San Francisco Reparations committee proposes $5 Million to each longtime Black resident

By:  Vic Eldred  •  2 months ago  •  3 comments

San Francisco Reparations committee proposes $5 Million to each longtime Black resident
"While neither San Francisco, nor California, formally adopted the institution of chattel slavery, the tenets of segregation, white supremacy and systematic repression and exclusion of Black people were codified through legal and extralegal actions, social codes, and judicial enforcement," the draft states.

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For those not familiar with what's happening right here in America, buried on page 5, comes news of reparations from sanctuary city of San Francisco. Believe it or not, the city of San Francisco has an "African American Reparations Advisory Committee."  I know it seems insane since California was not a slave state and didn't allow slaves and as we know today's black Americans have been given such benefits as "affirmative action," anti-discriminatory housing laws and the generosity of a benevolent society.

It gets even crazier when one considers the economics ot the proposal itself. Those who identify solely as African American make up about 5% of the population, or a little more than 40,000 people. Think about how much $5 million each to 40,000 people amounts to?

"To be eligible for the program, the applicant must be 18 years old and have identified as Black or African American on public documents for at least 10 years. They must also prove at least two of eight additional criteria, choosing from a list that includes, "Born in San Francisco between 1940 and 1996 and has proof of residency in San Francisco for at least 13 years," and/or, "Personally, or the direct descendant of someone, incarcerated by the failed War on Drugs."

Where is the money going to come from?

The city of San Francisco has long ago squandered it's revenues. It is over $700,000 in debt and it has problems with a housing shortage which has forced people to live on boats or in cars or as we have seen in the streets. Municipal Unions have taken a big bite of the budget with salaries & benefits accounting for 45% of the budget. As for the state of California: it is in the same boat.

So this insidious idea about reparations makes little sense, either morally or economically.

I wonder how many Americans even know this is going on?

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