Creepy Pic 2/14/22

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Creepy Pic 2/14/22
A Face In the Dark

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The young boy hid his face in his pillow.  He just knew something was there.  He could still hear his parents talking downstairs, so it wasn't them.  He slowly turned his head and opened his eyes.  Nothing there.  His room was lit only by his nightlight.  His saving grace that his father wanted to take away.  He felt safe knowing the light was there, but he still felt a menacing presence further back in the room.  Back where it was dark.  Near his dresser in the corner.  He felt it there.  He closed his eyes tight and mumbled the prayer his mother taught him.  The presence remained.  Hiding in the dark, across his room.  He felt waves & waves of hatred flow towards him.  He knew it was there, but as long as his nightlight kept it at bay he could sleep.  He caught a glimpse of movement in the dark - like a dark shadow darting across the room.  He threw his covers over his head as his saving grace went dark... all light was gone.  He was in the pitch black.  He told himself to be brave that there was nothing to be afraid offf & peeked out from under his blankets....  AND HE SAW....



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I missed last week - so busy at work - but here is a new one for anyone that wants to read.

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I'll try and think of something to write and come back later

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And immediately dove back under the blankets and screamed for his father

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Makes me think of the movie "Meet Joe Black" where Sir Anthony Hopkins in his bed for the night hears a sound, a word "death" is whispered, and shadows shift from whence it came.


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