Vic Eldred

Father, American, Conservative.



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6  Kathleen    8 months ago

Thank you for the friends request Vic, Happy to be here.

Galen Marvin Ross
4  Galen Marvin Ross    2 years ago

You might want to check this out about Adlai Stevenson. It seems the Russians have tried to subvert our elections before and, failed.

Galen Marvin Ross
3  Galen Marvin Ross    2 years ago

So, once again you're locking your seeds to keep from having a debate, you throw things in your seed in reply to something that I've put up in it and, then run off locking your seed behind you. A real debate is were you let someone you are debating have their say as well. What a jerk you are.

Galen Marvin Ross
2  Galen Marvin Ross    2 years ago

Hey Vic, you asked for a link from me in one of your posts on a seed you put up, then locked the seed. Here's the link if you're still interested.

Nowhere Man
1  Nowhere Man    3 years ago

Don't know how I missed adding you to my friends list, welcome aboard!