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Pelosi reportedly rejects latest White House debt limit offer over spending cuts

Pelosi reportedly rejects latest White House debt limit offer over spending cuts

Via: Vic Eldred  •  22 comments  •  33 minutes ago
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is rejecting the   White House ’s latest debt limit proposal, which demanded $150 billion in   spending   cuts,   Bloomberg News reported on Friday. Late Thursday, the Trump administration sent Democrats a budget agreement, requesting they choose an area to cut $150 billion in spending, out of an option of $574 million in saving options, to offset the costs...
Jul 20 9:43am @2.1.2 The current debt is unsustainable. There is no end in sight!
Jul 20 9:02am @1.2.1 "..." It's odd that we should even be having that conversation. Does anybody remember the assurances then President Obama gave us on Obamacare?"Asked by CBS News' Katie Couric in an exclusive...
Jul 20 8:51am @2.1 My hunch is that legislators think all they will ever be able to do is pay the interest on the current debt. Both parties want to be able to fund various programs. Democrats are talking "the Green...
Jul 20 7:52am @1 "Pelosi has sought to pair a deal on government spending levels with an agreement to raise the debt ceiling.Will Republicans give up on all they achieved in 2011?Will Pelosi allow spending cuts?Is...
Trump Isn't President Of The United States, He's President Of The Deplorables

Trump Isn't President Of The United States, He's President Of The Deplorables

By: JohnRussell  •  37 comments  •  8 hours ago
Joe Walsh was a far right US Congressman for one term, and then became a conservative talk show host. He wrote an op/ed for the Washington Post about the Trump rally, which got him an invite to be interviewed on a cable news show. It's not too often that we see a conservative populist, which is what Joe Walsh is , be so blunt and candid about Trump and Trump supporters.  I have...
Jul 20 9:42am @2.1.3 And does anybody remember the statement Wilson called a lie?"There are also those who claim that our reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false—the reforms I'm proposing...
A Gift to NT Members From Everyone Loves Movies - Classic to Current

A Gift to NT Members From Everyone Loves Movies - Classic to Current

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  13 comments  •  50 minutes ago
A Conversation With Gregory Peck (1999)  If you are able to open the Chinese web site "bilibili" it is your lucky day, because you will be able to enjoy an absolutely wonderful time watching and listening to "The Conscience of Hollywood", i.e. one of its greatest stars.  Peck sits on a stage alone and answers questions from the audience - is so incredibly gracious. He invites...
Jul 20 9:03am @5.1.1 Lol, ya I forgot all about the Cape Fear remake!  I kind of think the remake rivaled the original...
Jul 20 8:36am @5 Some actually thought Peck's style was too stiff. I thought it was admirable. I know Iv'e said it before, but I liked him in just about every role he played. He was very good as Captain Ahab. "Moby...
Ilhan Omar Happened Because Media Chose to Lie to You

Ilhan Omar Happened Because Media Chose to Lie to You

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  69 comments  •  13 hours ago
Three years ago, most American newsrooms picked Ilhan Omar -- despite her crawling Jew-hatred and evidence of an extensive criminal past -- to be the transcendent face America needed to fight bigotry and federal corruption. Reporters apparently chose to lie about Omar to help birth a more trusting country. Perfectly irrational idiocy. Legacy newsmedia, decayed, perhaps brought itself final...
Jul 20 8:40am @6.2.2 Orwell died in 1950. He preceded Chomsky somewhat and therefore gets the credit.
Jul 20 8:25am @2.4.30 Keep beating that drum John!  I love when you prove me right!
Jul 20 8:01am @2.4.27 Thanks for the opinion piece or was it Ms Collins term paper?
Jul 20 8:00am @2.4.26 "..." Ah! And it took you how long to find that?The Republicans and right wing conspiracy freaks kept the birther issue alive for years.Isn't that funny - I only hear about it from liberals. Just...
Jul 20 7:21am @2.4.23 It began via the Clinton campaign and I even took the time to give you a link.  Talk about being kind?I should get teacher's pay!
Jul 20 7:19am @2.4.22 Most recently Trump questioned Sen Ted Cruz on the same issue. My, how they forget or do they only feel it when it happens to their beloved Obama? "Here’s a look at five other birthplace...
Jul 20 6:58am @2.4.19 "..." Again John, the birther argument was made while he was a candidate. PLEASE READ: "That theory first emerged in the spring of 2008, as Clinton supporters circulated an anonymous email...
Jul 19 5:52pm @2.4.12 The birther argument was made while he was a candidate. The issue had been raised over other candidates as well, not just the black guy! We all know the haters like screaming "birtherism". As I...
Jul 19 12:14pm @2.4.10 She's already been elected into office. There is a difference.
Jul 19 9:25am @2.4.8 "..." Provided she gained her citizenship legally. There is that nasty little story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.Oh you haven't heard? According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "New...
Jul 19 8:45am @3.1.15 Unethical means like politicizing and weaponizing all the agencies of government. You know, like having the IRS go out and target Conservative organizations ahead of the 2012 election and destroy...
Jul 19 8:34am @2.4.6 WORSE!  She is also anti-American! She shares the beliefs of a lot of fanatics who hate both Israel and the US. 


Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  21 comments  •  44 minutes ago
OREGON PASSES LAW MANDATING SCHOOLS TEACH ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST The measure mandates the instruction in response to spikes in antisemitic incidents across the country BY CNAAN LIPHSHIZ/JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency), JULY 18, 2019 Polish-born Holocaust survivor Meyer Hack shows his prisoner number tattooed on his arm during a news conference at the Yad Vashem Holocaust...
Jul 20 8:24am @4.1.5 "..." I love that series (I own it). Made in the UK in the early 70's it was unique in many ways. They were wise enough to interview a lot of people on all sides of WWII before they passed away,...
Jul 20 8:18am @4.1.4 "..." Agreed. Maybe it's just me, but this is the first Iv'e heard of the holocaust not being taught in schools. Maybe it's because I grew up in the shadow of WWII that we all knew about it as...
Op/Ed Trump Is a Racist. If You Still Support Him, So Are You.

Op/Ed Trump Is a Racist. If You Still Support Him, So Are You.

Via: JohnRussell  •  176 comments  •  yesterday
The president is a racist, in his words and his actions.  Before you go clutching your pearls and extolling the virtues of “civility,” let me say this: Put a sock in it.  This is not a new revelation, nor is it something that we can continue to ignore as though it were coming from a drunk uncle at the family barbecue. Bigotry is dangerous and, coming from our nation’s commander in...
Jul 19 12:18pm @4.2.6 "..." You are very observant when it comes to hate marches. One was based on a lie about inferior races, the other based on a lie about Michael Brwn having his hands up when shot. Both are based...
Jul 17 7:17pm @5.4.12 "..." It's FAR LEFT
Jul 17 4:45pm @5.4.10 I never defended you!
Jul 17 4:45pm @5.4.9 Well said
Jul 17 4:40pm @4.2.1
Jul 17 4:36pm @4.2 I see John is allowing picture today. Here's some more:
Jul 17 4:10pm @1.2.4 You have called 60 million people racist. I'm not worried about anyone calling me a racist. Neither was fuckin Pelosi, but she got called racist all the same. She got back what she dealt out. I'm...
Jul 17 4:06pm @5.4.5 "..." They are a sad bunch, but what can we expect from people who believe everyone, even their close friends are "racists."
Jul 17 3:59pm @1.2.2 Maybe it's you that's uncomfortable. Maybe you like Pelosi might get called out as a racist!
Jul 17 3:53pm @1.2 Why isn't this hate piece banished to meta?
If Only A Democrat with A Brain Would Emerge!

If Only A Democrat with A Brain Would Emerge!

Via: Heartland American  •  61 comments  •  yesterday
Our Founding Fathers anticipated building a country like none other and they succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Of course, if we listen to ‘today’s’ Democrats, they would want us to believe our Founding Fathers came to America only to enslave Africans – a damning and blatant lie. Christians in Europe were being harshly persecuted. The single most propelling force behind people...
Jul 19 9:34am @4.1.9 Yup, and Schumer is already furious. They are gonna wish they had Acosta at Labor!
Jul 18 12:32pm @4.1.5 If I was in the President's shoes, I would name Miller as the replacement for Acosta as Labor Secretary!  My rule for the President: Every time the media helps take someone down you replace him...
Jul 18 11:51am @4.1.3 That rally was fiery...loved it!
Jul 18 11:45am @6.1.17 You mean the seed that claims the President took 45 male stimulant pills a day for years and on some occasions 300 a day?  That seed?  Wouldn't his blood pressure go through the roof?  Wouldn't he...
Jul 18 9:57am @4.1.1 Let's see how that works out in the general election, when all those radical sound bytes become GOP campaign ads.
Jul 18 8:53am @4 Believe it or not, I think Bill Clinton had common sense. He was able to compromise. Reformed programs, like Welfare, that only a democrat could fix. On the other hand Barak Obama, who liked to...
Jul 18 8:44am @2.1 Yep, Buttigeg proved, once again, that all that education sometimes dosen't mean much!  
The four noisy horseladies of the Apocalypse -ANALYSIS/OPINION:

The four noisy horseladies of the Apocalypse -ANALYSIS/OPINION:

Via: 1stwarrior  •  64 comments  •  2 days ago  •  LOCKED
Any man who makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a smart guy, by definition. Climbing a greasy pole is impossible, as anyone who has tried it will tell you, and the presidency is the greasiest pole anywhere. So how could a man smart enough to do the impossible forget the first rule of politics, that when your opponent is in the act of destroying himself, the smart thing to do is get out...
Jul 18 7:27pm @4.3.26 "..." Then why not admit that when I first said it. The words "women of color" are there to prevent any and all criticism! That's the bubble they get from fuckin liberals!!!
Jul 18 11:55am @4.3.2 "..." FREE OF CRITICISM?   WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT?
Jul 18 8:38am @4.3 "..." So that puts them in a bubble where they can't be criticized for making anti-American or anti-Semitic remarks. How about if they kill somebody?  Would it be racist to arrest them?...
Jul 17 7:16pm @2.1.5 "..." It's never a Conservative member of the GOP, rather a liberal Republican like Romney or Weld
If I'm A Racist, Then You Are A Moron

If I'm A Racist, Then You Are A Moron

By: Citizen Kane-473667  •  249 comments  •  4 hours ago
It has literally been YEARS since I published anything, and to tell the truth, I really got away from blogging after the collapse of Newsvine. It had a lot to do with several things like time to write, difficulty in adapting to the new site, and quite honestly, the vitriol I saw for anyone who espoused the ideas that I agree with--be they Leftist or Rightist.  Now, however, I find myself...
Jul 18 12:00pm @14.2 "..." "CNN and MSNBC have collectively called President Trump or his tweets about four freshmen progressive members of Congress "racist" over 1,000 times since Sunday...
Jul 18 8:16am @1.2 Voted up! Hopefully you can break through where others have failed. Many people read NT without commenting and logical, well written articles like this go a long way!
Omar introduces resolution defending boycott of Israel, likens it to boycotts of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union

Omar introduces resolution defending boycott of Israel, likens it to boycotts of Nazi Germany, Soviet Union

Via: 1stwarrior  •  36 comments  •  2 days ago  •  LOCKED
U.S. Rep.   Ilhan Omar   proposed a resolution this week supporting the right to boycott Israel, likening the boycott of the Jewish state to boycotts of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Omar’s  resolution seeks to push back against U.S. laws banning the boycott of Israel and affirms the right of Americans to organize boycotts of foreign countries if they so wish. While the...
Jul 18 11:49am @5.1.1 I believe rep Omar has a popularity rating of 9%.  (Even that's frightening).No wonder the President is using her as the face of the democratic party.
Jul 18 11:35am @5 I can't believe I'm living through it. 
House votes to kill Rep. Al Green's resolution to impeach Trump

