It's not just Joe Biden: Voters reject key Dem policies, which screw them

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By:   Post Editorial Board (New York Post)

It's not just Joe Biden: Voters  reject key Dem policies, which screw them
Voters back Donald Trump over Joe Biden, per a new poll, in key states — but it's not just the president they're rejecting but Democratic policies by and for the woke, elites and wealthy at the expense of average Americans and minorities.

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By Post Editorial Board

A new poll spells ominous news for President Biden's reelection — but it also exposes the nation's deep discontent with Democratic policies overall, crafted by and for the elite ruling classes at the expense of everyone else.

The New York Times/Siena College poll puts Donald Trump ahead of Biden by as much as 10 points in five of six swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

If that holds through next November, Trump will sail to victory by at least a 300-240 margin in the electoral college.

Biden's age and mental decline are clearly a factor, yet Trump carries enormous baggage, too; voters have an unfavorable view of both men.

The real answer? Much of the anti-Biden sentiment stems from policies he and his fellow Dems have pushed to please woke elites — policies that have spelled disaster for middle- and lower-class Americans, including minorities.

Indeed, three times as many voters in those states (67% vs. 22%) think the nation is headed in the "wrong direction," including heavy majorities of non-whites.

Far more say policies pushed by Biden (and fellow Democrats) have hurt them "personally" (53%) than those who say they've helped them (35%).

They also heavily favor Trump over Biden on issues like immigration (53%-41%), national security (53%-41%) and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (50%-39%) — where the Dem-GOP divide is stark.

On the economy, a top issue for voters, Trump leads with a whopping 22-point edge: 59%-37%.

No surprise: Dems have put woke issues like climate change and special-interest handouts (like having the taxpayers pay off student loans) over fighting inflation and making life affordable for average folks.

A stunning 81% in those states rate the economy poor or just fair, including 80% of blacks and 86% of Hispanics.

They feel the pain: Inflation has made everyday goods unaffordable for all but the well-to-do, and forced the Federal Reserve to goose interest rates, making financing — home mortages, in particular — difficult.

These aren't just Biden's policies; they're backed by the entire Democratic Party. Indeed, Biden's major spending bills, which launched the historic bump in inflation soon after he took office, passed without any Republican votes.

On other issues, too, Dems are at odds with Americans: The party refuses to force Biden, for example, to secure the border and enforce US immigration law, though voters are desperate for that.

Numerous Democratic politicians blame Israel, in whole or in part, for Hamas' brutal Oct. 7 attack, though — as other polling shows — 84% of Americans side with Israel.

Dems like to pretend they champion the poor and needy, but their policies stick it to just those people.

Voters may not like Trump, but they'll oppose any Dem whose woke, elitist policies hang them out to dry.

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Just Jim NC TttH
Professor Principal
1  seeder  Just Jim NC TttH    4 months ago

Once again we see the democrats paying no attention to what their virtue signaling bullshit is doing to the American people at large.

Sophomore Guide
1.1  George  replied to  Just Jim NC TttH @1    4 months ago

The sad thing is, the party of no personal responsibility will blame republicans if trump is elected, Independents are the largest voting block, if trump is elected it is because the democrats choice is so bad they think trump was better. 

Jeremy Retired in NC
Professor Expert
1.2  Jeremy Retired in NC  replied to  Just Jim NC TttH @1    4 months ago

I think they may be very slowly coming around.  Look at the border crisis.  They denied it completely until Texas and Florida started sending illegals to Democrat shithole cities / states.  Now they are crying about it.  It's actions like this that need to be done in order to bring the left and Democrats back to the reality of how bad they are screwing everything up.

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
2  Vic Eldred    4 months ago

It is an important poll. Certain people think it is only about Biden's age & senility. 

I could live with that. It is his policies that have to be turned around.


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