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A President Falsely Charging ‘Treason’ Is What the Founders Feared

A President Falsely Charging ‘Treason’ Is What the Founders Feared

Via: Don Overton  •  73 comments  •  6 hours ago
Donald Trump swore to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution declares, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” On Wednesday, President Trump   wrote , “I think what the Democrats are doing with the Border is TREASONOUS. Their Open Border mindset is...
Apr 17 10:32am @2.2.6 "..." Birth Certificate
Monsters, Myths and Legends

Monsters, Myths and Legends

By: Veronica  •  91 comments  •  2 days ago
Just a little fun thing.  Tell us what your favorite monster, myth or legend is.  Explain how it came to be your favorite, if it frightened you as a child, where you first heard of it - any kind of backstory. It's all in fun so please do not disparage someone else monster, myth or legend.  I will go first: Sasquatch - The first time I heard of him was when the Legend of Boggy Creek...
Apr 16 8:55am @5.1.4 I have read the Dresden Files series.  I enjoyed them. Of course I do like magick novels.
Apr 16 8:51am @17.1 I will keep that in mind.  I have read about the Dogman.  I admit it:  I am a cryptonut.
Gillette posted a photo of a plus-size model and Twitter couldn't handle it

Gillette posted a photo of a plus-size model and Twitter couldn't handle it

Via: Krishna  •  27 comments  •  22 hours ago
A heated debate broke out on Twitter -- a breeding ground for divisiveness -- after the razor company, Gillette Venus, posted a photo of a plus-size, bikini-clad model at the beach. With the caption "Go out there and slay the day," the photo may seem like any other on its feed, most of them portraying women in minimal clothing showing off their freshly shaven skin. This particular...
Apr 12 2:26pm @12.1.1 Most likely not.
Apr 12 9:26am @12 If she is happy with herself then I am happy for her.  I know that I am overweight (not considered obese), but I am happier than when I was at my "optimum" weight.  Do not believe the weight is a...
Trump’s ‘truly bizarre’ visit to Mt. Vernon

Trump’s ‘truly bizarre’ visit to Mt. Vernon

Via: JohnRussell  •  100 comments  •  2 days ago
The 45th president — no student of history — marveled at the first president’s failure to name his historic compound after himself. President Donald Trump had some advice for George Washington. During a guided tour of Mount Vernon last April with French president Emmanuel Macron, Trump learned that Washington was one of the major real-estate speculators of his era. So, he couldn’t...
Apr 11 10:11am @1.1.1 "..." I was thinking the same thing when I saw the report on CNN.
A Texas bill would make it possible to put women to death for having abortions

A Texas bill would make it possible to put women to death for having abortions

Via: Gordy327  •  59 comments  •  one week ago
Men and women, young and old, native Texans and immigrants, they rose to ask lawmakers to protect life, describing a “genocide” and foreseeing the arrival of “God’s wrath.” The act of public atonement they are seeking is passage of a bill that would criminalize abortion without exception, and make it possible to convict women who undergo the procedure of homicide, which can carry the death...
Apr 10 3:50pm @10.2.3 I thought so, too.  
Apr 10 3:44pm @10.2.1 Have you ever seen the movie "If These Walls Could Talk" from 1996?  It had Cher & Demi Moore.  It looked at 3 different women's experience with abortion in 3 different decades.  


By: al Jizzerror  •  128 comments  •  3 days ago
Way back when Newsvine existed, ButtHeads Nation had a reputation as a free speech Nation where innuendo, profanity and humor were welcome.  It became one of the fastest growing Nations on the Vine.  Butt, there were also haters who constantly tried to get the Nation banned.  One of those haters, who had a stick up her butt, published an article (one paragraph) calling ButtHeads a bunch of...
Apr 05 1:19pm @10 In Your Endo 
Wheaton scholars pen first 'Origins' college textbook bridging the Bible to ‘mainline science’

Wheaton scholars pen first 'Origins' college textbook bridging the Bible to ‘mainline science’

Via: Keep America Great!  •  104 comments  •  one week ago
BALTIMORE — Wheaton College professors have penned what is believed to be the first college-level textbook outlining mainstream scientific theories on origins of life and how they fit within a biblical framework, something they say has been lacking in Christian higher education for decades. Based on over two decades of teaching origins at the historic Illinois evangelical higher education...
Apr 05 11:42am @6 I am thinking The Bible  would be better taught as literature.  Much like Aesop's Fables and Huck Finn.  My opinion.
Wait. What??