House votes to kill Rep. Al Green's resolution to impeach Trump

Via: Vic Eldred  •  60 comments  •  2 days ago  •  LOCKED
The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted to set aside a resolution by Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, to introduce article of impeachment against   President Trump  – the third time the Houston-area lawmaker has taken a shot at impeaching the president, but the first since Democrats regained control of the House. Lawmakers voted 332-95 to table Green’s resolution, which was widely opposed...
Jul 18 9:24am @1.1.12 "..." BTW another of those so called "valid bills" has come to the floor as Rep Omar has introduced a resolution to boycott Israel!
Jul 18 8:25am @1.1.11 "..." That already happened. The result was the election of Donald J Trump
Jul 18 8:23am @1.1.10 There is no compromise in them. That's what they learn at College now.
Jul 18 8:21am @5.1.1 Cynthia is a good Republican. She will do well.
Jul 18 8:19am @4.1.17 That he is!  Suddenly they don't get it. They can't distinguish between commentary and sarcasm or humor of hyperbole. They twist words and meaning, yet they fool nobody. 
Jul 17 9:05pm @1.1.4 "..." The bills being written in the House aren't bi-partisan bills. They are liberal campaign pamphlets, meant for nobody but their base.Mark my words, bad faith government will be the death of...
Jul 17 9:01pm @4.1.9 "..." That is the title of an opinion piece in the New York Times today.  I think they're getting it.
Jul 17 9:00pm @6 President Trump hammers the four radical congresswomen. Very effective on live TV. Quite a spectacle to see a President speaking so bluntly. As I said, he is likely to win this. Best analysis on...
Jul 17 8:56pm @5 @Liz_Cheney "Behavior on the House floor yesterday was disgraceful. She threw a tantrum and violated 230 years of precedent and the rules of the House. She owes all her colleagues & the...
Jul 17 8:52pm @4.1.6 "..." They aren't, but he is running against them. Can you understand that?
Jul 17 8:34pm @4.1.1 I believe Nancy has been called out as a Racist. The President has decided to run against the 4 entitled overgrown children who keep making anti-American & anti-Semitic statements.
Jul 17 8:30pm @1.2.1 Ya, Hurd was one of the few Republicans to vote for it. I think we should thank all the moderate democrats who voted against it.
Jul 17 8:28pm @1.1.2 "..." Sure they can. We have had the House in the hands of democrats and the Senate in the hands of Republicans before. The way it works is called compromise. The dems want things for the DACA...
Jul 17 7:22pm @2.1 "..." I think that question just got answered.or do we wait for the American voters to have the say?They will have their say.
Jul 17 7:04pm @1 Al Green is from Texas?   What part of Texas could that be?  Austin maybe?I hate to remind everyone that I told you so. I told everyone that if democrats every got control of the House it would go...
Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund

Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund

Via: JohnRussell  •  66 comments  •  9 hours ago
Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund Sen.  Rand Paul  (R-Ky.) on Wednesday blocked an attempt by Democrats to pass an extension of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.  Sen.  Kirsten Gillibrand  (D-N.Y.) tried to win the Senate's consent to approve the House-passed bill, which would reauthorize funding until fiscal year 2090. The bill...
Jul 18 8:31am @3.1.2 "..." Oh is "this session" the hidden qualifier?  Another one of your games!It was Paul who objected to the Republican spending bill:"Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is on the Senate floor right now...
Jul 17 4:28pm @1.1.2 "..." After Obama's $20 Trillion. Of course we heard no complaint from you back then.Cuts should start with the military budget and corporate welfareCuts should start with domestic spending....
Jul 17 4:13pm @3.1 "..." He draws the line everywhere. He has been against deficit spending his entire career and so was his father. Liberals on the other hand don't care about the $22 Trillion debt. Let's be fair...
Jul 17 3:57pm @2.1 "..." We know how easy that is!
Jul 17 3:56pm @1.1 Right, don't stop spending!
Pelosi out of order, dems change rules

Pelosi out of order, dems change rules

By: Vic Eldred  •  90 comments  •  3 days ago  •  LOCKED
A strange thing happened in the House of Representatives yesterday. The same House members who could not censor or specifically condemn members for making anti-Semitic remarks, rushed to formally condemn the President of the United States for what democratic leadership considered "racist" remarks. The formal resolution (H Res 489) condemned the President's remarks directed at certain members...
Jul 17 7:11pm @3.1.41
Jul 17 6:56pm @3.1.39 It dosen't work that way for me. If I comment on something I don't get to later say it's off topic. I bet if I took that to someone, she would overturn it.
Jul 17 4:33pm @4.2.19 "..." The same status quo we see on campus and in the biased media that lied to us for three years. I'd say the average American is a lot wiser than you give them credit for.
Jul 17 4:20pm @4.2.17 Thanks Luther for backing up an opinion. Those numbers were rising and I believe they are rising because people are seeing and hearing the liberal democrats. Please keep them talking!
Jul 17 4:15pm @4.2.15 If only they could get all of those "voters" out in CA to really make an impact!
Jul 17 3:36pm @3.1.32 Shall I do what you did yesterday?   Ok, Hillary and Trump are now off topic!You discussed something, then declared it off topic and found a moderator to go along with it
Jul 17 3:30pm @5.1 "..." That's their MO, be it Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or the liberal judges that have been blocking Trump.
Jul 17 3:28pm @4.2.11 "..." How many fuckin liberals do you think there are?
Jul 17 3:27pm @4.2.10 "..." Link please
Jul 17 3:26pm @4.1.2 "..." They have
Jul 17 3:22pm @3.1.31 "..." I got a feeling you don't know much about either. Normalcy involves all the decent Americans living between the east coast slums and the west coast homeless communities.
Jul 17 3:19pm @3.1.29 The traitors are those who won't accept election results and tried to remove a President from office. Still no thoughts on anything in the article?  Yesterday I found out that even if the...
Jul 17 8:27am @4.1 "..." I beg to differ!more along the lines of improving what they see as injustice.Like elevating one race over another?Whether one agrees with what one says or not, they are also free to say...
Jul 17 8:26am @3.1.1 I am as I have always been - a fierce opponent of the cancer known as "liberalism. Donald Trump may be crude, but he has taken on the left. He only needs to be careful not to alienate those of us...
Jul 17 8:22am @2.1.1 Maybe for you John. If one were listening to some of the statements those 4 radicals made, one might be confused as to where they were from. They have little love for America. BTW there are 14...
Jul 17 8:14am @3 My advice to the President - To combat liberals, you don't have to become like them!
Jul 17 7:59am @2 “In America, if you hate our Country, you are free to leave. The simple fact of the matter is, the four Congresswomen think that America is wicked in its origins, they think that America is even...
Jul 17 7:54am @1 Simply stunning!
Did Trump's Racist Attack On Four Congresswomen Of Color Gain Him A Single Vote?

Did Trump's Racist Attack On Four Congresswomen Of Color Gain Him A Single Vote?

By: JohnRussell  •  74 comments  •  4 days ago
Has Donald Trump gone to the "birther" well one too many times? His attack on the four Democratic women of color was birtherism updated for 2019. These people are not American, they dont love America. She comes from Africa.They hate America because they criticize America. Trump has tried to anoint himself judge and jury on who is an acceptable American.  I have a feeling that a lot of...
Jul 16 11:02am @5 "The word “racism” is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything — and demanding evidence makes you a “racist.”......Thomas Sowell
Apollo astronauts celebrate 50 years since first moon landing

Apollo astronauts celebrate 50 years since first moon landing

Via: Vic Eldred  •  8 comments  •  5 days ago  •  LOCKED
By Forrest Crellin PARIS (Reuters) - Three astronauts instrumental in the groundbreaking U.S. space program of the 1960s and 70s gathered at the Paris Air Show on Tuesday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the mission that first put a man on the moon. Walter Cunningham, 87, who was part of the Apollo 7 mission, Al Worden, 87, who flew with Apollo 15, and Charlie Duke, 83,...
Jul 16 9:08am @2 The US Mint commemorative coin:
Jul 16 9:04am @1 Fifty years ago this week!At the time the front page story helped keep a late night incident that occurred on Friday night, July 18th 1969 on Chappaquiddick island, MA from being the big story....
I hope Jeffrey Epstein sings like a bird. And if some Democrats go down, so be it

I hope Jeffrey Epstein sings like a bird. And if some Democrats go down, so be it

Via: Tessylo  •  110 comments  •  4 days ago
I hope Jeffrey Epstein sings like a bird. And if some Democrats go down, so be it   Jill Filipovic, The Guardian   22 hours ago   Photograph: STRINGER/Reuters I hope Jeffrey Epstein sings like a bird. The wealthy and well-connected...
Jul 16 8:44am @17.2.2 Then I guess you shouldn't have said:"Also the scumbgag didn't donate all that much to Democrats (I know that is what you're talking about) and many that he did donate to (Democrats) returned it"
Jul 16 8:30am @17.2 "..."
Jul 16 8:29am @17.1.2 [delete]
Jul 16 8:14am @17.1 "..." Not without EVIDENCE!You may want to click on the reply button when you reply to a comment.
Jul 16 7:54am @16.1 [Delete]
Jul 16 6:51am @15 Jill Filipovic needs to learn about the necessity for evidence & due process.As for Epstein, reporters need to begin their investigative journey by looking at the politicians whom he donated...
Obama officials concede role in slow $20 Harriet Tubman bill rollout: report

Obama officials concede role in slow $20 Harriet Tubman bill rollout: report

Via: bugsy  •  8 comments  •  4 days ago
After Democrat lawmakers and commentators spent months hammering the Trump administration for supposedly delaying the release of a $20 bill featuring abolitionist Harriet Tubman , several officials appointed by President Barack Obama have reportedly admitted that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has followed the Obama timeline for producing the new currency. The Obama administration...
Jul 16 8:05am @5 Voted up!Another false narrative shot down!
Attendees Shoot Down SPLC Smear Calling Trump Social Media Confab a 'Hate Summit'

Attendees Shoot Down SPLC Smear Calling Trump Social Media Confab a 'Hate Summit'

Via: Heartland American  •  13 comments  •  3 days ago
On Thursday, President Donald Trump hosted a summit to discuss bias against conservatives on social media. Liberal groups and outlets attacked the gathering, but none was worse than the profiteering "hate" monitor, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC's Intelligence Project Director Heidi Beirich blasted the summit as a "hate summit," echoing the SPLC's relentless attacks on...
Jul 16 7:50am @2 Hate speech is in the eye of the beholder. The US Constitution protects all speech. Socaial Media companies need to show the American public how their "algorithms" work.The SPLC needs to be...
Facebook: More Government Censorship

Facebook: More Government Censorship

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  5 comments  •  4 days ago
Facebook: More Government Censorship by Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute, July 16, 2019 It is often argued that Facebook is a private enterprise and therefore free to censor whatever it wishes. However, Facebook and the other internet giants, such as Google, YouTube (a   subsidiary   of Google), and Twitter, have come to control the flow of information on the...
Jul 16 7:33am @2 This is an enormous problem. In today's world nobody can be trusted to do the job of censoring content. We have activists in government who would censor both word and content for ideological...
Here are the Trump comments that sparked controversy

Here are the Trump comments that sparked controversy

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  227 comments  •  4 days ago  •  LOCKED
So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly..... . He doesn’t actually reference AOC, Tlaib, Pressley or Omar by name. So no, he’s not saying they’re all from...
Jul 15 1:05pm @7.2.4 On topic John. One of the pieces of shit who trashes America, in your political party!Look out! Americans are hitting back!
Jul 15 12:59pm @7.2.2 "..." But she did and I even gave you a link to the well known & well publicized statement. I'll let objective observers judge who is ignorant Dully!Her maternal Grandmother lives in the West...
Jul 15 10:29am @7 "Rep. Rashida Tlaib has defended her controversial comments about having a “calming feeling” when she thinks about Palestinians offering a “safe haven for Jews” after the Holocaust. The Michigan...
House Hearing Devolves into Chaos

