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link   CB     2 years ago

Stellar days! Good to see you too, TAP!  Welcome and it is good you came through.

link   CB     3 years ago

TAP, I sent you a request for friendship. Can you accept it or reject it? (It says, "PENDING" still on your page: .)

True American Pat
link   True American Pat    5 years ago

Hey CM….Long time…since we chatted……I miss that…..Sounds like TC needs our prayers…….Hope you are doing well….Happy

link   CM    7 years ago

Same thing here TAP, looking forward to chatting with you also.Smile.gif

link   CM    7 years ago

Hi TAP, thank you for accepting my friend's request and yes, i will speak with you soon..CM

link   Captamerica    7 years ago

Welcome aboard! How's the Newsvine? Have you been banned yet? Keep in touch!

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    7 years ago

You may have a libel problem with your avatar.