Wait. What??

By: cobaltblue  •  196 comments  •  6 days ago
In order to cyberhug my sister BizEBea, I simply HAD to pay a sort of homage to her. I wanted to write or upload something that would embody the depth of her intellect; something to highlight her innate ability to embrace the dance of her mind, body, and spirit; to showcase her propensity for innuendo; and best of all, something to exhibit her quick and decisive deliverance when calling an...
Apr 05 9:30am @13.1.1 Ouch - that was a rough - maybe close to a tortured pun.
Apr 04 11:15am @13
Apr 04 11:12am @12 Hell Froze Over
How the Left Keeps Me Religious

How the Left Keeps Me Religious

Via: Keep America Great!  •  81 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Nothing keeps me religious more than the left, not even religion itself. I am not even particularly "spiritual." My religiosity is overwhelmingly rational (the title of my Bible commentary is "The Rational Bible"). I believe in God because creation rationally suggests a Creator. The force that has most propelled me to religion is the great (secular) religion of the last hundred years:...
Apr 04 4:14pm @6.1.34 I do not know about the lives of people with no faith since I am not one of them.  But I do know that I am a much happier person now with the belief system I have embraced then when I was Catholic....
Apr 04 3:51pm @6.1.29 "..." Of course they are.  I figure as long as their faith makes them happy and brings them comfort then it is a plus.  I have found though that so many people are stressed and angry when it...
Apr 04 3:09pm @6.1.27 "..." I have been saying that for years.  So if God knows a woman is going to terminate an unwanted pregnancy why allow the pregnancy to occur (if he thinks abortion is so awful)?   I love how...
Apr 04 8:35am @6.1.4 I see... so when good things happen it is your god, but when bad things happen it is either Mother Nature or Satan.  What a fucking crock.
Apr 03 12:42pm @6.1.1 I think when they pray too hard they get tornadoes....
Apr 03 8:58am @6 Huh, and here I thought their faith was supposed to do that.
'So much evil, Mommy, those poor babies'

'So much evil, Mommy, those poor babies'

Via: Keep America Great!  •  173 comments  •  one week ago
The deeply moving pro-life movie Unplanned opened in theaters this weekend to great box office success – but that only tells you so much. It's the testimonies of the viewers which are so powerful. Have you seen the movie 'Unplanned' yet? To the surprise (and consternation) of Hollywood, Unplanned   opened to more than $6 million in box office receipts, finishing #5 in the nation....
Apr 04 4:05pm @3.1.29 "..." But a woman's pregnancy decision is yours. "..." A UTI and condoms?  LOL "..." So again - none of your business. "..." So you do not want to outlaw abortions?  And you do not...
Apr 04 2:49pm @7.2.4 Told you I could hear it.
Apr 04 2:42pm @7.2.2 I don't know about that... I can hear that scratching all the way over here.
Apr 04 1:50pm @7.2 Too bad some of them weren't MORE silent.
Apr 04 1:49pm @4.4.23 but but but.... The Bible  says....
Apr 04 10:47am @4.4.21 "..." Which only exists for those who believe in it.  Same as your go to bad guy, Satan.
Apr 04 10:23am @3.1.24 So you have been to one?  You have seen the women that are there for a gynecological exam.  Pregnant women that are there for monthly check ups.  All services that are less expensive and more...
Apr 04 8:31am @3.1.22 So you have never been & cannot see any good in providing other services to people in need of medical care that is affordable.  Blinders.
Apr 04 8:31am @3.1.21 So you have never been & cannot see any good in providing other services to people in need of medical care that is affordable.  Blinders.
Apr 03 10:50am @4.4.7 Wow.  Took me a while, but damn - think I might have to get others to read that.
Apr 03 10:25am @4.4.5 "..." He refused to worship humans.  He thought he was above them in all things, but God in his infinite wisdom failed to see the horror he created & banished Satan. AT least that is what the...
Apr 02 10:05am @3.1.3 OR maybe you should go to a Planned Parenthood with an open mind and see for yourself the services they provide. 
Christian business owners who show evidence of faith risk being shut down