House Hearing Devolves into Chaos

By: Vic Eldred  •  21 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Yesterday was a low point in the history of the US Congress. The House Oversight Committee hearing on child separation (Not the open border crisis!) devolved into grandstanding, dramatics and shouting matches. Among those giving testimony were some of the freshmen members of the House. Most notably was leading ignoramus Alexandria Octavio-Cortez. Se demanded to be sworn in even though...
Jul 14 6:55am @8 "Tom Homan, the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday to discuss his clashes with congressional lawmakers at the...
Jul 13 6:22pm @2.1.1 An ounce of that empathy directed to Americans would be a shock.
Jul 13 8:13am @1 To be continued
The Kamala Harris immigration Plan

The Kamala Harris immigration Plan

By: Vic Eldred  •  39 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has a plan to help dreamers and it's not dependent on legislation. It's simply based on executive actions Harris would take as President. I guess we'll call it Obama Part II. Like Obama she will also use her "pen and phone." It's a promise! The Plan: First she would create a “parole-in-place” program to give Dreamers the right to live in the United...
Jul 14 6:45am @7.1.7 My mistake. I somehow thought it was in the tens of thousands. The number, as you correctly point out is in the hundreds of thousands.
Jul 13 7:44am @7.1.4 There is always advance warning. Do you recall what happened when this roundup was originally scheduled?  Somebody working within the government anonymously leaked it. Another of the many liberals...
Jul 12 11:22am @3.1.1 "..." Charger is away today. I have to moderate. As everyone can see your comment is still there. 
Jul 12 11:19am @7.3.1 "..." They quickly forgot that a Republican did that, but since the democrats have been tenacious with their lying & pandering, nobody can be really surprised with how it turned out.
Jul 12 9:23am @7.2.1 You are a decent and generous man. More generous than I.The Democrats continue their failed policy of making promises they will never keep, and the voters are wise to them now.After telling us...
Jul 12 9:18am @7.1.1 We have to admit that democrats like the crisis on the southern border and actually want open borders. They oppose criminalizing those who enter and they refuse to do anything to prevent it. Does...
Jul 12 8:49am @7 Any plan to protect dreamers must be linked to securing the southern border!!!
Jul 12 8:21am @3 Prediction: Harris is the one who gets the Obama endorsement!
Jul 12 8:12am @1 To be filed under "Believe it or not."Trump is off topicRace is off topic
Philadelphia: Teenage flash mob trashes store

Philadelphia: Teenage flash mob trashes store

Via: Krishna  •  59 comments  •  6 days ago
A large group of teens entered a Walgreens on South Street in Philadelphia. The group knocked items off the shelves, threw items at employees and left the store with unpaid merchandise.
Jul 14 6:43am @4.3 "..." Ah! Now I get it!
Jul 14 6:41am @1.1 I thought somebody might post this, I never thought it would be you.The store camera's caught plenty of images. Can they be identified and prosecuted with that?
The Left Has Managed To Mainstream Anti-Americanism

The Left Has Managed To Mainstream Anti-Americanism

Via: Heartland American  •  20 comments  •  one week ago
A recent profile of Rep. Illan Omar by the Washington Post made waves because of its revelation that the congresswoman lied to a group of high school students about witnessing racism and injustice in a Minneapolis courtroom. In an anecdote lifted almost verbatim from the plot of “Les Miserables,” Omar claimed she saw a “sweet, old… African American lady,” who had spent the weekend in jail...
Jul 12 11:24am @4.1.3 No finger pointing. This is when democrats have to show us "Who they are!"
Jul 12 8:58am @4.1 "..." No, they are saying that "U.S. support for Israel was all about the Benjamins", or that we are being hypnotized by Israel or that Israel was given a safe haven in Palestine. Btw those...
Jul 12 8:24am @3 Great article. Voted up!
Sebastian Gorka at the center of Rose Garden ruckus following Trump event Hunter Walker,Yahoo News 10 hours ago 

Sebastian Gorka at the center of Rose Garden ruckus following Trump event Hunter Walker,Yahoo News 10 hours ago 

Via: Tessylo  •  24 comments  •  6 days ago
  Hunter Walker, Yahoo News   10 hours ago   With Acosta in crosshairs, Trump unleashes tweet barrage at everything else he can think of WASHINGTON — It was an unusual spectacle, even by the unconventional standards...
Jul 12 8:52am @4.2.1 The sane people are the ones you should worry about the most!
Jul 12 8:32am @4 "After the president exited, the two groups of media made their way to the exits and Gorka had his clash with Karem. In an email to Yahoo News shortly afterwards, Karem said the incident began when...
Trump set for another victory after Roberts waffles again

Trump set for another victory after Roberts waffles again

By: Vic Eldred  •  15 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
After suffering a temporary setback when the SCOTUS issued a decision based on "why the President wanted to put a citizenship question on the 2020 Census", the President has emerged with a much better plan which may or may not produce an accurate count. The President will now turn to the Commerce Department and maybe other departments to estimate the number of illegal aliens in each state. I...
Jul 11 8:05pm @2.1.4 Well, that was almost too easy.Have a good night all!
Jul 11 7:59pm @2.1.3 "..." Oh I'm glad you changed that. That is true, but the problem is ONLY CITIZENS are to be represented!
Jul 11 7:56pm @2.1.2 The Constitution? Don't you believe in the rule of law?
Jul 11 7:52pm @1.1.7 "..." So, we should estimate how many illegals are living among us? There have been studies done. The studies estimate a lot more than the 11 million wev'e been hearing about for over a decade.
Jul 11 7:50pm @1.1.6 "..." Just fucked up enough to guarantee that CA will remain a blue state
Jul 11 7:45pm @2.1 "The U.S. Constitution empowers the Congress to carry out the census in "such manner as they shall by Law direct" (Article I, Section 2). The Founders of our fledgling nation had a bold and...
Jul 11 7:39pm @1.1.3 Asking about citizenship is wrong?Why?
Jul 11 7:33pm @1.1.1 Well, we will get to see it play out. Interesting times we are living in.
Jul 11 7:19pm @1 It's called Checkmate!
Trump Invites Stupidest Man On The Internet To White House Summit Meeting

Trump Invites Stupidest Man On The Internet To White House Summit Meeting

By: JohnRussell  •  216 comments  •  3 days ago
Why would the president of the United States invite the stupidest man on the internet to a White House summit meeting?   Well, Jim Hoft's website Gateway Pundit spends most of its time distorting the truth and lying on behalf of Donald Trump, thats why.  Type "the stupidest man on the internet"  into your Google or Bing or Duck Duck Go or whatever....
Jul 11 2:25pm @6.1.21 Yup, people were finally coming forward and Steele got a little frightened so, ya he's fessing up now too!I can't wait for the report!
Jul 11 12:40pm @9.1.15 Making America Great Again.It's been a pleasure
Jul 11 12:34pm @6.1.13 "..." And Pelosi's two words to that:NO WAY!
Jul 11 12:33pm @9.1.13 "..." Listen up - You did it to yourselves!
Jul 11 12:23pm @9.1.10 Ah, an admission.
Jul 11 12:21pm @6.1.11 Two more words have come to mind.
Jul 11 12:14pm @9.1.8 "..." You need to forget him. Enjoy life..the world will go on.
Jul 11 12:13pm @9.1.7 "..." Countered by an illegal alien
Jul 11 12:00pm @9.1.4 No, that's the narrative we hear every day. It's kind of like when Anita Hill came out of thin air to make unsubstantiated claims against Judicial nominee Clarence Thomas. Most people did not...
Jul 11 11:55am @6.1.8 two words....Steele Dossier
Jul 11 11:42am @6.1.5 "..." He is far less dangerous or evil that once trusted new organizations like the New York Times doing the same thing.
Jul 11 11:41am @9.1.1 "..." You have already told us that you believe the constant assault by the MSM and liberals on social media have helped to keep his approval ratings down. I kind of agreed with you on the end...
Jul 11 11:37am @7.1.5 "..." Freedom of Speech?and then pretend that person is a journalist are not normal and should not be acceptable. That is a big jump from the President simply inviting somebody he likes and/or...
Jul 11 11:32am @7.1.3 Removed for context
Jul 11 11:28am @7.1.1 "..." The same right as the race monger Al Sharpton once had. He got invited!!!! you have NO standards for which this presidentThe same standards Obama was allowed!!!
Jul 11 11:09am @7 This is really funny, in other words this President dosen't have the right to invite whom he wants to invite to the WH.I recall Barak Obama inviting his leftist friends over, in particular the...
Trump expected to announce executive action on adding citizenship question to census

Trump expected to announce executive action on adding citizenship question to census

By: FLYNAVY1  •  46 comments  •  one week ago
President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would have an announcement later in the day related to “the Census and Citizenship" and a senior administration official told ABC News the president was expected to say he's taking an executive action to try to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Add Donald Trump as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Donald Trump...
Jul 11 2:22pm @1.2.4 "..." Because he did."The last time a citizenship question was among the census questions for all U.S. households was in 1950.You are qualifying the question?Your president removed such a...
Jul 11 12:44pm @1.2 Well, here is the question: Why is it that Obama can remove the question from the census, yet the Court says Trump needs a reason to put it back on?
The war now raging within the Democratic Party

The war now raging within the Democratic Party

By: Vic Eldred  •  77 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Recently, we have seen a nasty back and forth between the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and a few of her far left freshman members. This stew has been simmering since the dems took over the House as two of its new members made some anti-Semitic comments. The Speaker was put in the awkward position of either punishing them or ignoring the matter. Pelosi couldn't bring herself to do either. Her...
Jul 11 12:31pm @5.1.3 "..." I used your exact words!:"Isn't she one of those gals who wishes she was white?"
Jul 11 12:29pm @2.4.3 "..." To the contrary, antisemitism is rampant within the democratic party and on college campus's.The vast majority of Jews vote Democrat. No matter what!!!But you want to complain that there is...
Jul 11 12:20pm @5.1.1 "..." Candace Owens is a Conservative commentator and political activist. Isn't she one of those gals who wishes she was white?What does her race have to do with it?  (Oh, I know, a black woman...
Jul 11 11:25am @6.2 I guess the moral of the story is that as far as the "woked Left is concerned it's either 'my way or the highway!
Jul 11 8:32am @2.2.5 "..." And would these "fundamentalists" sound like Omar and Tlaib?(It's called the "elephant in the room")
Jul 11 8:20am @5 Candice Owens just weighed in: Candace Owens "I am NOT a fan of Speaker Pelosi but the absolute despicable behavior from @AOC @AyannaPressley and @IlhanMN congresswoman should...
Jul 11 8:07am @4 UPDATE:"Ocasio-Cortez said to The Washington Post on Wednesday that the "persistent singling out" by the Speaker may be more than "outright disrespectful." "When these comments first started, I...
Jul 10 7:35pm @2.2.3 Well, lets see we have two Muslim Representatives making anti-Semitic remarks, is there an analogy in there, somewhere?  Or did I actually say what you were hoping I would say?  You see there is...
Jul 10 6:04pm @2.1.11 It was a nice comeback.Question: Did Pelosi bring this all upon herself by letting these 4 go for as long as they did?Some of them were never punished for anti-Semitic remarks.
Jul 10 5:57pm @2.1.9 Well done, Tess. I assume you get the credit?
Jul 10 5:38pm @2.1.7 "..." Tess, they used to call the Yankees lineup "Murderers Row". The Yankees didn't think it was unfavorable!
Jul 10 5:17pm @2.1.5 Yup, and with your help.
Jul 10 5:09pm @2.1.3 Giving out a bone can be a first step in getting people to address the topic. It's worked in the past.
Jul 10 5:02pm @3.1 John, you can do better than that
Jul 10 5:00pm @2.2.1 Definition of metaphor 1: a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy...
Jul 10 4:59pm @1.2.1 None of them are used to holding back. This should get intense when the Defense Bill hits.
Jul 10 4:58pm @2.1.1 The "Taliban 4" ?  I thought i had a nice ring to it.
Jul 10 4:31pm @1 All the worst to them!
AOC ups ante in feud with Pelosi, suggests speaker is 'singling out' newly elected 'women of color'

AOC ups ante in feud with Pelosi, suggests speaker is 'singling out' newly elected 'women of color'

