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Opinion: How the far right spread politically convenient lies about the Notre Dame fire

Opinion: How the far right spread politically convenient lies about the Notre Dame fire

Via: JohnRussell  •  33 comments  •  14 minutes ago
OREGONLIVE.COM › Washington Post Opinion: How the far right spread politically convenient lies about the Notre Dame fire APRIL 16, 2019 Debris are seen inside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Firefighters declared success Tuesday in a more than 12-hour battle to extinguish an inferno engulfing Paris' iconic Notre Dame cathedral...
Apr 18 4:27pm @3.2.8 "..." Nor you either
Apr 18 8:44am @3.2.5 "..." But, then you'd have nothing to be angry about....or would you?
Apr 18 8:43am @3.2.4 "..." Why?  Dosen't he have 1st Amendment rights?  Don't you believe in that?
Apr 17 9:01pm @6.1 BINGO!!!
Apr 17 8:02pm @3.2.1 Ya, he draws criticism for breathing too!
Apr 17 9:01am @5.1 And for that reasonable commentary, Shapiro gets tossed in with Alex Jones & Katie Hopkins?  Oh, wait now I get it...The Post is smearing people again!
Apr 16 6:12pm @4 So now we have the Washington Post making a list of bloggers and crack pots from social media to support that ridiculous title. By it's own admission; "While baseless, racist conspiracy-peddling is...
Opinion :    "Mueller Report" will result in new investigations in Congress

Opinion : "Mueller Report" will result in new investigations in Congress

By: JohnRussell  •  103 comments  •  12 seconds ago
Analysts are going through the now released Mueller Report.  There is more than enough in there to trigger investigations in Congress.   The report specifically states that the prosecutors were not able to conclude that Trump did not obstruct justice.  It also shows that Mueller's team was not able to acquire sufficient evidence about various topics because witnesses were not...
Apr 18 4:25pm @2.2.8 Really?  I got the impression 1st was female?
Apr 18 4:24pm @2.2.7 "..." Use yourself as an example. Could any comment you read on facebook change your vote over to Trump?  Be real!  Do you think anybody could ever convince me to vote for a democrat?
Apr 18 4:20pm @1.1.8 Mueller had all the force of the US government to make his case. He spent over two years and as of yet untold millions after other investigations, yet came up with not a single conviction of a...
Apr 18 4:01pm @3.1.5 "..." Can congress prosecute?
Apr 18 3:59pm @2.2.4 "..." First of all 1st is a she. Second of all Facebook has claimed to have eliminated such accounts. Beyond that, I don't think there is a single human being who was influenced by that so called...
Apr 18 3:55pm @2.2.3 "..." She probably actually read some of it. You are the one who most likely "heard" about it and most likely from CNN & MSNBC
Apr 18 3:54pm @2.1.1 "..." It was a hoax in all manner, right from the start with no criminal pretext and Mueller unlawfully leading any such investigation.
Apr 18 3:53pm @1.1.3 "..." And Iv'e been saying that progressive ideology is a cancer to our nation.
Apr 18 3:50pm @1.2 "I see calls for impeachment hearings forthcoming virtually immediately. Then I have but one question. Do you recall what Nancy Pelosi said about impeachment?"Impeachment is so divisive to the...
New Hampshire lawmakers vote to repeal death penalty with veto-proof majority

