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link   cobaltblue    7 years ago

Aw, Stevie ... been busier than the law should allow. Workin' full time, moving, all sorts of stuff goin' on. It'll get back to normal soon. Let's hope. A girl needs some time to be around handsome men like you.

link   Rachel1    7 years ago

Stev!!!!!!! Hey love, what's up? Thanks for the friend request. Sorry it took so long to accept!

Pat N2
link   Pat N2    7 years ago

Hi sweetheart! Just saw your message. Damn, you're good for my ego. 11.gif

Good to be back with you as well.

link   cobaltblue    7 years ago

StevG ... My sweet pineapple! C'mere and give me a hug, please ... long and tight. It's good to see you here! Yer as handsome as ever. Just dreamy....

Gen Vanasco
link   Gen Vanasco    7 years ago

Thank you Stev G. Still trying to learn my way around here. I do like the user interface. I see Jerry Verlinger, Jewel Shell and others are all here. I am still trying to untangle from the vine.

Gen Vanasco
link   Gen Vanasco    7 years ago

Nice seeing an old friend. Thank you for the kind words.8.gif

Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    7 years ago

Thanks Jerry, and let the new road be followed, will miss the old vine,but on to this one, now on to trying to find me home page :-)

Your welcome Stev, just trying to get caught up here, I miss the old Vine also, but less and less everyday.

Rebecca "Brite" Kesler
link   Rebecca "Brite" Kesler    7 years ago

It's Brite... :P

link   Al-316    7 years ago

Would you be StevG-144 from over yonder?

In any case welcome aboard. It is good to have you as a friend (again).Smile.gif