Via: Sparty On  •  73 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
The public spat between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY , and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif , got a lot nastier on Wednesday, with the freshman congresswoman suggesting that the speaker is "singling out" her and her colleagues based on their race. Pelosi has worked to keep the Democratic caucus in line, specifically four newly-elected outspoken progressives: Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan...
Jul 11 12:09pm @5.1.11 I keep telling you - that is his prerogative.
Jul 11 12:07pm @6.1.3 "..." Ya, I guess John Boehner's hair turned grey with them, but then again they never called him a "racist!"  Pelosi won't have Obama's IRS to destroy here opposition either.
Jul 11 11:50am @6.1 Reminding this crew that Trump is the ultimate target of all democrats isn't going to work. These new members have no self discipline or respect for authority. The rep from Minnesota came here from...
Jul 11 11:44am @5.1.7 "..." I don't recall him saying that remembrance was off-topic?  Please show me where?
Jul 11 11:34am @5.1.4 The seeder/author gets to decide on the parameters of the topic.
Jul 11 11:20am @2.4.10 "..." They don't????She's just been called a "racist!"
Jul 11 11:19am @2.3.2 "..." I think we are about to find out how smart Pelosi is. While it's true that she ultimately holds all the cards, this whole process really makes them all look bad. President Eisenhower used...
What regressives don't want you to know about Betsy Ross flag

What regressives don't want you to know about Betsy Ross flag

Via: Heartland American  •  30 comments  •  4 days ago
Colin Kaepernick kicked up a massive dust storm by complaining when Nike put the Betsy Ross flag on the heel of a shoe. You’d have thought by the hue and cry from the regressive left that they had used the Nazi swastika.  Nike means “Victory” in Greek. It is supposed to symbolize masculine strength, a determination to conquer against all odds and to take on the biggest, baddest bully on...
Jul 11 10:52am @2.1.7 Sounds like she took pride & pleasure in her work!
Jul 11 8:28am @2.1.5 "..." Is that ever the words of wisdom!BTW, there is a new Barbie doll coming out. It's called "Divorce Barbie". It comes complete with it's own accessories as well as all of Ken's possessions!
Jul 10 8:43am @4 “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” ― George Orwell, 1984
Jul 10 7:50am @3 Voted up! Great article and the perfect response to those who hate this country like Kaepernick
Pelosi warns Democrats slamming colleagues: 'Do not tweet' your complaints!

Pelosi warns Democrats slamming colleagues: 'Do not tweet' your complaints!

Via: 1stwarrior  •  13 comments  •  one week ago
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Wednesday appeared to issue a warning to Democrats during a closed-door caucus meeting for attacking their colleagues publicly rather than raising concerns privately during the recent fight over legislation addressing the border crisis. “You got a complaint? You come and talk to me about it. But do not tweet about our members and expect us to think...
Jul 11 8:34am @6 If anything, this war is escalating!
Jul 11 8:09am @4 Jut to update this article a bit:AOC to the Washington Post yesterday: "When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm’s distance...
Jul 10 4:33pm @3.2 And I have written another one about 5 minutes ago
Jul 10 4:32pm @1.1 Things only get worse from here
1 Federal Department Now Spending $100 Billion Per Month

1 Federal Department Now Spending $100 Billion Per Month

Via: Vic Eldred  •  7 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
For the first time in our nation's history, there is now a federal department spending an average of more than $100 billion per month. No, it is not the Department of Defense, which is charged with the core federal responsibility of defending us from foreign enemies. It is the Department of Health and Human Services, which, if Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has his way, will...
Jul 10 11:31pm @3.1 Neither Obamacare nor Medicare nor Medicaid has ever enabled price controls on health care providers, Hospitals or big Pharma. It exposes the real constituencies of the democratic party - the...
Jul 10 8:07pm @1 Paul Ryan warned us
Appeals court tosses emoluments suit against Trump

Appeals court tosses emoluments suit against Trump

Via: Vic Eldred  •  19 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
A federal appeals court panel has unanimously thrown out a lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of violating the Constitution by continuing to do business with foreign and state governments while serving as president. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals   ruled   that the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia — who joined together to file the suit against Trump in 2017 — lacked...
Jul 10 5:35pm @2.2.4 "..." And I answered you in post # 2.2
Jul 10 5:22pm @2.2.2 I believe it was your question in Post # 2
Jul 10 4:34pm @2.2 Justice Roberts says there are no Obama or Trump Judges.
Jul 10 2:16pm @1 Trump stands victorious again!
Acosta said: "We live in a very different world."

Acosta said: "We live in a very different world."

Via: JohnRussell  •  11 comments  •  one week ago
Victoria Brownworth     🏳️‍🌈 ‏   @ VABVOX   51m 51 minutes ago More Victoria Brownworth    🏳️‍🌈 Retweeted Adam Klasfeld Sex trafficking was a crime in 2007. Rape was a crime in 2007. F***ing kids was a crime in 2007. What is # Acosta talking about?...
Jul 10 5:13pm @3.1.1 "..." That they are. I'll leave it thereWhy?  We have a monster sexual predator to discuss, yet we seem to be fixated on the deal Acosta arranged long ago. Have you thought about that?
Jul 10 4:56pm @1.1 The facts that are being overlooked are these:“Simply put, the Palm Beach state attorney’s office was ready to let Epstein walk free, no jail time,”
Jul 10 4:39pm @3 The question is does that press conference save him?
Now AOC gets sued for blocking people on Twitter

Now AOC gets sued for blocking people on Twitter

Via: 1stwarrior  •  18 comments  •  one week ago
On Tuesday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled President Trump is not allowed to block people on his Twitter account, because the social-media page was used for “official purposes” and such a move would violate the First Amendment. Within hours, one of the far-left newcomers to Congress who has done the same thing, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., also was sued. The...
Jul 10 4:37pm @3 These liberal judges must think these ridiculous decisions only apply to Trump!
Democrats Enjoy Yelling Fire in a Crowded Theater

Democrats Enjoy Yelling Fire in a Crowded Theater

Via: Heartland American  •  5 comments  •  one week ago
Yelling FIRE in a crowded theater while knowing it is not on fire is as low as some people get. This criminal conduct makes us incensed that someone would do this knowing how dangerous it is. Sadly, for many sickos out there, they get a rise from seeing people fleeing in panic, stampeding over one another as they race toward the exit. Liberals, their Democrat ilk and the liberal media are...
Jul 10 4:36pm @2.1.1 Trump has set an example for the party - YOU FIGHT BACK!
Jul 10 8:03am @2 The left have used the word racist so recklessly and so often that the word has all but lost it's meaning. Most of it is done to get out the black vote, which has been their strongest...
Mortality and, other things

Mortality and, other things

By: Galen Marvin Ross  •  52 comments  •  2 days ago
I've been waiting to say anything about why I haven't been on as much the past month and, now it seems is the time, I have all the info I need to tell the story without any holes in it. I was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer of the throat three weeks ago and, I've been waiting to see if it was anywhere else in the old body but, I got lucky, it's only in the throat so, with radiation for the next...
Jul 10 2:00pm @5 I hope to see you right here from now on.
VISITING THE NAVAJO NATION - Native tour and photo essay

VISITING THE NAVAJO NATION - Native tour and photo essay

Via: Kavika  •  22 comments  •  one week ago
Horseshoe Bend in Paige Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. ©Tachiinii Photography Published July 9, 2019 Editor’s Note: This article was first published by . Used with permission. All rights reserved. Last week, I took a road trip back home to the   Navajo Nation  with my friend AJ. As I shared with AJ, my tribal reservation is...
Jul 10 9:18am @4.2.2 Iv'e had my share of Vegas (part of a misspent youth).  I think I'd like to see Texas. I hope there is still plenty of wide open range land full of cattle and guys in Stetson hats and plenty of...
Jul 10 8:12am @4.2 Believe it or not, I was in Farmington 3 years ago. One of only 3 places west of the Mississippi Iv'e ever been to - Farmington, Gallup and of course, Las Vegas.
Jul 10 7:24am @3 Love those Pics and those are the kind of trips I love. Don't forget I live about 2,400 miles away from all of that, so that adds to the adventure part of it. That Casino & hotel would be a...
UN Launches All-out War on Free Speech

UN Launches All-out War on Free Speech

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  46 comments  •  one week ago
UN Launches All-out War on Free Speech by   Judith Bergman , Gatestone Institute, July 10, 2019 In January, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres commissioned "a global plan of action against hate speech and hate crimes on a fast-track basis," and said that governments and institutions need "to mobilize solutions that respond to people's fears and anxieties with...
Jul 10 9:08am @7.1.5 Everything you say only bolsters my case.Thanks again.
Jul 10 9:00am @8.1.2 She dosen't sound very tolerant
Jul 10 8:36am @7.1.2 Thank you for proving what I said in Post #3.1.1.  Right on time.
Jul 10 8:19am @7 Hate Speech:  Calling millions of people Clingers & Deplorables.
Jul 10 8:07am @3.1.1 "..." Everything George Orwell wrote about has played out in this country within the last few decades!In my opinion, a lot of left wing hate speech seems to be allowed here.That's why it's...
Jul 10 7:29am @3 The term "Hate speech" is very subjective and once we hear the term being used, censorship cannot be far behind.
 Nicki Minaj cancels Saudi Arabia concert after complaints from human rights groups

Nicki Minaj cancels Saudi Arabia concert after complaints from human rights groups

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  40 comments  •  one week ago
By   Janelle Griffith Rapper Nicki Minaj said Tuesday she is pulling out of a concert in Saudi Arabia to show support for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and freedom of expression. “After careful reflection, I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest," Minaj said in a statement to NBC News. "While I want nothing more than to bring my show to...
Jul 10 7:37am @5 I must confess, Iv'e never heard of Nicki, but I don't consider her performing in Saudi Arabia to be an endorsement of what that government does. 
The Trump Economy Is Working for Everyone, But Democrats Are in Denial

The Trump Economy Is Working for Everyone, But Democrats Are in Denial

Via: Heartland American  •  42 comments  •  4 days ago
When Barack Obama speaks publicly, he often tries to take credit for the booming Trump economy . When any of the 2020 Democrats speak about the economy, you would think we were living in the Great Depression. The Democrats running for president know that if Americans perceive the economy as doing well that makes it harder for them to make the case that we need a change of leadership. So,...
Jul 09 6:51pm @1.1.12 "..." As Mussolini once said about managing Italy: It isn't tough, it's impossible!"
Jul 09 8:49am @1.1.6 "..." You mean the perceived foibles of Mr. Trump won't be rehashed any more?  Nope, I just checked the liberal media as well as other seeds here and it seems the rehashing continues! It was a...
Jul 09 8:36am @1.1.3 Yup, that's for sure!
Jul 09 8:28am @1.1.1 That's going to be a tough sell, Luther. Is that really the way democrats are going to campaign against the President?
Feuding family booted from Disneyland following brutal fight caught on film

Feuding family booted from Disneyland following brutal fight caught on film

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  107 comments  •  3 days ago
This is the happiest place on Earth? A feuding family was escorted from   Disneyland   on Saturday after getting into a violent brawl in the Toontown section of the   park . WARNING: Footage in below link contains graphic violence and language. Footage of the fight, which has amassed over 440,000 views   on YouTube , shows a man punching a woman repeatedly...
Jul 09 6:49pm @7.2.3 "..." They sure seemed that way!  So far as I know, no charges have been filed.
Jul 09 6:47pm @7.1.1 I got a feeling your'e one of the few that looks good in anything. Bermuda shorts never look good on guys, the same goes for sandals on women. To me everyone other than the kids looked a little...
Jul 09 12:38pm @7 I don't know where to start on this one. I know we lost the culture wars about 50 years ago, but look at what is going on at Disneyland of all places! Here we have people resorting to open violence...
Verlander: MLB juicing balls for more offense

