We the People

We the People

For those who still believe in the Constitution and American Sovereignty.

We here believe in the principles and protections provided in that great document. It is also our goal to allow all points of view - especially in these times when freedom of speech is under attack. “Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there are other points of view"...William F Buckley. In memory of William F Buckley, this group will never align itself with the irrationally of the anticommunist John Birchers, QAnon or racists.

  "We believe that liberty is indivisible, and that   political freedom cannot long exist without economic freedom; That the purpose of government is to protect those freedoms through the preservation of internal order, the provision of national defense, and the administration of justice."

Group Rules:

No personal insults
No death wishes of any individual
All of NT's rules apply

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For those interested in filing claims against federal and state governments the site below is available:



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Nara's Big Lie

Nara's Big Lie

By: Vic Eldred  •  1 Comments  •  2 weeks ago
Vic Eldred last wrote: To be continued


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