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The Donald met with the vicious dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, again today.  And, of course, Trump managed to once again dis the South Korean President who was left out of his meeting.  I was really impressed when Trump stepped over the border and briefly defected to North Korea.  Trump's ass looked biggly huge .  I was disappointed when Trump turned around and left North Korea....
Jul 04 7:15am @27.1.13 So this is one area in which I can't criticize him.  My golf game is usually so bad that I quit counting. But I don't drive my cart on the green.
Jul 02 3:07pm @23.2 "Hispanic attacks"  Do you know how much you've been missed?
Jul 02 2:53pm @1.1.78 Sorry, babe.  I hope it was iced coffee.
Jul 02 11:30am @1.1.68 That's not a threat. That's a consequence.  Nobody takes my popcorn and lives, either.
Jul 02 6:26am @1.1.60 Al, I think Heated Discussions would be your happy place.  No Code of Conduct.  The Terms of Service still apply, so no death threats or porn are allowed.  But you can insult any member of HD to...
Jul 01 11:25pm @1.1.47 "..." Wake up, and then what? I don't know if being nice to them has worked.  I rather doubt it, for the most part.  I also rather doubt that insulting them will work.  If honey doesn't work, I...
Jul 01 10:43pm @1.1.37 "..." What's your alternative, John? You can insult them, if you like.  You know that your insults have been and will be deleted anywhere except HD. You could ignore them, but you choose not to...
Jul 01 7:28pm @13.1.5 "..." Ya don't say.
Jul 01 7:21pm @1.1.15 TG is still pretty active.  She was on vacation for a few weeks, but otherwise, she's around a good bit.  BIZe doesn't stop in nearly as often as I'd like her to.  Same with Veronica and Fireeryone.
Jul 01 7:25am @11.1 Check out the video showing just how highly her contributions were valued by actual leaders.
Jul 01 1:11am @5.2.1
 Can science explain what people see and feel during a near-death experience?

Can science explain what people see and feel during a near-death experience?

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By   Erika Edwards For hundreds of years, people of all ages, from all over the world, have told similar stories about moments their lives were in real peril: an intense white light, a sense of tranquility and feeling as if they were somehow floating above their body. For neurologists, these so-called near-death experiences have a neural basis, one that may, according to new...
Jul 03 7:27am @8.1.12 La petite mort?
New warning after mother dies of flesh-eating bacteria

New warning after mother dies of flesh-eating bacteria

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Jul 02 7:43am @3 The trouble is that these bacteria are almost ubiquitous, so it's difficult to avoid contact with them.  All that's really necessary for an infection to set in is a tiny cut - one you might not...
The resurgence of the feminist witch

The resurgence of the feminist witch

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You would think that these words were taken straight out of my forthcoming book on Jezebel’s War with America . You would think they came from the pen of a conservative follower of Jesus. But they did not. They were written by a self-proclaimed feminist witch. She said , “The fact that the resurgence of feminism and the popularity of the witch are ascending at the same time is no...
Jul 01 11:58pm @9.1.9 So, you don't support freedom of religion. When you said you do, I don't really think anyone believed you.
Question For Independents : Are You Considering Voting For Donald Trump In 2020?

Question For Independents : Are You Considering Voting For Donald Trump In 2020?

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The question is really only for independents, but anyone can comment.  ========================================================= The basis for this question is something I heard on a news show today, the gist of which is  -  the Trump re-election campaign has already decided that their only hope of winning is to make the Democratic nominee seem worse than Trump.  Personally, I...
Jul 01 6:14pm @5.1.6 Insisting that one's speculation on the thoughts of another human being that one has never met are more accurate than the other's own characterization of them is also not especially honest.  It's...
Jul 01 6:03pm @5.1.4 As I said - speculation.  Insisting that one's speculation is reality is rarely wise.
Jul 01 5:49pm @5.1.2 That's why I answered.  Until you've seen my voter registration card, your speculation about my political affiliation is just that - speculation.
Jul 01 5:45pm @5 Hell, no.
Southern Poverty Law Center Is Now Targeting Voting

Southern Poverty Law Center Is Now Targeting Voting

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has been quieter than usual since its  blockbuster scandal  rocked the liberal world. Now the group is slowly coming out of hiding, and staffers like Nancy Abudu are trying desperately to make up for lost time. If her latest attack against Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill is any indication, nothing at the Poverty Palace has changed—including, the...
Jul 01 11:09am @3.1.3 Authored by Tony Perkins.  Still right-leaning.
Jul 01 7:12am @3.1.1 "..." As opposed to the very right-leaning source of this seed, which receives a "mixed" rating for factual reporting?