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It's a 'theyby': How one Florida family is raising a gender-neutral child

It's a 'theyby': How one Florida family is raising a gender-neutral child

Via: Badfish Hαηd ⊕Ƒ †Hε Ωuεεη  •  57 comments  •  5 days ago
Sparrow's parents decided to raise their baby without a known sex, giving Sparrow the option to choose gender free from stereotypes. ORLANDO, Fla. — Many parents find out the sex of their child before the baby is born.  Others opt for the surprise, waiting to hear, "it's a boy" or 'its a girl." However, some families are exploring another option by raising a "gender neutral" child....
Feb 13 4:08pm @1.1.29 That is the basis for all of my comments - is the comment that CPS should be called on these parents. 
Feb 13 3:10pm @1.1.23 Hmmmm - I wonder if this fits with badfish's philosophy? "..." Bold words are mine placed into badfish's scenario.
Feb 13 3:06pm @1.1.22 "..." And let the boy down the street being beaten fall through the cracks because CPS is busy with this shit.
Feb 13 2:37pm @1.1.18 So that could be future scenario is enough to call CPS on these parents - that is all I am saying.   How about parents that let their kids get stupid haircuts so they are made fun of at school?...
Feb 13 2:09pm @1.1.16 "..." Yep - got that.  I don't think kids should be shooting guns or forced to go to church, but I would never suggest calling CPS on the parents.
Feb 13 1:36pm @1.1.14 I think my main issue with this whole thing is the statement that CPS should be called for this.  
Feb 13 11:45am @1.1.9 You do realize the child will know what sex they are, just not forced to conform to a specific gender (such as forcing gender bias).
Feb 13 11:43am @1.1.8 I apologize. It just rankles me that some people think calling CPS on parents for ridiculous reasons is ok, when real abused children fall through the cracks because of these ridiculous calls.
Feb 13 11:41am @1.1.7 And I am sure you are well aware that you have no idea how this is going to affect the child in the future, so getting CPS involved for a non threatening issue is ridiculous. How do you know what...
Feb 13 11:19am @1.1.4 How is the child in this case harmed?  I allowed my daughter to play with trucks and my son had a doll.  Did I damage them by not assigning gender correct toys?
Feb 13 11:17am @1.1.3 How does not disclosing your baby's gender to others harm the child?
Feb 13 11:08am @1.1 Do you feel the same way about parents that deny their children medical care because their religion states god will fix it?  Or how about those parents that do not vaccinate their children?  Should...
Phil Robertson: 10 lies the devil is using to 'destroy' America

Phil Robertson: 10 lies the devil is using to 'destroy' America

Via: Keep America Great!  •  126 comments  •  4 days ago
“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has come out with a new book that aims to “blow the lid off the lies that are destroying” America. The conservative Christian reality TV star spoke with The Christian Post to talk about the book and how coming to Christ at age 28 helped him leave his sinful life in the past.  The 72-year-old patriarch of A&E's hit reality series and the co-owner of...
Feb 11 1:45pm @11.1 "..." Even though in their holy book it suggests "first breath".
If Trump fails, we all lose

If Trump fails, we all lose

Via: Keep America Great!  •  133 comments  •  3 days ago
I made a comment on our daily radio program recently that Christians should be very thankful that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States and not Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party of yesteryear, made of patriotic Americans who just had policy differences with the Republican Party, is gone forever. The Democrats have spent the past four decades or so evolving into a party...
Feb 11 11:19am @3.1.9 "..." You mean like all the contractors that he stiffed and they lost the family business?
Feb 11 11:18am @3.1.8 "..." This morning on my shuttle ride to work I heard someone complaining because he had his taxes prepared over the weekend and they had to pay in.  He was very upset because he believed he was...
Feb 11 11:05am @4.1.12 Wouldn't let me read unless I signed up for it & I am not going to do that.  Sorry - your link is a no-go.
Feb 08 3:03pm @4.1.4 "..." What has he done?  And please be specific.
Feb 08 3:03pm @4.1.3 "..." You may have lost faith and pride in the USA, but I never have.  Even during the W years I was proud to be an American, funny how you lost your faith and pride in your country.