New Hampshire lawmakers vote to repeal death penalty with veto-proof majority

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  177 comments  •  an hour ago
By   Savannah Smith The New Hampshire Senate voted Thursday to repeal the death penalty with a veto-proof majority, setting the stage for the state to become the latest to outlaw capital punishment. The 17-6 vote comes more than a month after the state House of Representatives passed the repeal bill with its own two-thirds, veto-proof majority. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who...
Apr 18 4:04pm @2.3.97 I'm always careful to do the same. So why do we have the sweeping generalization rule, if all we have to do is insert the word "some"?
Apr 18 1:04pm @2.5.1 "..." You are so right. I know your'e a local. What amazes me is how people end up demanding the same system that they are fleeing.
Apr 18 12:59pm @2.3.94 "..." I don't ever have to do that. Sandy has admitted what is obvious to all.Others do it intentionally, because they're more interested in "winning the argument" than in "getting to the...
Apr 18 12:56pm @2.3.93 It's not the quoting. Dare I say it again....It's the non-believer quoting from a Book they don't believe in to call out religious people they don't like. When I see somebody do that, I go right...
Apr 18 12:54pm @2.3.92 "..." Then you admit it!  Why are we going in circles?Your sweeping generalization that people of faith (or as you specify -Christians) are hypocrites is wrong and unjust.
Apr 17 10:21pm @2.3.88 Good night Sandy
Apr 17 10:18pm @2.3.87 Then what on earth did it relate to? Was it a personal attack on me?Skirting the code, maybe?Just a random thought?
Apr 17 9:31pm @2.3.85 And you also added: "Jesus hated a hypocrite."You said that!
Apr 17 9:01pm @2.3.83 "..." No, Not even when somebody makes the sweeping generalization that people of faith are hypocrites?
Apr 17 7:56pm @2.3.81 "..." You finally got it?You're a man of contradictions, Vic.And why would that be a contradiction to oppose unbridled hate?
Apr 17 12:23pm @2.3.79 "..." There is a tremendous difference between a secularist and an agnosticAnd I told you that Trout is a woman so that you can address her as such, rather than using male pronouns.  I don't know...
Apr 17 10:59am @2.3.77 "..." How many times does one have to describe themselves.  If I was religious, I would be proud of it. I am not and have stated it in various articles & seeds on numerous occasions.And Trout...
Apr 17 7:23am @2.3.74 He said he thought of me as a "nice Christian man". I said I generally am (meaning nice). The Bible hasn't been my moral guide since I was about 10 years old and even then I have my doubts about...
Apr 16 7:03pm @2.3.71 "..." WHERE?And it is not projection for me to point out that you're setting rules (no quoting the Bible) for usThat's right! Don't you ever preach to others!
Apr 16 5:31pm @2.3.69 As Felix Cavaliere used to say I'm "groovin"
Apr 16 2:03pm @2.3.66 Already making your plea? - to me?  
Apr 16 1:59pm @2.3.63 "..." Lol, Oh, but I'm sure you do!
Apr 16 1:48pm @2.3.60 Generally I am. I have my limits. [deleted]
Apr 16 1:46pm @2.4.22 So tell us, why he brought up Pence?
Apr 16 1:34pm @2.3.58 [deleted]
Apr 16 1:31pm @2.4.20 It's called the Pete Buttigieg argument. (A strawman argument on steroids).   See you attack something or someone who never attacked you to inject some narrative. In the case of Buttigieg, he is...
Apr 16 1:25pm @2.3.56 "It's who we are!"
Apr 16 1:23pm @2.3.55 "..." If you get to quote scripture, I get to quote progressive icons (sort of your Bible), how about "Turn on, tune in, drop out" ?You're trying to impose rules on others that you're insisting...
Apr 16 8:09am @2.3.52 "..." And I'll point out the evil in progressive ideology, and I don't need to try and shame those who have none!
Apr 16 8:07am @2.3.51 The moral imperative of Woodstock was "If it feels good, do it", Sandy
Apr 16 8:04am @2.4.18 They can really twist words. "Find" gets replaced with "hack" and is repeated by the left a million times....until people believe it!
Apr 16 8:01am @2.4.17 "..." And some innocent human being paid for it with their life
Apr 16 7:59am @2.4.16 "..." No, not even a guard or a fellow prisoner...It dosen't happen?
Apr 16 7:58am @2.4.15 That would be too much common sense. I let them spew so the objective reader of these little discussions gets to see what the nation is up against.
Apr 15 6:02pm @2.3.46 "..." Hitler was honest in "Mein Kampf"!  He told everyone exactly what he wanted to do & why..... So which would you prefer?
Apr 15 6:01pm @2.3.45 "..." You got it backwards. Remember when the Little Sisters of the Poor faced a lawsuit?"The Supreme Court issued its long-awaited ruling on Monday in the consolidated challenge to Obamacare’s...
Apr 15 5:55pm @2.4.7 Just about everything. If Horton was executed, he wouldn't have killed again, would he?
Apr 15 5:54pm @2.3.44 "..." And the secularist elite just does whatever feels good. Sorry, you simply have no moral standing to tell others what is right or wrong.
Apr 15 5:49pm @2.3.43 "..." They better not dare, but surely you know that speech is being denied at the nation's universities?  You don't?  Here: "The University of California at Los Angeles Higher Education...
Apr 15 5:29pm @2.4.5 "..." Do you remember what destroyed the candidacy of Michael Dukakis? Bernard Shaw asked him, during a debate, "If your wife (Kitty) were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death...
Apr 14 7:45pm @2.3.38 "..." It's like me reminding progressives about civil liberties. Do you remember when liberals used to believe in that?  What happened to things like freedom of speech?Which Christian sect do you...
Apr 13 11:19am @2.3.34 Are we down to smearing religious people as hypocrites?  Let's assume they were...I'd prefer a hypocrite to a forthright progressive any day!
Apr 13 8:02am @2.3.31 "..." And if you are not a Christian, you shouldn't be quoting the Bible to others.There is no rational reason to support the death penalty because it is simply about revenge.  Revenge is best...
Apr 13 7:54am @2.4.3 I'm not arguing that it is a deterrent.
Apr 12 8:10pm @2.3.29 "..." You mean that they have a religion and follow it's rules?
Apr 12 8:08pm @2.4.1 "..." My personal opinion is that those who murder the innocent us must be executed. 
Apr 12 8:05pm @2.3.28 "..." Neither do I. I don't think any of them consider themselves that, but I am convinced that most think they have been blamed for all the discriminatory acts of history. They will now vote...
Apr 12 12:57pm @2.3.22 "..." I'd like to know what upsets you about them. Do tell...Can you smell them at Walmart???
Apr 12 12:56pm @2.3.21 "..." Actually, I'm bitching about the uprooting of an entire class of people - the working class. You know, the deplorables!
Apr 12 12:54pm @2.3.19 In what way?
Apr 12 12:46pm @2.3.16 "..." Why?
Apr 12 12:46pm @2.3.15 You may have that backwards, but your'e entitled
Apr 12 12:36pm @2.3.11 You may want to direct that to Trout. 
Apr 12 11:57am @2.3.9 I thought you were trying to trash the state? No?
Apr 12 11:44am @2.3.7 "..." Did I upset you?
Apr 12 11:43am @2.3.6 "..." You also have beautiful Oaklawn Park and a nasty trailer park in North Little Rock, where I had to scare some thug out of killing his x
Apr 12 11:05am @2.3.3 The blue voters still residing in MA are mainly very comfortable professional types. Good luck getting them out to Arkansas.
Apr 12 10:24am @2.3.1 "..." I think you, like Lady in Black, may have missed the point. There is a big difference between people moving because they want to and moving because they have to.
Apr 12 10:23am @2.2.1 "..." Good point. Others can't allow for monsters to live
Apr 12 7:35am @2.1.1 Thanks for the bulletin
Apr 12 7:07am @2 "Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who previously threatened to veto the measure, said Thursday that he remains opposed to repeal."For those who didn't grow up in New England, this is the state that...
What To Expect From Democrats When Mueller’s Report Drops Thursday