Christian business owners who show evidence of faith risk being shut down

Via: Keep America Great!  •  111 comments  •  one week ago
Everett Piper, Washington Times Posted On 6:39 am April 2, 2019 If there was any remaining doubt, this past week’s news puts it to rest. Christians are now being punished in America. From San Francisco, California to San Antonio, Texas, the church is being persecuted. Faithful Christians — those who still believe in the Bible as their rule of faith and practice — are...
Apr 04 10:17am @5.2.17 "..." So very true.
Apr 04 8:40am @5.2.10 I could see it if they had denied them because they are not open on Sunday (a busy travel day), but the reason to me is just not right. "..." And many in the Christian community have...
Apr 04 8:37am @6.1.2 So relax - this is not a world ending event.
Apr 03 1:43pm @1.2.16 I am not a fan of denying them over the "hate" group thing, but if it were due to them not operating on Sundays (prime travel day) then I would be supportive.   Thanks for the info.
Apr 03 1:40pm @5.2.8 "..." No, I do not.  I figure - let the consumer decide.
Apr 03 11:21am @5.2.6 Sure question away.... I am prone to snarkiness on occasion.
Apr 03 10:59am @5.2.4 I thought I answered your question. Yes, I did read the article and told you why I commented as I did, seems you are the one not wanting to move forward.
Apr 03 10:58am @1.2.14 "..." Me too.
Apr 03 10:55am @5.2.2 PSSSSTTTTT..... "..." This is not true and you know it.
Apr 03 10:54am @5.2.1 Yes, actually I did, but the headline states "Christian Business Owners Who Show Evidence Of Faith Risk Being Shut Down" and I simply pointed out that: 1.  Not being allowed to open is not being...
Apr 03 10:34am @6.1 "..." See, KAG - no worries.
Apr 03 10:34am @5.1.1 HA HA HA.  Don't worry Christian owners can keep their doors open everywhere.
Apr 03 10:32am @4.1.1 Well, I am sure if it a Constitutional violation it will be reversed.  See nothing to worry about. LOL
Apr 03 8:51am @5 So not allowing them to open is forcing Christian businesses to close down?  I would love to see where Christian businesses are being FORCED to close down.  Most of the small business I go to are...
Apr 03 8:48am @4 So some here want to FORCE a municipality to allow a business to open?  
Apr 03 8:47am @3.1 I agree that personal belief should be just that, applying to all.   Science is not a personal belief - it is surrounded by facts.
Is There Method To "the left's" Madness ?

Is There Method To "the left's" Madness ?

By: JohnRussell  •  65 comments  •  one week ago
Back in 2016 Democrats were faced with a fork in the road. Bernie Sanders, a self avowed democratic socialist was running for the party nomination on a platform of medicare for all, free college for all, a $15 per hour national minimum wage, and other "leftist" policies. The other road was the more traveled one following Hillary Clinton. At the time, many Democrats thought the more prudent...
Apr 03 4:27pm @11.3.13 "..." Yea, I hear you.  With all the failings in the character of the sitting president I am not sure why so many on both sides bow down before him.  I just do not get it.   I have to remain...
Apr 03 3:51pm @11.3.11 "..." I know.  Some of these people need to realize their time has passed & support the ones coming up.  Not everyone gets to be President.
Apr 03 3:50pm @11.3.10 Makes me want to cry a little.  So much to lose & they offer nothing to choose from.
Apr 03 3:49pm @11.3.9 I fear what you say is true.  I will be doing a lot of research on the candidates, but sometimes we do not get what this country needs.
Apr 03 3:25pm @11.3.5 I was hoping the Republican party would find a candidate to run against Trump in the primaries that would be more suitable.  I was also hoping the Democratic party would not be a clown car...
Apr 03 2:56pm @11.3.2 I think we are in sync today.  I agree once again.  I am hoping that the candidates that are thrust upon us for 2020 are choices, not the lesser of two evils. 
What remains of Bears Ears