Verlander: MLB juicing balls for more offense

Via: Vic Eldred  •  3 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
CLEVELAND -- American League All-Star Game starter   Justin Verlander   told ESPN on Monday that the balls used in Major League Baseball games this season are "a f---ing joke" and that he believes "100 percent" that the league has implemented juiced balls to increase offense. Verlander, 36, has allowed a major league-high 26 home runs this season. Overall, players hit 3,691 home runs in...
Jul 09 12:08pm @1 I think Verlander is 100% right on the juiced ball and beyond that, everything MLB has done to increase attendance has hurt the game.BTW Verlander will start for the American League in tonight's...
Contrary to Fake News Spin, President Trump is a Whistle-Blower Against Jeffrey Epstein, Not a Co-Conspirator

Contrary to Fake News Spin, President Trump is a Whistle-Blower Against Jeffrey Epstein, Not a Co-Conspirator

Via: Heartland American  •  70 comments  •  one week ago
The fake news is desperately trying to attach Trump to the sex criminal. Shane Trejo Jul 8, 2019 The fake news is attempting to tie President Donald Trump to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with the sex trafficking of minors on Saturday. However, the Democratic Party backer’s ties to President Trump are limited, and evidence shows that Trump has served as...
Jul 09 8:53am @6.1 Trump called Epstein a terrific guy?  Well, that's it, I guess we need to just wait for the handcuffs to be placed on the President and the swearing in of Mike Pence/Sar
Jul 09 8:41am @5.1 "..." "balanced" seems to mean partisan. Why don't we all just take a little advice from Sen Ben Sasse who said it is not a time "for people to say, ‘oh, is a Republican or Democrat going to be...
Jul 09 8:00am @4.1.1 When it comes to Donald Trump an accusation somehow equates to a conviction!
Jul 09 7:58am @2.1.2 "..." Explain that comment, please?
Jul 09 7:56am @2.2 It sounds like somebody talking about Bill Clinton. A good President, nice personality and at times a disgusting human being. Few people are simply all good or all bad. Epstein had many friends and...
AOC hits back at Pelosi for knocking far-left lawmakers who voted against border bill

AOC hits back at Pelosi for knocking far-left lawmakers who voted against border bill

Via: Vic Eldred  •  44 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Washington (CNN)Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit back at Nancy Pelosi after the House Speaker criticized her and three other far-left Democrats in Congress for voting against   a Senate measure on border funding   that President Donald Trump recently signed into law. Ocasio-Cortez argued that Democrats cannot trust the Trump administration not to divert money for humanitarian aid...
Jul 08 1:35pm @7.1 That guy obviously lives near the border. Good for him!
Jul 08 1:21pm @2.2.1 Your'e right, it's totally relevant!  It's conclusion is on the mark as well - "It will become all one thing, or all the other."That great speech as relevant then as it is now!
Jul 08 1:16pm @6.2.4 "..." Most American's favor radicals?????I must ask my Number one cougar, Kat...She says "NO, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!"
Jul 08 9:45am @6.2.1 "..." Yup, with two out of three Americans opposing impeachment:, Pelosi must dig in...
Jul 07 11:16pm @5.1.2 Internment camp?  Do tell
Jul 07 10:23pm @6.1 "..." Charlie Chan says "the Sparrow must respect the tree, the tree does not come to the Sparrow."
Jul 07 10:12pm @5.1 Yup, they're real patriots/Sar
Jul 07 10:11pm @4.1 It won't be long before they'll be calling Pelosi a damn Islamophobe!
Jul 07 8:20pm @2 Don't look now but the House dems are divided
Jul 07 8:19pm @1
Fear And Loathing At The Supreme Court — What Is Chief Justice John Roberts Up To?

Fear And Loathing At The Supreme Court — What Is Chief Justice John Roberts Up To?

Via: Vic Eldred  •  4 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
What was he thinking? That is the question many are asking on both sides of the political spectrum. Chief Justice John Roberts repeatedly voted with the Supreme Court's conservatives this term, except in one, and only one, 5-4 decision. Written by Roberts, the ruling blocked the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 census, leaving an angry President Trump desperately trying to...
Jul 08 1:11pm @2.1 I think she is next on that list. My choice as well, especially after that day when she famously pushed back against Dianne Feinstein. I also like William Pryor, a solid Conservative, who once...
Jul 08 11:56am @1 Newly elected President Trump once asked was Souter as bad as people say?  Is Roberts just as bad?  The answer came back Yes & Not Yet!President Trump was determined not to make the same...
The challenge faced by American Democracy

The challenge faced by American Democracy

By: Vic Eldred  •  50 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
The concept of a free market place of ideas holds that truth will emerge from the competition of ideas through a free & transparent public discourse. This concept has thus far served the nation well throughout it's rich history - that is up until now! Our form of democracy (a representative democracy), is in peril from an insidious political tactic known as "identity politics". Identity...
Jul 08 12:00pm @7.1.4 Absolutely right!
Jul 07 9:03pm @2.1.10 Lol....Have a good night!
Jul 07 8:29pm @2.1.8 "..." It works that way for every group, but this group now has an official moderator, it won't be me any longer.
Jul 07 7:26pm @1.3.1 "..." "Our children and grandchildren may yet curse the day we began hyping race and ethnicity. There are countries where that has led to slaughters in the streets but you cannot name a country...
Jul 07 7:13pm @7.1.1 Wouldn't that be sweet!  The dems fought so hard to change the voters and the new voters swing to the GOP!
Jul 07 1:46pm @7 On the other hand, should the GOP simply stand by it's Conservative values?"Republicans need not abandon or compromise their principles to attract Hispanic support--to the contrary, their best...
Jul 07 11:51am @1 Can the GOP convince America's big demographic to vote Republican?
  The Reds, The Blues, and The Purples          Are You What You Watch?

The Reds, The Blues, and The Purples Are You What You Watch?

Via: JohnRussell  •  10 comments  •  2 weeks ago
The Annenberg School For Communication And Journalism released the findings of a study into the television view habits of American based on attitudes toward socio-political issues.  Here is the part of the report that describes their findings about various political questions and tv viewing.    JR
Jul 08 11:39am @3.1.4 "They strongly believe that the government should help everyone achieve the American Dream. Blues tend to prioritize equality over freedom, overwhelmingly agreeing on a shared duty to help the less...
Jul 08 11:24am @3.1.2 I knew somebody would try that and that's why I said  "in a very clever way"I was careful to point out the indirect way it was done!
Jul 08 11:02am @3.1 "..." Especially when one starts out by describing one group, in a very clever way, as "more compassionate"
Jul 08 10:51am @2 I thought the analysis was both biased and flawed. The Annenberg School clearly has a view of where it stands on all this just by the descriptions of the three groups.Here is the major flaw in all...
Liberals are eating their friends as well as their enemies

Liberals are eating their friends as well as their enemies

Via: Heartland American  •  10 comments  •  2 weeks ago
With Democrats increasingly attacking each other with a vitriol they once reserved for President Trump, an anecdote involving President Lyndon Johnson fits the moment. As recounted in the riveting memoir of Joseph Califano , Johnson’s top domestic adviser, the president was meeting with civil rights leaders in the hot racial summer of 1967. Dems were sharply divided over several issues,...
Jul 08 11:30am @3.1.1 Knock on wood!
Jul 08 9:54am @3 What did Pelosi once tell her House members?  Our unity is our strength?  Well, they aren't marching in lock step anymore. Nothing is getting done in the House, except for committee hearings on all...
Bill Clinton's Billionaire Friend Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking Minors

Bill Clinton's Billionaire Friend Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking Minors

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  263 comments  •  2 days ago
For years, rumors and allegations have been making the rounds about billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. According to these accusations -- leveled at him by women and girls who say they were his victims -- Epstein has been involved in sex trafficking, especially of minors. He also, his accusers say, has held young women and girls as personal sex slaves. Although Epstein appeared to be protected by...
Jul 08 11:28am @10 It looks like he will now face the charges he should have faced in 2008. We are finally holding everyone (except for antifa) accountable!!!!
Jul 07 11:27pm @1.1.20 I don't really depend on your opinion for what is fact or fiction. Have a good night
Jul 07 7:15pm @1.1.16 "..." All too often.
Jul 07 4:15pm @1.1.9 "..." And don't forget..He never had sex with that woman!Perjury & Obstruction he did commit
European Union: Toward a European Superstate

European Union: Toward a European Superstate

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  6 comments  •  2 weeks ago
European Union: Toward a European Superstate "The EU is a Sham Democracy" by   Soeren Kern , Gatestone Institute, July 8, 2019 German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, nominated to be the next President of the European Commission, has called for the creation of a European superstate. "My aim is the United States of Europe..." she said in an interview with...
Jul 08 10:08am @4 Bureaucrats voting for bureaucrats!  What a terrible idea!
Tucker Carlson: The Modern Democrat Party Sees Racism Everywhere

Tucker Carlson: The Modern Democrat Party Sees Racism Everywhere

Via: Vic Eldred  •  15 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: The Democratic party is a diverse coalition, as they themselves will relentlessly tell you. But diversity doesn’t mean Democrats are unified. Increasingly, it means a party defined by identity politics, and that means conflict. In the Democratic party, skin color matters above all. Some colors are good. Some are colors are bad. Your worth as a person depends on what...
Jul 08 6:53am @4.1.6 "..." Apparently, it's your logic since the article was about what Don Lemon said.
Jul 07 10:26pm @4.1.4
Jul 07 10:25pm @4.1.3 You should have known it was on CNN:"There is a difference between being African American and black"NoNONONONONO........
Jul 07 10:16pm @4.1.1 I thought it was the black supremacist Don Lemon who kept claiming that Harris was not African American?
Jul 07 9:01pm @1 Tucker Carlson is a Fox News anchor and columnist.
The Social Justice Warrior’s Guide To Independence Day

The Social Justice Warrior’s Guide To Independence Day

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  143 comments  •  2 weeks ago
If you’re planning on celebrating the 4th of July, stop. Just stop. Now. While you may erroneously believe that Independence Day is a time when you should stop and reflect on the birth of the greatest nation in the world, the facts show something different: America is the most oppressive, evil, and dangerous country in the world and it does not deserve to be celebrated. If you have been...
Jul 07 11:24pm @6.1.15 "..." You mean like the Ferguson MI Police Department? Wasn't that when thug Michael Brown was supposedly shot with his hands up?  However a thourough investigation in addition to Holders Justice...
Jul 07 11:08pm @6.1.13 You mean, you don't like hearing it.
Jul 07 10:20pm @6.1.11 "..." It is huh?  Is that why he investigated Police Departments and put them under consent decrees instead of investigating cop killers?
Jul 07 4:09pm @6.1.9 "..." Social justice = retributionLike the way Eric Holder ran the Justice DepartmentAmerica it's your turn now!  Take that!
Jul 07 4:02pm @4.1.4 "..." The city where school children can pick their gender, yet can't seem to learn how to read or write and where danger can appear in an instant like a bee coming around the corner. That's what...
Poll: Trump's approval rating hits highest point of presidency

Poll: Trump's approval rating hits highest point of presidency

Via: Vic Eldred  •  22 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
President Trump 's approval rating has surged to the highest level of his presidency,   according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll .  The survey, which was released Sunday, found that 47 percent of registered voters approve of the job Trump is doing in the White House, a figure that represents a 5-point increase from April. Fifty percent of registered voters disapprove of Trump's...
Jul 07 8:24pm @4.2.2 "..." It is arguably one of the best. The longest Bull Market in history! Not quite up there with Reagan's 20 year boom!
Jul 07 8:14pm @4.1 Suddenly a Washington Post Poll is untrustworthy!
Jul 07 8:12pm @1.1.1 That's an old story...He's incorrigible!
Jul 07 7:46pm @1 As someone here said recently, It's important that the liberal media keep putting him in a negative light to hold his approval numbers down.They have been at it for 3 years. Can they beat him?
Antifa tries to disrupt ‘Demand Free Speech’ event in DC, reports say