What To Expect From Democrats When Mueller’s Report Drops Thursday

Via: Vic Eldred  •  169 comments  •  4 hours ago  •  LOCKED
You know the moment in a really suspenseful movie when That Thing happens and everyone in the theater simultaneously realizes that nothing will ever be the same? Everything slows down. The camera focuses on a face, or an object. Birds suddenly take flight. Characters turn to each other, their expressions changing in slow motion from light-hearted to tense, sensing danger. Eyes widen. A...
Apr 18 12:50pm @25 Be back later
Apr 18 12:47pm @23.1.12 Removed for context
Apr 18 12:46pm @23.1.11 Back to the den?
Apr 18 12:45pm @23.1.9 That's a tough question I know. Take your time
Apr 18 12:43pm @23.1.6 That's not what was said. Are you happy that nobody conspired against this country or are you not?Let's see what YOUR values are!
Apr 18 12:41pm @23.1.5 You mean he dosen't share your progressive values?   Some consider that an oxymoron
Apr 18 12:38pm @23.1.2 I'd say so!  They are more interested in destroying Trump. Did they ever care about America?
Apr 18 12:37pm @24.1 Don't you think this seed has run it's course?  The Report is out
Apr 18 12:36pm @20.3.20 John, do you remember when you said you didn't think there was collusion, but you didn't care, you just wanted him out?Hold on John, Laura Ingraham is checking in
Apr 18 12:34pm @20.3.19 John?
Apr 18 12:33pm @23.1 Oh ok, Tess, we got it. You wish someone did betray the nation!
Apr 18 12:32pm @20.3.17 John, please give us the facts
Apr 18 12:30pm @20.3.15 At this point, we have to admit, the left does not accept truth or facts.  That is the biggest lesson here.
Apr 18 12:29pm @22 Before I wrap this up, I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all grateful that nobody in the Trump campaign or the Trump administration conspired with Russia.Thank you all
Apr 18 12:25pm @20.3.13 John?
Apr 18 12:24pm @20.3.12 "..." After what, specifically?
Apr 18 12:17pm @20.3.11 "..." You did?  That's incredible!No way it will die down now after this. Nope, apparently not!There is more chance he will be impeached than there was yesterday. And when can we expect that?
Apr 18 12:10pm @20.3.8 John, I'm glad your'e up & around. What will Nadler do next?
Apr 18 11:58am @21 Page 27 & 28 has a Russian being interviewed about the Dossier and its credibility.
Apr 18 11:56am @20.1.5 What color is the world you reside in?
Apr 18 11:55am @20.3.5 If you think they're grumpy now wait until the IG Report is released!
Apr 18 11:48am @20.3.2 I'm happy for ya
Apr 18 11:47am @20.2.1 For now those who can calm themselves enough to read will be focused on Volume 2 (obstruction)...There are 10 issues listed there. We will be hearing all about that later today!
Apr 18 11:45am @20.1.1 "..." That would be every fuckin page!
Apr 18 11:45am @20.3 Lol, no. This is what youv'e been waiting for...right?
Apr 18 11:43am @16.1.3 A complete lack of trust and zero message doomed her chances
Apr 18 11:30am @19 Here's an interesting page:
Apr 18 11:29am @16.1.1 You have the report now. Satisfied?
Apr 18 11:28am @18.1
Apr 18 11:27am @18
Apr 18 11:27am @17.1.2
Apr 18 11:26am @17.1.1
Apr 18 11:25am @17.1
Apr 18 11:24am @17 Welcome
Apr 18 11:09am @14.1.1 and 0 had to do with Russian collusion
Apr 18 11:06am @15 It's up
Apr 18 10:56am @14 Now our attention will turn to Nadler's circusThe final work of Robert Mueller: Time: 22 months (or 675 days). The Justice Department appointed Mueller on May 17, 2017. The investigation ended on...
Apr 18 10:51am @2.1.14 It will be on the DOJ website soon
Apr 18 9:14am @10.1 "..." The reason for that is - THEYR'E ALREADY SAYING IT!
Apr 18 9:05am @2.1.12 25 minutes from the truth. Are you ready Tess?It's been a long road hasn't it?
Apr 18 8:48am @2.1.10 Like I keep telling you, it's not a summary and it contains Mueller's own words.Are you ready Tess?    40 minutes and we hear from Barr.  I'll be tuned in... Chris Wallace, Bret Beir and Ms Martha...
Apr 18 8:35am @8.1 "..." He will be back to do just that
Apr 18 8:34am @6.2.9 "..." Oh, now they don't need the report!
Apr 17 10:00pm @3.2.2 "..." Has it been that long? Wow He wants to give us all a final dose of bullshit before it hits the fan.Yup, after that report is released, they'll nail the AG for perjury. Just wait and see!
Apr 17 9:58pm @3.1.4 "..." That wasn't her fault. Bill Clinton walked on to her plane. It happens to me whenever I travel. They discussed grandkids, had a few laughs and each went their own way. How can anybody take...
Apr 17 9:54pm @2.1.4 "..." Can you wait another 12 hours?  Your'e so close on this one!
Apr 17 9:53pm @1.1.3 "..." Well, Hillary might just be put through something similar. We shall see. We'd be in impeachment hearings by now if this were turned. Stay tuned, things are turningWe can see by the behavior...
Apr 17 9:42pm @4.2.1 Like John says, Mueller didn't mean for the legal system or the Department of Justice to decide, he wants congress to decide.
Apr 17 8:57pm @4.1 "..." You should at least address your response to me. No, you aren't going to listen to reason. You have listened to far too many self satisfying bombshell reports on CNN & MSNBC from those...
Apr 17 8:37pm @3.1.2 "..." John, you do realize that if the Special Counsel can't prove something he is not supposed to say "we had this but couldn't prove it"?  You do know that is against DOJ guidelines? That is...
Apr 17 8:21pm @1.1.1 "..." Wrong. He and Mueller and Rosenstein have to go through it and make redactions.He has shown himself as AG for Trump, not AG for the USA.No, he's not a hack like Holder and Lynch This whole...
Apr 17 8:18pm @2.1.2 "..." You mean like Schiff should have done when he claimed he had evidence of collusion.Btw, prove your bogus claim that Nunes fed the White House classified info
Apr 17 8:16pm @3.1 "..." Obviously, they couldn't prove obstruction and if all they had was the firing of Comey, it's no wonder. 2. Why is Barr holding a press conference about the report 90 minutes before anyone...
Apr 17 8:08pm @2.1 There is a silver lining. We all learn a lot. Nunes gets info pertaining to how the investigations began. The President gets an idea on who were disloyal and wanted him ousted. They play politics,...
Apr 17 7:43pm @1 "Remember that Mueller himself (and his team) is participating in the redaction process."
Former Congressman Keith Ellison: Trump’s Attacks on Ilhan Omar Are ‘Violent Incitement’

Former Congressman Keith Ellison: Trump’s Attacks on Ilhan Omar Are ‘Violent Incitement’

Via: Tessylo  •  7 comments  •  2 hours ago
U.S. Former Congressman Keith Ellison: Trump’s Attacks on Ilhan Omar Are ‘Violent Incitement’   By (Sam Brodey), The Daily Beast   15 hours ago   Win McNamee Former congressman Keith Ellison has a theory for why President Donald Trump is working to make Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) public enemy number...
Apr 18 10:50am @1.1 [Removed]
Washington Post Columnist Declares ‘Fox News Has Been Right All Along’

Washington Post Columnist Declares ‘Fox News Has Been Right All Along’

Via: Vic Eldred  •  39 comments  •  8 hours ago  •  LOCKED
For more than two years, people in the “mainstream media” have relentlessly hammered President Trump and his allies with accusations of colluding with Russia during the 2016 election, which Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton was supposed to win in a landslide. But once a letter from Attorney General Bill Barr revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation found no evidence of...
Apr 18 9:16am @1.1.5 I think I'll have a Biscotti with this. Do you know what a Biscotti is John?
Apr 18 9:08am @1.1.4 All the dems eyes will be searching for the word "obstruction". It's funny when you think about it. The President provided an unprecedented level of co-operation. Yet they tried to find something.
Apr 18 8:58am @1.1.3 The truth will be hitting the fan in about 30 minutes from now. I have my morning coffee and I'll have the services of Chris Wallace, Brett Baier and the exquisite Martha MacCallum.  Are you...
Apr 18 8:46am @7.1.3 Unfortunately, everything you believe isn't necessarily truth, nor is everything you don't like to hear necessarily a crock
Apr 18 8:39am @7.1.1 Haven't heard?  I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the IG is already investigating the intelligence officials who launched investigations of Trump and other American citizens. He has...
Apr 18 8:24am @7 Today's political theatrics will be the collusion truthers last hurrah! So as Nadler & co try and distort, lie and eventually leak, let's all take a breather before the REAL investigation takes...
Apr 18 8:16am @3.2 "..." Um hum..
Apr 18 8:14am @2.1.8 That wasn't a summary
Apr 18 8:13am @2.1.7 And after he tells you what you don't want to hear, then what?
Apr 18 8:11am @1.1.1 I can't get anymore free Post stories. Do you have any idea where this story was placed?
Apr 17 10:14pm @1 The Washington Post is finally coming around
Many Aren't Exonerating Trump in Russia Probe