What remains of Bears Ears

Via: 1stwarrior  •  38 comments  •  2 weeks ago
For the last 13,000 years, humans have inhabited this part of the southwest. They carved arrowheads from stone and hunted giant sloths. They learned to farm corn and created communities on the mesa tops. They scratched and painted images onto rocks and reused and remixed what was left by earlier generations. For 11 months, the rich legacy of this region was federally protected....
Apr 03 4:08pm @7 It is truly beautiful.  It should have remained protected.  As a non-Native American, but a Wiccan I too value Mother Earth and all she has to offer and am saddened by the daily destruction of her...
Americans Borrowed $88 Billion to Pay for Health Care Last Year, Says Survey

Americans Borrowed $88 Billion to Pay for Health Care Last Year, Says Survey

Via: JohnRussell  •  95 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
The financial strain of paying for health care in the U.S. has been made clear by a new survey that shows that Americans borrowed an estimated $88 billion in 2018 to pay for medical attention. The survey, released Tuesday by Gallup and the nonprofit West Health, shows that around a quarter of Americans avoided seeking treatment for medical problems because of the costs, and that half of...
Apr 03 11:43am @2.1.80 I am good at my job, what else can I say.  
Apr 03 11:41am @2.1.79 Paranoid much?
Apr 03 11:33am @2.1.76 "..." Nothing against you.  I believe that everyone discriminates against something.  It is human nature.
Apr 03 11:31am @2.1.73 "..." Sure you do.
Apr 03 11:30am @2.1.72 Told you (DON'T you ever listen) I am at work & it is at home.  I don't carry it with me.
Apr 03 11:29am @2.1.70 I forgot to ask - do you need the LONG version of my BC or will the SHORT do???????? HEEHEE!!!
Apr 03 11:28am @2.1.68 Yeppers.  That is why I am not always commenting right away or I am not on at all.  Depends on if it is a busy day. 
Apr 03 11:26am @2.1.65 So let's see the paperwork....
Apr 03 11:25am @2.1.64 "..." Wrong.  I am waiting for my programs to run.  I am very productive - if you can't multitask that is your problem. Why work harder for the same pay?  I put in my 40 hours, complete all my...
Apr 03 11:23am @2.1.62 You first.  
Apr 03 10:56am @2.1.59 It is at home and I am at work.  But I asked you first so it is on you to provide first.
Apr 03 10:35am @2.1.56 "..." So, you can't prove it?  Gotcha....
Apr 03 10:27am @2.1.54 You make me laugh.  I have to say that for you.  As I said:  Have a good day and may the Goddess bless you in all you do today". Are you going to scan in & post those premium receipts so we...
Apr 03 9:19am @2.1.44 Also - I do believe in Karma - so this will happen to you because you are so against people doing what they can to survive.  You will have to choose between fighting to keep someone you love alive...
Apr 03 9:16am @2.1.43 AND as I said before - I am sorry if you do not like that I will keep being LOUD about this to keep my daughter alive.  You don't like it, TOUGH.
Apr 03 9:14am @2.1.42 So because YOU do not have an issue NOW fuck everyone else - gotcha. Not sure why you requested to follow me here since you think so lowly of me.
Apr 03 9:13am @2.1.41 Oh, and BTW it happened to me when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My husband's employer switched insurance companies mid pregnancy & the company refused to cover my pregnancy because it was...
Apr 03 9:07am @2.1.39 "..." Well, I am happy for you, but you do not make up the whole population.  If this was not a problem why would so many people have this problem?  I am sorry, but I want my daughter to live....
Apr 03 8:53am @2.1.37 No, but they can cancel your policy upon renewal - then a new company would have to be found & the condition then becomes what?  A pre-exisiting condition. Prove that your premiums went up...
Apr 02 3:55pm @2.1.21 You know what - I have decided to no longer engage you, because you never take anyone else's issues into consideration & think that YOUR experiences are the same as everyone else's.  You do not...
Apr 02 3:54pm @2.1.20 "..." Hey, Trout - it has happened - surprise surprise.
Apr 02 3:49pm @2.1.19 "..." And you do realize that insurance companies can cancel your policy at will.
Apr 02 3:47pm @2.1.18 Before the ACA "..." Not illegal
Apr 02 3:16pm @2.1.14 "..." Maybe we shouldn't be.
Apr 02 3:15pm @2.1.13 Thank you for the good thoughts.  I will keep fighting this fight, to keep my daughter alive.  
Apr 02 3:14pm @2.1.12 "..." Until it hits them.  My brother and I got into it about insurance and ACA.  He doesn't see a problem yet - until they back off from the pre-existing condition ban - then when his wife &...
Apr 02 2:38pm @2.1.8 "..." I get that from my own family.  When they realize that my daughter will be affected they tell me "treatment shouldn't cost that much" - well no shit sherlock BUT IT DOES!!!  They never will...
Apr 02 2:22pm @2.1.4 "..." And if someone pays for their insurance, but the company denies coverage of treatment due to a pre-existing coverage, then what?  If things go back to the way they were before ACA my...
 'Wide-open potential for abuse': States are ground zero in the fight against child marriage