Antifa tries to disrupt ‘Demand Free Speech’ event in DC, reports say

Via: Vic Eldred  •  7 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Members of   Antifa   clashed with police Saturday after attempting to disrupt a “Demand Free Speech” rally on Saturday in   Washington, D.C. , according to reports. Several members of the far-left group were seen trying to grab “Make America Great Again” hats off the heads of supporters of   President Trump , the Washington Times reported. Members of Black Lives Matter D.C. also...
Jul 07 9:43am @2.1 Please note Luther, it's always the non leftists that are outnumbered. Antifa did considerable damage in DC on inauguration day and a liberal judge and DC jury acquitted 6 violent rioters. That's...
Jul 07 7:04am @1 "No arrests were made, District police Chief Peter Newsham told the newspaper."You got to be kidding???   In DC, just wearing a mask is against the law, yet again America's own version of the Brown...
Democratic congresswoman secretly sending staff into Mexico to coach asylum-seekers

Democratic congresswoman secretly sending staff into Mexico to coach asylum-seekers

Via: Vic Eldred  •  47 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
A Democratic congresswoman is sending staff to Mexico’s northern border town of Ciudad Juárez to find migrants returned from El Paso, Texas, under the “remain in Mexico” policy, then coaching them to pretend they cannot speak Spanish to exploit a loophole letting them to return to the U.S. The National Border Patrol Council’s El Paso chapter and several Customs and Border Protection...
Jul 06 7:14pm @1 Liberals are doing everything they can to bring people into the country. Power resides in countering the American voter.Trump is off topicRace is off topic
Concerns over the "Equality Act"

Concerns over the "Equality Act"

By: Vic Eldred  •  8 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
This past May House democrats, led by rep David Cicilline (RI), introduced the Equality Act of 2019 (H.R. 5) to the full House for a vote where it passed by a margin of 236-173. No democrat voted against the bill, while only 8 Republicans voted for it. The bill (known in the Senate as s 788) has also been introduced to the US Senate where it has been referred to committee. The bill if passed...
Jul 06 12:13pm @2.1.1 Apparently not!
Jul 06 10:13am @4 " if I had a quarter for every gender out there?  id have 50cents."Oh, I like that!
Jul 06 9:51am @2 Crickets from the left!
Jul 06 9:40am @1 I say biological men competing as women is why this bill merits defeat!
Betsy Ross flag now decried by 2020 Dems, pundits was flown during Obama's 2nd inauguration

Betsy Ross flag now decried by 2020 Dems, pundits was flown during Obama's 2nd inauguration

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  125 comments  •  one week ago
he controversy quickly worked its way into the national political bloodstream, with some Democratic presidential candidates siding with Nike. President Trump's campaign fired back by noting the flag's otherwise broad appeal. “Democrats running for president have officially lost it. Beto & Castro strongly imply that the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of hatred. Do the rest of the Dems...
Jul 06 12:12pm @6 To suddenly discover that the Betsy Ross flag is a "racist" flag and to hear it all being said by leftist pundits in unison only hours after Colin Kaepernick found fault with it, was truly...
Trump made his critics look small during his ‘Salute to America’

Trump made his critics look small during his ‘Salute to America’

Via: Vic Eldred  •  151 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
The “Resistance” warned us that if we elected an authoritarian such as Donald Trump, eventually there would be tanks in the streets of our nation’s capital. Well, on Thursday, their predictions finally came true. I’m kidding, of course, but some on the left are not. Harvard Law professor Laurence H. Tribe tweeted a photo of tanks arriving in Washington for Trump’s “Salute to America” and...
Jul 06 11:10am @3.2.50 Not interested in his position on Obama's candidacy when he was a private citizen. I am proud of Trump, the job he is doing and the return to American prosperity and values. As for this seed it...
Jul 06 11:00am @3.2.43 "..." You may have something there. Joe Stalin would be so proud!
Jul 06 10:54am @3.2.39 I can only imagine what would happen if you did hate him!
Jul 06 10:30am @3.1.7 "..." McCarthy like tactics, which is the smearing of individuals, that being a Constitutionally elected President and the 65,844,610 people who voted for him.Do you deny that you have gone after...
Jul 06 10:20am @3.1.5 "..." In that case, you better prepare yourself for another horrible outcome. We will once again hear slime ball Lawrence O'Donnell say "America is crying tonight."  Except America dosen't really...
Jul 06 10:11am @3.1.3 There is no need for the big print John, you've said it so many times (skirting as you do) that Trump supporters like me willfully support the greatest danger to civilization in the history of...
Jul 05 6:35pm @3.1 I think you should have quit on Wednesday. To go on with it places you in company with those who refuse to admit the obvious. I guess it's a McCarthy moment. Therefore, I must say to you what...
Jul 05 5:17pm @1 We don't usually feature opinion pieces from the Washington Post via this group. It is an opinion piece by Marc Thiessen. Today I saw all of these articles by leftists doubling down on their...
Why American conservatism failed

Why American conservatism failed

Via: JohnRussell  •  21 comments  •  2 weeks ago
...Born during the industrialization of the country after the Civil War, progressivism sees society as requiring collective action undertaken by government, which can best enable individuals to flourish economically, politically and morally. This tradition, for Will, has eroded the ideals of the American founding, enervated the spirit of America and created a country that is less free, less...
Jul 06 9:57am @5.1.3 And jailed?  Who is after me?  Antifa?I hope this isn't a conspiracy theory.  No kidding?I suppose, I am to go the way of Comrade Withers, without a trace!
Jul 06 9:47am @5.1.1 Oh dear!  I saw Freeman's name posted near the top of the seeded article (the original). My mistake.Does this mean all my points become invalid?
Jul 06 8:48am @5 There are a few flaws in Mr Freeman's reasoning.Number 1 seems to be the idea that "progressive ideology" somehow gets credit for the fruits of the free enterprise system:"as progressivism rose in...
Do American Indians celebrate the 4th of July?

Do American Indians celebrate the 4th of July?

Via: 1stwarrior  •  31 comments  •  2 weeks ago
How do Native Americans observe the 4th of July? The answer is as complicated as America’s history. Perhaps the best-known passage of the the Declaration of Independence is the statement that all men are created equal. But many Native Americans also remember the signers’ grievance against the King of England: He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to...
Jul 05 6:56pm @8 Great article. I assume the founders not only put that label on Native Americans because of the land involved, but because the Indians refused to be subjugated or enslaved. There was always that...
We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis

We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis

Via: JohnRussell  •  77 comments  •  2 weeks ago
We Traced The Smears Against Kamala Harris To Obama Birthers And Neo-Nazis "Seeing the tweets declaring that Kamala isn't black enough because her parents are from Jamaica and India, I had an immediate flashback to the 2008 campaign". Posted on June 28, 2019, at 4:11 p.m. ET Drew Angerer / Getty Images Not long after Senator...
Jul 05 2:55pm @1.3 I think Harris must first worry about winning the nomination. After scoring a nice win in the first debate via Biden's expense, a reporter has since asked her "whether she supports federally...
Trump Sings Praises Of American Exceptionalism In Elaborate July 4 Salute

Trump Sings Praises Of American Exceptionalism In Elaborate July 4 Salute

Via: Heartland American  •  71 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Trump didn’t make a single political statement during his speech today and instead honored every branch of the military. CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC all refused to air it. They hate Trump more than they love this country. — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) July 4, 2019 Huge crowd, despite the earlier rain. His speech really made the leftist...
Jul 05 1:58pm @9.2.1 "..." That's a strange interpretationTrump has to make the day about the military Damn right!  Don't like it - replay Obama's apology tour and hold hands with AOC!
Jul 05 1:55pm @9.3 "..." No, I'm sorry, I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!
Jul 05 1:54pm @8.1.1 "..." Oh, is that another liberal condition?  Too bad about the haters on the left!
Jul 05 1:52pm @5.1 "..." It just a formality, they walk right into the country from there.Something about airfields in The Revolutionary War was enlightening.About as enlightening as an American President thinking...
Jul 05 1:28pm @7.1 Those are picture from the actual event. The left wing media likes photos from about 9 hours prior!
Jul 05 1:26pm @3.2 "..." Let's see they are inherently biased and have lied to the American public for about 3 years!. I guess there's no going back now, John, is there? Kind of like what happened to Newsvine and...
Jul 05 1:25pm @2.1 I don't know maybe you can find a photo of the Washington Mall from 5:AM, 2 days before the event.
Trump Now Also Wants Tanks At His Over-The-Top 4th Of July Celebration

Trump Now Also Wants Tanks At His Over-The-Top 4th Of July Celebration

Via: JohnRussell  •  139 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Trump Now Also Wants Tanks At His Over-The-Top 4th Of July Celebration President Donald Trump has been steadily bulking up the annual Fourth of July celebration on the Mall, inserting himself aggressively into the planning process and demanding military displays of strength, including a flyover by the Navy’s Blue Angels.  Now, he’s decided that he also wants...
Jul 05 1:22pm @10.3.2 No, Kicked the shit out of another leftist lie!
Jul 05 9:26am @10.3 "..." Lol, It look like he's done it again..............Well done, Mr President!
Jul 05 9:24am @9.3 "..." It looks like your concern was misplaced. Do you feel foolish now?
Jul 05 9:24am @8.1 "..." Where were all the tanks, luther?
Jul 05 9:22am @6.1.31 "..." And now after seeing the ceremony, don't you feel foolish?  I suppose admitting to that is asking a lot.Maybe you can dig up the national debt for each POTUS you named and compare that to...
Jul 05 9:15am @16.2.2 "..." It looks like you've been proved wrong!
Jul 03 4:58pm @6.1.28 "..." Oh, I see, it can't be compared to inauguration parades!  I'm used to that tactic. Here if you demand it must be a non Inaugural comparison:"Jumping back to the early days of the American...
Jul 03 11:12am @6.1.25 Can't answer it?  I think there are a lot of objective observers here who can.
Jul 03 11:10am @6.1.24 "..." What about an evil misogynist?
Jul 03 11:02am @5.1.10 "..." Because those were notable military parades. Why is everything always so technically different when a liberal does something in relation to Trump?Besides inaugurations are largely funded by...
Jul 03 10:54am @6.1.20 Based on what I see from liberals, I'd say after almost 3 years, they are still accepting!
Jul 03 10:34am @5.1.7 "..." I beg to disagree..North Korea & Iran are under the control of a mad man and a radical religious extremist.
Jul 03 10:31am @6.1.18 "..." We all agree on that one, you and I and Donald Trump.  but we have money to waste on sending military equipment and personnel for a parade.That's a legitimate argument. We waste a lot of...
Jul 03 10:11am @5.1.5 What a shock!
Jul 03 9:59am @5.1.3 Oh, So that was FDR's purpose?   Well then he failed miserably. Until the Japanese bomber Pearl Harbor, FDR couldn't convince the American people of the need to intervene in WWII. So, according to...
Jul 03 9:39am @5.1.1 And the grand military parade that FDR had for his 3rd inauguration? We had no war then, cold or hot!
Jul 03 9:21am @6.1.9 "..." I do believe he is doing a good job.Guilty, as charged!
Jul 03 8:57am @6.1.7 "..." You see me as always being on the side of the President, just as I see you as always being against whatever he does. Let's put that aside, the issue is if the President is entitled to...
Jul 03 8:25am @6.1.4 "..." I do a little better than bumper stickers. I have three things I donate to. My #1 is The American Legion.Try living in the present Vic...... Or better yet, give me an explanation on how you...
Jul 03 8:00am @6.1.2 "..." And when Defense spending was cut - you were against it, right?extravaganza puts the military on parade, which is anything but patriotic.Then why was it patriotic for JFK and Presidents...
Jul 03 7:09am @6.1 "..." Ya, It makes sense to attack it over the cost. We don't want to sound unpatriotic. 
Jul 02 5:28pm @5 Flashback: The Inauguration of JFK


Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  5 comments  •  2 weeks ago
PALESTINIANS MISSING THEIR FINAL OPPORTUNITY As the cliché goes, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. BY BARRY SHAW, JERUSALEM POST, JULY 4, 2019 A PALESTINIAN PROTESTS the Bahrain summit. (photo credit: REUTERS) As a first step in the new initiative to facilitate the divorce between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the US administration and...
Jul 05 9:35am @1.1 Until the Palestinians change their hostile attitude, nobody should be engaging in "negotiations" with them.
Why Are Free Market Conservatives Complaining About Nike?