Many Aren't Exonerating Trump in Russia Probe

Via: JohnRussell  •  42 comments  •  18 hours ago
WASHINGTON —  Many Americans aren't ready to clear President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation, with a new poll showing slightly more want Congress to keep investigating than to set aside its probes after a special counsel's report left open the question of whether he broke the law. About 6 in 10 continue to believe the president obstructed justice. The poll by The...
Apr 17 9:44pm @1.3.4 "..." What would that be? To lynch Trump?
Apr 17 9:40pm @1.1.14 In addition, 57 percent think it is at least somewhat likely U.S. intelligence agencies broke the law when they started investigating the Trump campaign in the first place: 22 percent think it is...
Apr 17 8:24pm @1.1.11 Just think after hearing that the President committed treason 24/7 for over 2 years, some actually believed it!
Apr 17 7:53pm @1.3.2 "..." If they were unhappy they would be speaking out! What are they - tongue tied cowards?
Apr 17 7:52pm @1.1.10 "..." What about Mueller & Rosenstein?  They have worked on the redactions. You mean to tell us that Mueller & Rosenstein are afraid to correct a coverup?
The Game, Snoop Dogg, T.I. want Fox’s Laura Ingraham fired for segment deriding Nipsey Hussle

The Game, Snoop Dogg, T.I. want Fox’s Laura Ingraham fired for segment deriding Nipsey Hussle

Via: Tessylo  •  42 comments  •  20 hours ago
Entertainment The Game, Snoop Dogg, T.I. want Fox’s Laura Ingraham fired for segment deriding Nipsey Hussle   Ben Kaye, Consequence of Sound   1 hour 47 minutes ago   Nipsey Hussle and Fox News' Laura Ingraham Laughing segment Game Snoop Dogg TI fire Never ones to pass up...
Apr 17 8:43pm @1.1.22 BTW, what happened to all those reliable sources that said Trump colluded?
Apr 17 7:29pm @1.1.21 I am not suggesting - I'm saying that the vast majority of the main stream media is biased. And you say they are not?   We have you on record then.
Apr 17 9:27am @1.1.16 Sorry, It's that little thing called "Freedom of Speech"
Apr 17 8:14am @1.1.14 It is what Ingraham believed. You can't seem to get that concept through your head. No worries, the truth stings a bit, but it's not fatal
Apr 17 7:34am @1.1.11 "..." Actually, it's the truth. From your own post:"Keeping the sardonic tone, she said, “Now, this dear artist recently released a song called “FDT” — eff Donald Trump.”THAT WAS HER ISSUE!...
Apr 17 7:28am @1.1.9 "..." Don't know, you'll have to ask Jeff Zucker or Jeff Bezos
Apr 16 5:53pm @2.1 I doubt Fox will be losing millions of viewers. Fox viewers and Nipsy dipsy fans don't exactly share the same news sources. I'm not sure the dipsy fans watch news, do they?
Apr 16 5:50pm @1.1.3 Actually, had any of you seen the show, would know that Ms Ingraham took issue with Nipsy dipsy's anti-Trump song.  I think we are all equal to be criticized for our actions. Nobody is sacred...
Trump isn’t the biggest threat to the Constitution. Democrats are.

Trump isn’t the biggest threat to the Constitution. Democrats are.

Via: Keep America Great!  •  113 comments  •  20 hours ago
South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) spoke about looking ahead to the future and "picking up the pieces of reckless policies that are being made right now." (Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post) Who is the biggest threat to our constitutional order? It is not President Trump. Ever since Trump took office, Democrats have been telling us he is an authoritarian who threatens our system of...
Apr 17 7:34pm @2.1.29 "..." It's a shame I have to prove what is a well known FACT, but here it is from THE HUFFINGTON POST:
Apr 17 2:59pm @2.1.26 They need safe spaces
Apr 17 7:13am @2.1.19 It may have something to do with progressive parenting and not preparing children for the real world.
Apr 16 7:56am @2.1.15 "..." We do. It will take about 38 states to change the Electoral College, and I seriously doubt that 38 states are going to change things so that 2 or 3 states get to decide who will be President.
The Populist Crusade

The Populist Crusade

By: Vic Eldred  •  30 comments  •  yesterday  •  LOCKED
Raymond Dalio recently pointed out (CBS) that during the tumultuous era of the 1930's, four of the worlds democracies chose dictatorship. America is now going through a political crisis and let no one doubt that it could happen here. What used to be a simple choice between the platforms of the two political parties or even the values of Conservatism vs Liberalism has been replaced by the...
Apr 17 2:53pm @5.1.2 Have a good one
Apr 17 2:52pm @8.1 "..." I can see that by including the hidden concern paragraph, I'd get your attention. Yes the white Protestant patriarchy is ending. The white Catholic Hispanic majority shall inherit the...
Apr 17 2:48pm @7.1 "..." That would be a sweeping generalization. I included that because I believe some are concerned about that. Not me. The newcomers aren't changing anything, except maybe who gets elected.John,...
Apr 17 2:43pm @6.1.1 So, go a step further, the nation you describe is what?
Apr 17 2:42pm @6.2 "..." Agreed. That's the correct answer.I do have one follow up question:Should we expect that a wave of immigrants or refugees who have eventually attained citizenship will cast their votes...
Apr 17 2:28pm @5.1 I included that, John, because it may be a concern for some, and it should be addressed, though name calling is not an answer. I have maintained all along that the demographics are not changing....
Apr 17 12:11pm @3.1.4 Judging by some of the comments on NT, it is safe to say that the little space shot has some soul mates!
Apr 17 12:01pm @3.1 I hope your'e right
Apr 17 10:51am @1 pop·u·lism noun 1.a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups:
Ruling by Barr means thousands more migrants may wait months in detention

Ruling by Barr means thousands more migrants may wait months in detention

Via: Vic Eldred  •  6 comments  •  yesterday  •  LOCKED
WASHINGTON, DC — Attorney General William Barr weighed in on an immigration case on Tuesday, establishing a new precedent that could affect thousands of migrants at the southwest border seeking asylum in the U.S. In his decision , Barr said that   asylum seekers   who begin in expedited removal, in which they are not given the right to see a judge, and are then transferred to full...
Apr 17 12:24pm @2.1 I'm ready to start a fund to build detention centers. Maybe we don't need congress after all!
Apr 17 12:06pm @1 All of this has to be done without congress facing up to the the crisis
Taking Uber? Here Are Tips for Staying Safe

Taking Uber? Here Are Tips for Staying Safe

Via: Jasper2529  •  6 comments  •  2 days ago
“What’s my name?” That’s what students and administrators at the University of South Carolina are urging people to ask before they get into a car, to be sure it’s the one they called via a ride-sharing app. The public safety campaign follows the death of Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old student   who was killed   last weekend after getting into a car she mistook for her Uber, the...
Apr 16 5:42pm @5 All good tips. The big problem with Uber is that they got started in business by simply taking phone calls and assigning the rides to people who didn't work for them. That saved a lot on overheard...
The Tea Party Rallies for Trump, Against Socialism, on Its Ten-Year Anniversary

