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The Tragic Hero

The Tragic Hero

By: Vic Eldred  •  20 comments  •  one month ago  •  LOCKED
In 1952 Stanley Kramer released what would become an iconic western classic to the American public. The movie stood in stark contrast to all the westerns which had come before. Things were not so black and white, good and evil, not so clearly defined. The story itself was based upon a magazine article entitled "the Tin Star" . It was released at the height of the cold war and some say there...
Apr 19 6:28pm @5 This is hilarious!!!  What an imagination!!!
It's National Submarine Day

It's National Submarine Day

By: Buzz of the Orient  •  31 comments  •  one month ago
It's National Submarine Day © Warren Weinstein/Getty Images It is now just before 7 a.m. April 12 where I am, but in America it is 7 p.m. April 11, which is called National Submarine Day.  Every morning when I wake up I first check my emails, and then open Bing, the search site I usually use.  It opens with a different interesting background picture...
Apr 12 1:48pm @6 I served aboard the USS Bluefish, SSN 675, from '72 to '76.  Trained for 2 years in the Navy Nuclear training program before being allowed to operate a real shipboard nuclear powered steam plant....
Only one seed

Only one seed

By: Dulay  •  212 comments  •  2 months ago
Here's the rules. One thing only. It can an achievement, an event or an item.  I'll start:  That owns a froe
Apr 04 4:22pm @2.1.20 "..." Then you may doing it wrong.  Now a days when we want to say someone is dumb we say, "He's not the brightest light on the tree." or, "He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer." or, "He's...
Apr 04 3:36pm @11.2.7 Know why Marines are stationed on Navy vessels? Could never teach the sheep to clean up after themselves. MM1/C  SS '70-76'
Apr 04 3:24pm @4.3 "..." I got straight 4.0's on calculus and differential equations.
Apr 04 3:22pm @2.1.19 1 gallon of water weighs 8 lbs, not counting everything else
Apr 04 3:19pm @28 I'll bet I'm the only member who has ever met former head of the CIA, L. Patrick Gray and former CNO Admiral Frank B. Kelso OH, and you'd be wrong, I do own a froe.  Used to belong to my...