Why Are Free Market Conservatives Complaining About Nike?

By: JohnRussell  •  88 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Nike decided, as a business decision, to recall a shoe that has the colonial "Betsy Ross" flag as an on the heel decoration It seems that Colin Kaepernick and others have prevailed on Nike that the shoe represents the era of slavery, modern day white nationalist groups, or both.  These two claims are both true, but also leave out the truth that the flag represented more than...
Jul 03 12:51pm @12.1 It's kind of strange that Nike would come out with a "Betsy Ross" sneaker....hum....Lots of publicity, a chance to gain favor with the left....I wonder?
Jul 03 12:48pm @2.1.28 "..." In other words, there are good people on either side. That sounds so oddly familiar!
Jul 03 10:51am @2.1.25 Very good.Have a good one!
Jul 03 10:43am @2.1.20 Betsy Ross is regarded along with our founding fathers as having played a role in the nation's origins. Her name and that flag shouldn't be censored. It should be part of US History as taught to...
Jul 03 10:37am @2.1.19 Actually John, I'm going full steam ahead. Tell us why certain people risk their lives when speaking at such places as UC Berkeley?
Jul 03 10:15am @2.1.16 One involves physical bondage the other thought control
Jul 03 9:50am @2.1.14 "..." Slavery was a great sin. The Constitution & the Founding of the US was one of the Great moments in the history of the world. I'm afraid we have to accept the bad with the good.That is a...
Jul 03 7:25am @2.1.10 "..." What they really did was to accept a false narrative - that Betsy Ross or the flag on the 13 original colonies had something to do with "racism". That is what one does when one conforms to...
Russian oligarch's story could spell trouble for Team Mueller

Russian oligarch's story could spell trouble for Team Mueller

Via: Vic Eldred  •  14 comments  •  3 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Sometimes it is the quiet, elusive ones who come back to haunt you. And for ex-special prosecutor   Robert Mueller , one of those might be a Russian billionaire named   Oleg Deripaska . The oligarch who once controlled Russia’s largest aluminum empire has been an international man of intrigue in the now-completed and disproven Trump   collusion investigation . Deripaska was a...
Jul 03 8:37am @6
Jul 03 7:05am @3.1 Lol, he is hated by left wing journalists but guess what John?  We have 3 investigations going involving the activities of the Intelligence agencies and Obama officials. I got a feeling John...
Jul 03 7:00am @1.1.1 Both parties are looking forward to his testimony. Liberals think it will revive their narrative and Republicans can't wait to ask questions that are sure to embarrass Mueller.
Jul 02 9:53pm @1 They were so sure that there was collusion. They put the squeeze on Manafort like nobody has been squeezed in a free country. Now it might just bite them right in the ass. 
How socialism violates all Ten Commandments

How socialism violates all Ten Commandments

Via: Heartland American  •  6 comments  •  2 weeks ago
With a couple dozen Democratic presidential hopefuls vying to see who's pinker, perhaps it's time to contrast socialism with something more helpful and permanent: The Ten Commandments. Socialism teaches that wealth should be held in common ownership, controlled by the state. Hence, the Democrats' constant push to have government confiscate ever more income and power....
Jul 03 7:28am @2.1 "..." Even less so when they have the power to govern.
Harris jumps to second in Iowa poll

Harris jumps to second in Iowa poll

Via: Vic Eldred  •  36 comments  •  3 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Sen. Kamala Harris' polling surge continued Tuesday, as a new poll of Iowa caucus-goers shows her in second place in the crucial early state. Harris only trails former Vice President Joe Biden, whom she confronted in the pivotal moment of last week's first Democratic primary debate, according to the   USA Today/Suffolk University poll in Iowa . Biden has 24 percent to Harris’ 16...
Jul 02 6:40pm @10.1.1 Now more than ever.
Jul 02 5:39pm @10 In a primary the way to victory is by attacking the front runner.  I know some think it would be wonderful to not soil one another. 
Jul 02 4:27pm @9.2.3 "..." John, only because you did the same for me once....."Trump is off topic...Post # 2
Jul 02 4:24pm @5.3 Or at least do what Mayor Pete did when hit over the head with the "racial incident" in South Bend. RACHEL MADDOW: In the last five years, civil rights activists in our country have led a national...
Jul 02 4:16pm @4.1.7 "..." He keeps back peddling & apologizing. At the time Harris had no opinion:"Harris began attending a white school in 1970 as a first-grader. Her mother would kiss her goodbye and then she...
Jul 02 4:02pm @1.2.1 "..." Good point!What surprises me is how few people vote in their local elections, which often have a greater direct impact on their lives than national elections.New York City comes to mind.
Jul 02 2:09pm @2 Donald Trump is off topic
Jul 02 2:01pm @1 I know it's very early but I always felt that Harris would eventually be the Democratic nominee. She delivered that blow to Biden cleanly and decisively. Dems don't usually vote for who they think...
Two more Oregon men left bloody after violent antifa attack at Portland protest

Two more Oregon men left bloody after violent antifa attack at Portland protest

Via: KDMichigan  •  64 comments  •  2 weeks ago
It appears that journalist Andy Ngo wasn’t the only victim of an antifa assault at Saturday’s rally in Portland, Oregon. Two Oregon men — John Blum and Adam Kelly — were mobbed and pummeled by black-masked protesters in a horrific attack that left Mr. Blum bleeding profusely from wounds to his face and skull, as shown in video shared on social media by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin and...
Jul 02 6:17pm @3.1 LMAO!  You know, Noam Chomsky said it best "antifa is a major gift to the right".
Jul 02 5:52pm @2.1.1 So you think that gays who aren't liberal get the same support as those who are?
Jul 02 5:36pm @2 I'm still waiting for the LGBT community to come out against the attack on Andy NGO
Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher found not guilty on murder and attempted murder charges

Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher found not guilty on murder and attempted murder charges

Via: Vic Eldred  •  5 comments  •  3 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
A jury found decorated Navy SEAL Edward "Eddie" Gallagher not guilty Tuesday on almost all charges he was facing, including murder and attempted murder, in the killing of an Islamic State member in Iraq. This is a developing story. Check back for updates.
Jul 02 6:11pm @1.1.1 Sure, Special Operator First Class Corey Scott was granted immunity in exchange for his truthful testimony. As long as he hasn't committed perjury he is immune from prosecution.(Scott testified he...
Jul 02 5:48pm @1 Case closed.And BTW,  the individual who confessed has immunity.
Cruz Asks DHS to Create Process for Collecting Donations to Migrants in U.S. Custody

Cruz Asks DHS to Create Process for Collecting Donations to Migrants in U.S. Custody

Via: Vic Eldred  •  1 comments  •  3 weeks ago
Senator Ted Cruz on Monday sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking for the creation of a process that would allow DHS to accept donations meant for migrants in U.S. custody. Currently, no such process for collecting a distributing privately donated aid exists, which has caused generous citizens who have offered supplies to overcrowded migrant-detention facilities to be...
Jul 02 6:00pm @1 This is the point we are at. For those who voted for democrats to the House of Representatives - It's on you!
Trump suggests homelessness is a 'phenomenon that started two years ago' in barely comprehensible interview

Trump suggests homelessness is a 'phenomenon that started two years ago' in barely comprehensible interview

Via: Tessylo  •  58 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Trump suggests homelessness is a 'phenomenon that started two years ago' in barely comprehensible interview   Emma Snaith, The Independent Donald Trump   has suggested that   homelessness   is a “phenomenon that started two...
Jul 02 1:43pm @4.1.4 "..." Are you sure? [deleted]
Jul 02 1:35pm @1.2.8 "..." Yes, but his intentions are good and he is benefiting the American people. We may disagree on the details, but I think we can agree on the state of the economy? There is no need to pretend...
Jul 02 1:26pm @1.2.7 "..." You really have your work cut out for you. [deleted]
Jul 02 1:25pm @4.1.1 They once derided General Grant for his Whiskey drinking. Abraham Lincoln responded "Can you tell me where he gets his whiskey?” “Because, if I can only find out, I will send a barrel of this...
Jul 02 1:16pm @1.2.2 Yup, Trump is spot on:It increased dramatically "about two years" in the state of CA:"A recent census found that homelessness in Sacramento County surged 30 percent between 2015 and 2017, to about...
Some People Think Ivanka Trump Is Awesome And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Isn't, Which Is Why You Shouldn't Care What People Think

Some People Think Ivanka Trump Is Awesome And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Isn't, Which Is Why You Shouldn't Care What People Think

Via: JohnRussell  •  111 comments  •  2 weeks ago
The French government posted a video this weekend of Ivanka Trump  embarrassing herself  in front of world leaders at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. It was worse than when George H.W. Bush vomited on the Japanese prime minister's lap, because no one actually elected Ivanka to puke stupidity on the global stage. Sweet Christ. Ivanka is so pathetic we'd almost feel sorry for her if she...
Jul 02 12:32pm @2.3.31 Oh really how about this: "Rev. Samuel Rodriguez was "full of indignation" when he saw the reports and heard from politicians about the deplorable and inhumane conditions for illegal immigrants at...
Jul 02 11:01am @2.5.4 I never expected "whataboutism" from you. The topic here is the random comparison of two women.
Jul 02 10:53am @2.3.26 I believe it's called "Denial Aisle"
Jul 02 10:52am @2.3.25 Yes, Sean, those are the facts.
Jul 02 10:49am @2.3.24 "..." I put my trust in those who run Homeland Security not AOC.I'm hoping that there is a investigation of the BP FB group.I'm sure the democratic House will do just that now that moderate...
Jul 02 10:40am @2.3.20 it's your turn - prove to us that migrants were forced to drink from toilets! I await your source/proof. I won't...
Jul 02 10:30am @2.2.12 "..." How?
Jul 02 10:26am @2.3.16 "..." It don't work that way. Cortez made the claim, she needs to prove it!I just showed you what she claims is drinking from a toilet!
Jul 02 10:25am @2.3.15 According to the New York Post.. "The 29-year-old freshman congresswoman posted photos and videos on Instagram showing the apparently “terrifying” contraption at work in her swanky DC apartment...
Jul 02 10:15am @2.3.12 She also got three Pinocchios awarded to her by none other than The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler.
Jul 02 10:05am @2.3.10 "..." Maybe cunning could be added to her list of attributes. Recently she claimed that illegal aliens detained in detention centers were forced to drink from toilets.Does anyone know what she...
Jul 02 9:20am @2.5.2 The latest is that migrants in detention centers are drinking toilet water!
Jul 02 9:19am @3.1.7 Welcome back
Jul 01 7:26pm @4.1.2 You are very fortunate.
Jul 01 7:24pm @3.1.5 He's an amazing man.
Jul 01 5:54pm @4.1 Yup, AOC was elected, just like Marion Barry!
Jul 01 5:38pm @3.1.3 You obviously don't care about a great economy or American sovereignty. You really think that how he sounds is that important?  I'm starting to think you just like liberal policies. We aren't going...
Jul 01 4:11pm @3.1.1 For somebody that takes exception to the way the President talks, you seem to like the talk coming from the other direction.
Jul 01 4:01pm @3 "Again, for the stupid people watching Fox News in the back, Ocasio-Cortez studied international relations and economics at Boston University. She interned in the immigration office of Senator Ted...
Islam, Terrorism and Censorship - a Review of a Book Review

Islam, Terrorism and Censorship - a Review of a Book Review

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  6 comments  •  3 weeks ago
Recently I read a book review by Janet Levy. It was about author and Leiden University jurisprudance professor Paul Cliteur's newest book, which refers to a 32 year old German television comedy skit that apparently caused protests by Muslims. Dutch comedian Rudi Carrell was involved, and that marked the beginning of extremely violent protests. As Janet Levy wrote: "Now characteriz[ing] the...
Jul 02 12:25pm @1.1.4 They are very good at what George Orwell defined as "Newspeak"!
Jul 02 8:52am @1.1.2 YES!
Jul 02 8:34am @1.1 Good article, though it seems so oddly familiar. We see how charges of "Islamophobia" have protected Muslim elected officials in the US from criticism from anti-Semetic statements. I think we can...
Libs vandalize Chick-fil-A during gay pride parade, ignore beating of gay conservative

Libs vandalize Chick-fil-A during gay pride parade, ignore beating of gay conservative

Via: Heartland American  •  47 comments  •  2 weeks ago
The “Tolerant Left” strikes again. This time, gay liberals vandalized a  Chick-fil-A restaurant in Manhattan during a gay pride parade in New York yesterday. Vandals scrawled “F**k haters” across the restaurant’s window and covered it with a cross-shaped pink tape bearing the same obscene language. Ironically, this show of hatred occurred during the NYC gay pride parade, whose purpose...
Jul 02 10:57am @3.2.2 You mean like Trump conspiring with Russia or Obamacare would never be used for illegal aliens (Isn't that when rep Joe Wilson famously yelled out "You lie") ?
Jul 02 8:37am @3 The animals among us!
Question For Independents : Are You Considering Voting For Donald Trump In 2020?