The Tea Party Rallies for Trump, Against Socialism, on Its Ten-Year Anniversary

Via: Keep America Great!  •  44 comments  •  4 hours ago
On Monday, more than 40 rallies will renew the Tea Party movement, ten years after it first caught fire across the nation. Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots (a leading organization but not to be confused with the entire Tea Party movement), gave PJ Media an update on the Tea Party at age ten, and praised President Donald Trump for achieving some of...
Apr 16 2:01pm @3.1.1 Amen. I only wish I could be the guard in charge of their jail cell.
Apr 16 7:49am @3 "Jenny Beth Martin recalled hearing from fellow activists. "I've heard from some of those people who said, 'I got audited back in the early 2000s, but I'm going to do this again.' But they hadn't...
Pelosi appears to take new jab at Ocasio-Cortez, says ‘a glass of water’ with a ‘D’ could win their districts

Pelosi appears to take new jab at Ocasio-Cortez, says ‘a glass of water’ with a ‘D’ could win their districts

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House Speaker  Nancy Pelosi , D-Calif., on Monday made a point to heap more praise on Democrats who flipped Republican seats in the 2018 midterms and downplayed representatives like herself and freshman Rep.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , D-N.Y., who carried districts where a "glass of water" with a "D" next to it could win. “When we won this election, it wasn’t in districts like mine or...
Apr 16 1:56pm @6.1.8 What's that axiom of lawyers?  Never ask a question, unless you know what the answer will be.   I guess some forgot the TAX ACT & THE FIRST STEP ACT, but we should all know that the House...
Apr 16 1:50pm @6.1.6 Our friend must be googling!   Let's see how long it takes?
Apr 16 1:44pm @7.2.1 Oh we are really petrified!
Apr 16 1:43pm @6.1.5 We passed legislation. We got a tax cut and The First Step Act.Now back to you. What have dems passed?
Apr 16 1:38pm @6.1.3 Whataboutism?You can do better than that, Don
Apr 16 10:47am @7 Thanks again Nancy
Apr 16 10:44am @2.2.1 Bernie Sanders seemed to be defending Omar, last night, saying "“It is not anti-Semitic to be critical of a right-wing government in Israel”.  I wonder how long he's going to cling to that defense?...
Apr 16 10:33am @6.1 And if they are unable to pass any significant legislation, while spending all their time opposing Trump they will loose the House right back in 2020
Apr 16 10:31am @5.1 She admitted that
Apr 16 8:20am @1 Now that was what Iv'e been trying to Cortez and Omar managed to win elections in this country.Thanks Nancy
At Fox Town Hall, Bernie Sanders Still Can’t Explain How He’s Paying For ‘Medicare For All’

At Fox Town Hall, Bernie Sanders Still Can’t Explain How He’s Paying For ‘Medicare For All’

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Appearing at a Fox News town hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Monday, Vermont senator and socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders turned in a fiery and combative performance. One moment particularly seems to be generating a lot of excitement. After an audience member asked about his “Medicare for all” health plan, which would require eliminating private health insurance, Fox host...
Apr 16 1:40pm @5 He also supported infanticide. Did anyone catch that?
Apr 16 10:36am @2.3 And how about putting a cap on what doctors & big Pharma can charge? Or are we simply going to have the federal government pay whatever is being charged?Why isn't that part of the "plan"?
Apr 16 10:34am @1.1.1 I found him to be far more confident than he was in 2016
Apr 16 8:58am @1 For those who missed it, Bernie had a hard time explaining how he would pay for his "Medicare for all plan". He started out by constantly attacking Fox, which gave him access to their large...
Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days

By: dave-2693993  •  32 comments  •  2 days ago
So, a few weeks ago, Mr Tries To Be Happy Go Lucky became Mr. Pissed Off Grouch. Yep, Found out the girls won't be coming home until November at the earliest, December, January, February more likely. Yep, Mr. Pissed Off Grouch. Thank goodness for positive forces in life. We took a little time to watch a favorite short tale from Julia's childhood. Believe it or not, her favorite...
Apr 15 5:16pm @3.2 "..." Dave, thank's for the clarification. I had no idea about any of it, especially with your avatar.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador withdraws asylum

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador withdraws asylum

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WikiLeaks founder   Julian Assange   was arrested by British police Thursday moments after   Ecuador   announced it withdrew his asylum for “repeatedly violating international conventions and protocol.” Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Jose Valencia told Teleamazonas this week that living in the embassy indefinitely is bad for Assange’s "state of mind, his health,” but that Assange has a...
Apr 14 7:29pm @11.1.9 You should know
Apr 13 11:14am @11.1.6 Don't be bitter. You'll live to argue another day.
Apr 12 7:50pm @11.1.4 So he failed again?  Ya, he just can't seem to lay a glove on me. It's almost unfair...
Apr 12 7:45pm @11.1.3 "..." Haven't you read my position on gun control. I guess you missed that one too! I have never dismissed his stand on gun control. I'm with him on that.
Apr 12 12:44pm @11.1.1 It means that you are as partisan as always. You like Dershowitz when he defends Ellsbergs rights, but are against him when he does the same with Assange. You like Dershowitz when he consistently...
Apr 12 12:39pm @9.2.2 "..." Really?Not ours. Does ours include Richard Blumenthal?
Apr 12 11:02am @11 The case against Assange:"That is why prosecutors have chosen to charge him with a different crime: conspiracy to help Manning break into a government computer to steal classified material. Such a...
Apr 12 6:45am @10.3.1 "..." That's unforgivable, although a good case can be made for those tasty, slightly burned chips, you know like only Wise Chips provides!
Apr 12 6:42am @1.2.2 You know what makes this story unique?  It's that it crosses party & ideological lines. We have both Conservatives & progressives on both sides of the issue.They are treading a fine line....
Apr 11 7:29pm @9.2 "..." Nope: "He appeared to be carrying a copy of Gore Vidal’s book History of The National Security...
Apr 11 7:27pm @10.2 "His dramatic expulsion from the embassy follows a year of ratcheting tension between Assange and his Ecuadorian hosts, culminating in WikiLeaks publicizing a leak of hundreds of thousands of...
Apr 11 4:05pm @8.3.2 The U.S. indictment of Assange charges him for computer-hacking crimes for allegedly coaching Manning how to cover his tracks as he stole classified...
Apr 11 3:54pm @8.3 "..." The Obama administration wouldn't prosecute Assange, yet it's the Trump administration that is doing just that!  So, Trump isn't soiling, he's doing his job!
Apr 11 10:34am @2.1 And the hacking?
Apr 11 7:06am @1 There are reports of an extradition order to the US.Is he a hero as the left once held Daniel Ellsberg?  Or did he lose that status with the left during the 2016 election?
A Life Nuanced

