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Why is Trump still in the White House and not the city DUMP?

Why is Trump still in the White House and not the city DUMP?

By: Eat The Press Do Not Read It  •  142 comments  •  2 months ago
Why Is Trump in the WH?   Every second, every minute that inadequate, incompetent, insane imbecile is in office this nation teeters further and further to the  Right  tumbling towards total dysfunction.      The CRISIS that the world faces is not Hunger, the Environment, Global Warning, Terrorists, or, Liberals educated at East Coast Ivy League Universities....
Apr 26 10:16am @3.1.8 Karma knows the address of Mar El Largo.  
The Divinity of Donald Trump

The Divinity of Donald Trump

Via: Krishna  •  13 comments  •  3 months ago
Donald Trump-- devout Christian...or sleazy con artist? We decide! (P.S: There's nothing in the CoC that prevents you from making a total ass of yourself by commenting on the video without actually having watched it-- so comment away!) Related: How a data-backed Christian nationalist machine helped Trump to power
Apr 05 5:19am @5.3 I should have added, "And why?"  
Apr 02 1:56pm @5 Follow-up question;  If Donald Trump were a credentialed minister, knowing his history, would you hire him as your church minister/pastor?