Question For Independents : Are You Considering Voting For Donald Trump In 2020?

By: JohnRussell  •  137 comments  •  one week ago
The question is really only for independents, but anyone can comment.  ========================================================= The basis for this question is something I heard on a news show today, the gist of which is  -  the Trump re-election campaign has already decided that their only hope of winning is to make the Democratic nominee seem worse than Trump.  Personally, I...
Jul 02 10:34am @15.1 "..." May I ask when?
Jul 02 9:37am @7.1.7 deleted for context
Jul 02 9:25am @7.1.6 deleted for context
Jul 02 9:18am @5.1.14 [deleted]
Jul 02 9:14am @7.1.4 deleted for context
Jul 02 8:51am @3.1.1 Spoken like a true "Independent"!
Jul 02 8:46am @7.1.2 deleted for context
Jul 02 8:45am @5.1.12 What out who you call a troll
Jul 02 8:44am @5.1.11 "..." Well, If you took the time to read the first line of the article, you might actually know that aside from the independent requirement of answering the question, anyone may comment.Or will...
Jul 01 8:02pm @11.1.2 "..." It's not?  I would ask you what will happen next, but the President is about to sit down with Tucker Carlson. I'll check back. Have a good night.
Jul 01 6:39pm @4.1.5 For that, I always look to you.
Jul 01 6:25pm @4.1.3 "..." Under the theory that somebody raised the prospect of her running again. I didn't initiate it.
Jul 01 6:23pm @9.1 Is that a rude dishonest tactic?
Jul 01 6:19pm @7.1 You never know...LA had to remove over a million illegitimate voters from their voter rolls. 
Jul 01 6:16pm @5.1.7 I take you at your word Sandra.Many pardons
Jul 01 6:08pm @5.1.5 "..." As Number One son keeps reminding me!
Jul 01 5:52pm @5.1.3 Haha.....That's right, your'e an "Independent" not in northern Virginia, but "north western" Virginia!As Charlie Chan used to say "So sorry!
Jul 01 5:47pm @5.1 The question was only for Independents
Jul 01 5:42pm @4.1.1 removed for context
Jul 01 5:42pm @4.1 removed for context
Jul 01 5:34pm @3 Even democrats know that little seed isn't true. Liberals still have identity politics going for them, but they lost the independents. Nope, democrats are in for another good beating. 
Michael Knowles on Antifa attack on conservative journalist: Media, politicians largely turning a blind eye

Michael Knowles on Antifa attack on conservative journalist: Media, politicians largely turning a blind eye

Via: Vic Eldred  •  71 comments  •  3 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
A   confrontation between far right and left-wing groups   in Portland resulted in an attack on conservative journalist Andy Ngo, and political commentator Michael Knowles said Monday that politicians and the media are intentionally ignoring the issue. Ngo, who writes regularly about Antifa, was at a rally held by the Proud Boys, which faced counter-protesting from Antifa. Video from the...
Jul 02 8:15am @1.1.11 Wearing a mask in DC is illegal but the few who were apprehended (6) for rioting were acquitted by what I guess we could call "a jury of their fuckin' peers"
Jul 01 8:58pm @1.1.8 "..." You mean he's a member of antifa?Come to think of it, I think that explains everything!
Jul 01 7:42pm @8.1.1 That won't do.
Jul 01 7:41pm @10 The FBI have designated Antifa as a ‘domestic terrorist organization’ – following in the footsteps of the DHS who declared the same earlier in...
Jul 01 7:36pm @9 What a difference a year made for Joseph Alcoff. On Monday, the 37-year-old has a court date in connection with charges he’s facing in Philadelphia that include aggravated assault and ethnic...
Jul 01 7:34pm @8 The FBI is investigating a supposed radical far-left Antifa plot to “stage an armed rebellion” and “disrupt U.S. law enforcement and military security operations at the US/Mexican border.” Word of...
Jul 01 7:33pm @7 Anarchists in Portland, Oregon, flooded the office of a local lawyer representing officers of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency in an effort to intimidate him. The city...
Jul 01 7:22pm @3.1.11 Clearly, it is they who are the "fascists", as the term is used in the US.
Jul 01 6:37pm @6.1.10 "..." Yup, they've sowed up a lot of groups. Unfortunately, they alienated the biggest one.
Jul 01 6:12pm @6.1.8 "..." I think it's a bit more serious than that. There's that word again!
Jul 01 5:39pm @3.1.9 Interesting!
Jul 01 5:26pm @1.1.5 "..." The cops stood there while the mob pummeled that poor soul. Remember last year when antifa stopped traffic in Portland, as if given Police powers. Mayor Ted Wheeler allowed all of that too!...
Jul 01 5:20pm @6.1.5 All day Iv'e listened to the forced condemnations from the left, all containing the word but.  As I'm typing I just heard Juan Williams do it.
Jul 01 5:18pm @6.1.4 "..." Like when Trump is sarcastic or joking!
Jul 01 4:06pm @6.1 "..." Really?
Jul 01 3:11pm @1.2.1 "..." Hum... I really don't understand why antifa would attack an alt-right journalist.Alt-right?  Are you sure?Are they to be attacked?I suspect n'er do wells disguised as antifa may be the...
Jul 01 3:06pm @1.1.3 "..." This incident can't be discussed without bringing in other incidents?Again, I completely condemn the attack by the anarchists who call themselves "Antifa". Much appreciated.They are a...
Jul 01 1:56pm @5.1 So nobody can prove who did what.
Jul 01 1:55pm @3.1.6 Ok John.
Jul 01 1:54pm @3.1.5 I see
Jul 01 12:40pm @3.1.2 I'm not trying to imply anything, but may I ask what your screen name means?
Jul 01 12:34pm @3.1 "..." Not a thing - A terrorist organization
Jul 01 12:25pm @2.1 "..." We would be seeing the pictures non-stop, maybe a few here adopting a victim's photo as their avatar!
Jul 01 11:54am @1 America's own version of the "Brown Shirts" in action. Cowards that they are, they wear masks much like the Klan once did. Beyond the violence may be the complicit aid of a liberal Mayor? Why did...
ProPublica report finds Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and migrants targeted in racist, lewd posts on secret CBP agent Facebook group

ProPublica report finds Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and migrants targeted in racist, lewd posts on secret CBP agent Facebook group

Via: JohnRussell  •  58 comments  •  2 weeks ago
The posts on the private group, which says it is for current and former Border Patrol agents, included caustic remarks about the deaths of migrants, sexually explicit images edited to include Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and xenophobic asides and comments, Federal officials are investigating whether agents participated in a private Facebook group for Border Patrol employees that hosted...
Jul 01 9:11pm @4 Should this be on Meta? Propublica October 23, 2016 LEFT-CENTER BIAS These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias.  They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded...
Op/Ed: Democrats and Trump Go “All In” on Immigration

Op/Ed: Democrats and Trump Go “All In” on Immigration

Via: Vic Eldred  •  6 comments  •  3 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Below is my column on last week’s major developments on immigration and their implications for the 2020 election. Here is the column: If politics were poker, this week represents the moment  President Trump  and his opponents both went all in on immigration. The Supreme Court granted a wish for Trump by accepting a challenge to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created...
Jul 01 5:29pm @1.1.2 "..." Confused huh?  By my statement I'm saying that democrats have finally come clean. We suspected they believed in open borders and now they all swear to it! I'm so glad. I can't wait for the...
Jul 01 3:53pm @1 We finally got the truth from democrats. It's who they are!
Summing up the Summit

Summing up the Summit

By: Vic Eldred  •  52 comments  •  3 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Last week the President left for what was perhaps the most consequential trip of his Presidency. The 2019 G20 Summit was the fourteenth meeting of what is supposedly 20 key economies (the EU counting as one). This year the event was held in Osaka Japan on the 28th and 29th of June. The topics ranged from the global economy to the environment. Nineteen of the G20 members pledged their...
Jul 01 12:22pm @9.1 "..." Then it was a great choice, since the outgoing President told him it would be his greatest problem as North Korea threatened all it's neighbors, as well as and in particular the US.The only...
Jul 01 11:58am @8.1.1 Just Nuke em?  I hear ya.
Jul 01 11:57am @8.2 The other option to sanctions & diplomacy is what?
Jul 01 11:06am @5.2.3 "At least one foreign-policy expert said he traces North Korea’s current saber-rattling to a nuclear deal made two decades ago by President Bill Clinton. On Oct. 18, 1994, Clinton approved a plan...
Jul 01 11:03am @1.2.1 Your liberal talking points are duly noted. Environmentalism was not a priority of the President's at the G20 summit. If that is what you want to discuss, there are many other places to discuss it.
Jul 01 10:57am @5.2.2 When you talk about giving away the farm to North Korea, you are talking about the Clinton policy
Jul 01 9:02am @7 John Bolton @AmbJohnBolton "I read this NYT story with curiosity. Neither the NSC staff nor I have discussed or heard of any desire to “settle for a nuclear freeze by NK.” This was...
Jul 01 6:48am @6.2 "..." Ah, If only you could!
Jul 01 6:47am @5.2 "..." That would be Bill Clinton.the dem debates upstaged his G20 meetingHow is that?
Jul 01 6:42am @3.2.5 Nice pic Buzz. Have you become proficient with chop sticks?
Jul 01 6:39am @2.2.1 May he never be cancelled!
Jul 01 6:39am @2.3 The show will continue tonight when the President sits down for an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News at 8:PM EST
Jul 01 6:36am @1.1.2 Those were my thoughts on the summit
Op/Ed New Study Finds 2 In 3 “Hate Crimes” Are Hoaxes…

Op/Ed New Study Finds 2 In 3 “Hate Crimes” Are Hoaxes…

Via: †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh  •  211 comments  •  6 days ago
Shocker. Via   WSJ : …Mr. Reilly eventually compiled a database of 346 hate-crime allegations and determined that less than a third were genuine. Turning his attention to the hoaxes, he put together a data set of more than 400 confirmed cases of fake allegations that were reported to authorities between 2010 and 2017. He allows that the exact number of false reports is probably...
Jul 01 11:15am @1.1.16 "..." What did they say and not say?"On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released hate crime data for last year. The main finding, which appears in the headlines of several news...
Jul 01 6:52am @1.1.12 So says you and Jussie.  I prefer my own eyes.
“Medicare for All” is Bad Law, Bad Philosophy, and Bad News

“Medicare for All” is Bad Law, Bad Philosophy, and Bad News

Via: Heartland American  •  19 comments  •  3 weeks ago
Humanity much prefers good news to bad.  That is why national politicians – hoping to get credit for largesse – embroider legislation with happy-sounding names.  Often, ugly realities hide within. “Medicare for all” is one such example.  The very idea of giving away quality care for nothing and paid by nobody, puts one in mind of Alexander de Tocqueville.  “The American Republic will...
Jul 01 8:52am @2 Good article. AMAC is the counter organization to AARP, I need to switch over.What Sanders and others are proposing is the worst of all worlds. Government sponsored single payer health care...