A Life Nuanced

By: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  327 comments  •  11 hours ago
I realize that I am not the easiest person to understand. It might look to some that my positions are all over the map, and they are. Even within a position, I might sit down in a spot that is somewhat surprising, even to those who thought they knew me. I live in that dangerous place in the twilight zone known as independent. The unicorn of rational thought. It has taken a big part of my life...
Apr 13 11:10am @4.1 A case well taken!
Apr 13 11:09am @1.1.1 Wise words
Ilhan Omar's outrageous statement about 9/11

Ilhan Omar's outrageous statement about 9/11

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In a March 23 speech, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) complained of “the discomfort of being a second-class citizen” before claiming the Council on American-Islamic Relations “was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and [Muslims] were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”
Apr 12 7:54pm @5.1.4 Elie Wiesel has only been gone about 3 years and already they have forgotten his warning
Apr 12 10:31am @2.3.4 "..." Anyone can easily claim that - It has the dual benefits of demonizing those on the other side as well as limiting criticism
Apr 12 10:29am @5.1.2 "..." Ignorance? or Ideology?
Apr 12 7:37am @2.3.2 Yup, they didn't have the fortitude to stand up against her anti Semitism, now she's the victim!
Apr 12 6:38am @5.1 "..." It fit her little narrative that Americans turned on Muslim Americans after 9/11.  Normally that does happen. It happened to Japanese Americans and German Americans, but it does not happen...
Apr 12 6:33am @3.1.30 You lost me
Apr 12 6:33am @3.1.29 I'm with ya!
Apr 12 6:31am @2.3 "..." Prove it!
Apr 12 6:28am @1.2 You mean for defending a radical Islamist?  That is sad isn't it?   I think it's time we really called Ilhan Omar out for what she is - A radical Islamist!  She has proved to us that she was anti...
President Trump Considers Sending ‘Unlimited’ Number of Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities

President Trump Considers Sending ‘Unlimited’ Number of Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities

By: The Magic Eight Ball  •  72 comments  •  yesterday
liberal judges have told trump he can not deport asylum seekers. the question of the day is:   where should we put them? UPDATE: On Friday, as Judge Seeborg’s injunction was set to go into effect, a three-judge panel for the Ninth Circuit issued the temporary...
Apr 12 7:51pm @1.2.2 "..." Agreed!
Apr 12 7:42pm @1.2 What a wonderful idea. Progressives will fight it all the way!
What I Learned When I Enrolled In A Race, Gender, And Oppression Studies Class

What I Learned When I Enrolled In A Race, Gender, And Oppression Studies Class

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Anyone who has spent time on a college campus has likely run into victimhood ideology. Yet while many campus conservatives are put off by the identity politics and liberalism-run-amok that have transformed many academic departments into adult daycares, they often don’t try to understand the ideology corrupting the modern academy. So I did exactly that. During my final semester in...
Apr 12 12:49pm @4.1 Removed for context
Apr 12 11:47am @3.1 Words of wisdom from a very wise woman
Apr 12 11:35am @2.1 Isn't that how Jim Acosta started?
Apr 12 11:23am @1 Ahhh, those impressionable young minds!
Dems gave $27M to children of illegal immigrants – not vets

Dems gave $27M to children of illegal immigrants – not vets

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ALBANY— Democrats set aside $27 million in tuition assistance for the children of undocumented immigrants   in the new state budget   — but wouldn’t add hundreds of thousands of dollars to expand a similar program for kids of deceased and disabled veterans. A bill that has twice passed the state Senate — but never made it through the Assembly — would have added funding to a program...
Apr 12 11:26am @1.3.6 I'll give it a try
Apr 12 11:07am @1.3.2 Is that really addressed to me?We may need a little moderation here. Have you looked?
Apr 12 10:47am @7.1.5 Let me second that motion!
Apr 12 10:46am @2.3.2 What do you mean the comment was?
Apr 12 10:45am @5.1.10 What do you mean "that comment is"?
Apr 12 10:43am @6.2.2 What do you mean the comment is?
Apr 12 7:20am @1.3 "..." Unfortunately, that is part of progressive ideology. Senator Chuck Schumer is from & represents New York. Did he weep when thousands were killed during the Twin Towers attack?What did...
Barr Investigates the Investigators.Trump Strikes Back

Barr Investigates the Investigators.Trump Strikes Back

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After two years of he and his family being harassed, abused and bullied by the deep state with false allegations and an inscrutable witch, hunt Trump is firing back with a vengeance and he is out for bear as the expression says. Trump is a counter puncher with a New York street fighter attitude and when you hit him, he hits back harder. Testifying before Congress Attorney General William...
Apr 12 10:40am @4.1.3 "..." Unfortunately, the devious activities of the Clinton campaign will most likely be added to all those things Hillary Clinton got away with in her crafty life.
Apr 12 10:36am @4.1.2 All roads lead there.  One person who may get out of this is Rosenstein. As Iv'e said, I'm sure a deal was made so that the President didn't have to take the political risk of firing him. He's been...
Apr 12 7:33am @4 William Barr dosen't just toss innuendo around. When he says "I think there was spying" and "I have concerns", it means he sees something. I'd be very worried right now if my name were Comey or...
Leftists Whipping Themselves Into a Jacobin Frenzy

Leftists Whipping Themselves Into a Jacobin Frenzy

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There's no question that animosity exists on both sides of the political spectrum, but have you noticed how personal it has become for many on the left? It is disturbing how intolerant and filled with rage leftist extremists have become, and how many more people are falling into the category of leftist extremism. But what concerns me as much as this pattern of ill will and abuse from...
Apr 12 7:29am @1.1.3 They are still coping with the results of the 2016 election and most recently their hopes were dashed by the Mueller Report. Now there may be an investigation of the rogue elements within the FBI....
Candace Owens to Congress: Left Uses Terms Like White Nationalism For Power, To Scare Brown People

Candace Owens to Congress: Left Uses Terms Like White Nationalism For Power, To Scare Brown People