'Wide-open potential for abuse': States are ground zero in the fight against child marriage

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  32 comments  •  2 weeks ago
By   Dartunorro Clark In 2017, when California state Sen. Jerry Hill heard about a local 12-year-old girl getting married to a 28-year-old man, he thought it was just a sick rumor. “It’s one of those, ‘You’re kidding me, that’s not happening here,’” Hill told NBC News. Then he learned the truth: It was happening, and it was legal. Hill discovered that child marriages occur...
Apr 03 8:57am @1.1.5 I have to say I am not sure of the reasoning, I was only 8 at the time.   I agree that pregnancy should not automatically be a "shotgun" wedding.
Apr 02 3:45pm @1.1.2 My 18 year old brother married his 16 year old girlfriend - she was not pregnant, but her parents signed her away.  They lived in poverty - produced 2 children (one in prison for child porn) and...
Apr 02 3:10pm @3.1 You have that right.
‘I cut people,’ a megachurch pastor threatened as she preached. Her target? The local newspaper.

‘I cut people,’ a megachurch pastor threatened as she preached. Her target? The local newspaper.

Via: Hal A. Lujah  •  21 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Hope Carpenter was met with resounding applause before her monologue at Relentless Church in Greenville, S.C., on Sunday. The crowd was excited about their guest pastor — after all, she’d led the congregation with her husband for nearly three decades before they moved their show to a church in San Jose last year. In her return, Carpenter delivered a fervent lecture on the importance of...
Apr 02 3:50pm @3.2.2 You consider the phrase "cut people" to be light-hearted?  That is weird.
Apr 02 3:38pm @3.2 "..." Just wondering if you would think it was a joke if a man on the street said it to you and pointed at his pocket.  Just because they are in church does not insure non-violence....Remember...
New York teacher fired over topless selfie plans to sue school district

New York teacher fired over topless selfie plans to sue school district

Via: JohnRussell  •  28 comments  •  2 weeks ago
New York teacher fired over topless selfie plans to sue school district VIDEO AT LINK BELLPORT, Long Island -- A middle school teacher from Long Island is planning to sue her former school district after she was fired, she alleges, for a topless selfie. Lauren Miranda, 25, has taught math at Bellport Middle School for the past four years. She says a topless...
Apr 02 12:02pm @3.2.2 No, just our First Lady.  
Apr 02 11:03am @3.2 And school age children can see them on the internets....
Apr 02 11:02am @5 Maybe this country needs to be less prudish.