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My name says it all: I'm a sassy cat. I'm also a student, small business owner, and neat freak. Love a good discussion but be warned, I may break you down with my SASS.

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@sassycat • 2 months ago • comments: 65
Posted a new Comment on Suicide is painless....:
"I don't say much here - I mostly observe - but this subject is one about which I feel passionately enough to speak on. I am a proponent of free will, and..."
@sassycat • last year • comments: 24
Posted a new Comment on Saudi Arabia has a giant mess on its hands:
""You know Bob, I am unable to connect the dots..." You know, karen, I'm unable to connect the dots... we start out talking about the saudi economy and..."
@sassycat • 2 years ago • comments: 26
Posted a new Comment on Watch Students Tell Yale to Fire a Staffer Who Upset Their Safe Space:
"Wow just wow.  As a college student in a predominantly black area I am no stranger to this discussion. But that doesn't make this video any less upsetting..."


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LOL...SassyCat!!  Love it...that's what I call my cat Zoey!  Pleased to meet ya! Messenger - Emoticons - 1508320 


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