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Conservative activist Candace Owens addressed a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Hate Crimes and White Nationalism on Tuesday and said the left uses such terms for "fear mongering, power and control." "There isn't a single adult today that in good conscience would make the argument that America is a more racist, more white nationalist society than it was when my grandfather was growing...
Apr 11 7:24pm @6 Thanks to everyone who kept it civil
Apr 11 7:23pm @5.1 I couldn't agree more.
Apr 11 7:19pm @3.1.35 "..." That is a flawed way of thinking. Racists vote in elections. They tend to vote against something, unless there is an actual racist involved (example: Lester Maddux). Thus, Duke may support...
Apr 11 3:40pm @3.1.32 "..." So, then those who support someone politically implicate them as being whatever they are?Got it!
Apr 11 3:33pm @1.1.8 "..." Yes Are his followers being called racist because they're white?That's even a bigger abomination. Owens point is well taken. They have been doing it for some time now. This isn't recent....
Apr 11 3:09pm @3.1.30 "..." You know I was talking about violence, but ya harassment too. Thanks for making my point about where it is all coming from.
Apr 11 10:36am @3.1.4 "..." The funny part is that people wearing the MAGA hat have more to fear than those who oppose them.
Apr 11 10:26am @1.1.3 "..." No?  How many times have people on the left called this President racist AND his followers racist???as a white male I did not identify with that definition thus don't feel as if I was...
Apr 11 10:15am @3.1.2 "..." Nope.I think your definition is politically self serving. As I have said, I have never met such a person
Apr 11 9:31am @3.1 "..." Perhaps you would like to tell us what it is?  I am 67 years old, lived in America all of my life and have never met a "white nationalist"
Apr 11 9:28am @1.1.1 I can't improve on the dictionary. I'll say it again - progressives have alienated most white voters. Call them "clingers" and "deplorables" and yes, they get the message.How about you?  Do you...
Apr 11 8:08am @1 After alienating most white voters, democrats have to keep all their special groups scared straight to the polls!
“I think spying did occur

“I think spying did occur

By: Vic Eldred  •  47 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
The wheels are finally turning on the false narrative of "Trump colluding with Russia".  We (conservatives) have long warned progressives that this day would come. After over two years and millions spent with anti-Trump investigators "investigating" everything Trump, we now know that the President did not conspire with Russia. The President told us all, hundreds of times, that he did no such...
Apr 11 7:06pm @7.1.1 democratic no less!   Notice I left that trash up there. We managed to get through this without any deletions.Thank you to all that engaged in civil discourse
Apr 11 7:02pm @7.1 You forgot this one:“I believe there is a basis for my concern, but I’m not going to discuss the basis,” Barr said.
Apr 11 6:57pm @2.1.17 "..." Haha! John is referring to (and misquoting) public statements the President has made, but any time you want to bet that there is evidence that Trump had Wikileaks hack anything, I'll bet...
Apr 11 3:47pm @1.3.1 We can't trust Barr as AG, but it was no problem to trust Lorreta Lynch
Apr 11 3:44pm @3.2.1 "..." It wasn't a summary. It was a bottom line binary report.
Apr 11 10:48am @2.1.6 It's a base that needs to be scared into voting every election cycle!
Apr 11 10:44am @2.1.4 They love to twist or contradict everything Trump says
Apr 11 10:42am @3.1.2 "..." Oh, I beg to differ The Republicans held all the power for two years and came up with nothing. They couldn't even get Rosenstein to turn over documents.  As I say John, your'e in for some...
Apr 11 10:39am @2.1.2 So, now you finally had to admit he asked them to FIND her DELETED e-mails.Apologize to the President!
Apr 11 10:33am @3.1 That's what many were hoping. Traditionally, one administration dosen't investigate the misdeeds of it's predecessor. Barr, however pointed out that spying on American citizens and an opposition...
Apr 11 10:28am @2.1 "..." He never asked for his opponent to be hacked! Link please..When did the investigating begin?
Apr 11 10:11am @1 Now the left will try and smear Barr. 
Tlaib Deceptively Accuses Jew and Black Conservative of ‘Hate Rhetoric’

Tlaib Deceptively Accuses Jew and Black Conservative of ‘Hate Rhetoric’

Via: Keep America Great!  •  24 comments  •  2 days ago
(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Islamic leftist Rashida Tlaib , D-Michigan, continued to spread propaganda on Monday, accusing a Jewish Zionist and a black conservative of spreading “hate rhetoric and extremism” linked to so-called “white nationalism.” In a tweet, she said Mohammad Abu Salha, who lost family members in a hate crime, would have difficulty testifying in front of...
Apr 11 10:45am @5.1.3 I get that part, but wasn't there a more reasonable democrat to vote for?
Apr 11 8:15am @5 I keep asking myself "how did she get elected"?
Is This Country Music?

Is This Country Music?

By: JohnRussell  •  28 comments  •  one week ago
OLD TOWN ROAD - Lil Nas X w/ Billy Ray Cyrus
Apr 11 7:17am @5.1 Agreed. I happen to think "country music" no longer exists. 
Attorney General Says He Thinks ‘Spying Did Occur’ on Trump Campaign

Attorney General Says He Thinks ‘Spying Did Occur’ on Trump Campaign

Via: gooseisgone  •  93 comments  •  6 days ago
In his testimony before Congress, Attorney General William P. Barr said that he believed President Trump’s 2016 campaign was spied on by the government and that he wanted to ensure that there was no “improper surveillance.”
Apr 10 6:29pm @1.3.5 "..." You Bet. That would make it a years self suspension.Deal?
Apr 10 6:10pm @1.4.2 "..." You still believe that? Even the ancient cultures gave up on the idea that the world was flat!
Apr 10 6:05pm @1.3.3 "..." "Compromised"? That's what Obama operative Sally Yates claimed. Tell us now how Flynn was compromised?Trump's good buddy under the gag order who was working with wiki leaksWorked with Wiki...
Apr 10 5:36pm @3.1.2 "..." That would be a civil rights violation
Apr 10 5:35pm @2.1.4 You better brace yourself. You have a lot of surprises coming and your'e not gonna like any one of them!
Apr 10 5:30pm @1.4 Voted up. You beat me to it. This is what any objective human being knew was coming - the lingering questions how all this began. Why wasn't the Trump campaign warned about possible Russian...
Pete Buttigieg calls out Mike Pence during his speech at the LGBTQ Victory Fund Brunch

Pete Buttigieg calls out Mike Pence during his speech at the LGBTQ Victory Fund Brunch

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  201 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Apr 09 3:24pm @1.6 "..." That question is debatable, isn't it?  Does it need to be answered anymore? Gay's have been fully accepted in modern American society and have, at the very least, as much rights as everyone...
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Steps Down

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Steps Down

Via: JohnRussell  •  24 comments  •  one week ago
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Steps Down Slate 04/07/2019 18:16 0 views Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of Homeland Security, resigned her post during a meeting with President Donald Trump on Sunday afternoon. Another key official is leaving the administration, although it remains...
Apr 08 5:15am @10 It was an impossible job really. The President is angry about the rising number of illegal aliens entering the country, yet US laws invite it. As soon as anyone seeking refuge steps on American...
Rod Rosenstein is not off the hook

Rod Rosenstein is not off the hook

Via: Vic Eldred  •  8 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
President Trump   was understandably elated by the finding of special counsel   Robert Mueller   that the evidence did not establish a crime related to Russian collusion, as well as the subsequent decision by Attorney General   William Barr   that there was no basis for an obstruction charge. While Trump has described these conclusions as “total exoneration,” most believe the...
Apr 06 2:14pm @1.1.1 You are correct. It would have looked bad for Trump o fire him, so Rosenstein got to stay on until the report got done. I'm sure he covered as much as he could, but ya, there's still a lot of stuff...
Apr 06 11:42am @1 As I said long ago, I believe that the day the President called the beleaguered Rosenstein in for a meeting (the meeting that Rosenstein thought would be his firing), is the day a deal was made....
Sen. Tom Cotton Demands IRS Investigation into SPLC's Tax-Exempt Status

Sen. Tom Cotton Demands IRS Investigation into SPLC's Tax-Exempt Status

Via: Keep America Great!  •  175 comments  •  one week ago
On Tuesday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) demanding an investigation into whether or not the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) should lose its tax-exempt status. His letter comes after weeks of turmoil with the SPLC struggling with scandals of alleged racism and sexism. The organization fired its co-founder , saw its president and other...
Apr 04 9:44am @1.2.10 "..." Haven't other suits been won against the RACIST SPLC?A federal judge has tossed lawsuit filed against nonprofit database GuideStarIsn't this the same Federal Judge known to toss out lots of...
Chicago Mayoral Election

Chicago Mayoral Election

By: JohnRussell  •  46 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Well, we here in Chicago now have the city's first  black , female, gay mayor.  Richard J Daley's above ground tomb at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery was seen spinning in circles.  It is not a surprise that a black woman won, since both of the two finalists who survived the February primary are black women. What was a surprise is that the winner , Lori Lightfoot, got 74% of the vote to Toni...
Apr 04 9:25am @7 "Out in the neighborhoods I think there was much more apathy. For many whites in white neighborhoods, this election was ruined from the git go. They are not interested in a black mayor period, let...
 'Wide-open potential for abuse': States are ground zero in the fight against child marriage

'Wide-open potential for abuse': States are ground zero in the fight against child marriage

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  32 comments  •  2 weeks ago
By   Dartunorro Clark In 2017, when California state Sen. Jerry Hill heard about a local 12-year-old girl getting married to a 28-year-old man, he thought it was just a sick rumor. “It’s one of those, ‘You’re kidding me, that’s not happening here,’” Hill told NBC News. Then he learned the truth: It was happening, and it was legal. Hill discovered that child marriages occur...
Apr 04 9:14am @1.2 Obviously, not the ACLU. Is anyone surprised?
There Is No GOP Obamacare Replacement And There Never Has Been

There Is No GOP Obamacare Replacement And There Never Has Been

Via: Tessylo  •  110 comments  •  2 weeks ago
Politics There Is No GOP Obamacare Replacement And There Never Has Been   Jeffrey Young, HuffPost   16 hours ago If you’re the sort of person who still believes President   Donald Trump’s promises on   health care, there’s probably nothing at this point that could dissuade you from the notion that...
Apr 04 9:10am @12 "What Trump and his “party of health care” have failed to come even close to doing is proposing a credible alternative plan that would achieve anything close to the Affordable Care Act’s...
Trump seeks to cut foreign aid to 3 Central American nations

Trump seeks to cut foreign aid to 3 Central American nations

Via: 1stwarrior  •  139 comments  •  one week ago
PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Taking drastic action over illegal immigration, President Donald Trump moved Saturday to cut direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, whose citizens are fleeing north and overwhelming U.S. resources at the southern border. The State Department notified Congress that it would look to suspend 2017 and 2018 payments to the trio of nations, which have been...
Apr 04 8:55am @2.2.7 "..." It sure sounds like it concerns you!  It sounds like you want three countries to continue to receive American aid. The same three countries you admit are "shitty".Why exactly is that?  Oh,...
Border chief says 'breaking point' has arrived

Border chief says 'breaking point' has arrived

By: XDm9mm  •  58 comments  •  4 days ago
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told reporters on Wednesday that the U.S. immigration system has reached a "breaking point" of illegal border crossings. “Two weeks ago, I briefed the media and testified in Congress that our immigration system was at the breaking point. That breaking point has arrived this week at our border," McAleenan said in El Paso,...
Apr 01 5:26pm @12.2.4 Liberal laws have caused this mess. Congress is unwilling to fix it, they prefer the issue rather than the fix, plus there are other benefits. The people fleeing central America know all of this...
Supreme Court says the Constitution does not ensure a ‘painless’ execution

Supreme Court says the Constitution does not ensure a ‘painless’ execution

Via: 1stwarrior  •  68 comments  •  2 weeks ago
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Constitution does not guarantee a “painless death” for condemned murderers, deciding that a Missouri inmate may be executed by a lethal injection despite a rare, severe condition that could cause him to suffocate. By a 5-4 vote, the court rejected Russell Bucklew’s claim it would be cruel and unusual punishment to inject him because...
Apr 01 5:17pm @4 A clarification of the 8th Amendment
GOP shifts focus to investigating Obama officials

GOP shifts focus to investigating Obama officials

Via: Vic Eldred  •  14 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
Republicans are setting their sights on top Obama-era officials as they plan their own probe into the 2016 election. Eager to move on from special counsel   Robert Mueller ’s investigation into Russian election interference and the Trump campaign, GOP senators are gearing up to investigate the investigators. The idea is gaining traction with the Republican caucus, including Senate...
Apr 01 5:09pm @1.2.10 "..." Did you forget the counter intelligence investigation that began in July of 2016?  The longest of the ten Benghazi Congressional investigations went 28 months and "failed" to meet it's...
Apr 01 5:04pm @1.2.9 I don't think your assertion going to stop IG Michael Horowitz or Sen Lindsey Graham.
Apr 01 5:24am @1 Now there will be a Senate investigation to go along with the internal IG investigation, which should tell us how these intelligence agencies came to investigate a political campaign.
AOC: Our side doesn’t name-call like those xenophobic, white supremacists on the right

AOC: Our side doesn’t name-call like those xenophobic, white supremacists on the right

Via: Keep America Great!  •  39 comments  •  2 weeks ago
MSNBC hosted a town hall event Friday night with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discussing her Green New Deal. During a discussion in the second segment of the event, former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis suggested the left was in danger of becoming the thing it hated most, i.e. the Tea Party. He politely suggested that the crowd in Brooklyn (where the town hall was held) cheering for AOC was...
Apr 01 5:29am @1.1 She's a comic too!    Her "side" is noted for calling people names, harassment & violence.
AOC flubs history of FDR and change to Constitution

AOC flubs history of FDR and change to Constitution

Via: Vic Eldred  •  18 comments  •  2 weeks ago  •  LOCKED
R ep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-N.Y., might want to brush up on some history after asserting, incorrectly, that Republicans in Congress amended the Constitution to kick President Franklin Delano Roosevelt out of office. "They had to amend the Constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected," Ocasio-Cortez said Friday during a night hall event with MSNBC...
Apr 01 5:06am @1 Don't they even teach basic US History at BU anymore?BTW;Trump is off topicRace is off topicNo personal attacks