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Buzz of the Orient
link   Buzz of the Orient    2 years ago

As you are one of us rare Canadians, you might have an interest in joining this group:


Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    2 years ago

Welcome to NewsTalkers yvan!

You have a joined dynamic and growing social news site with a diverse group of people discussing everything from pets to politics.

As a new member, you should click on Perries'Instructional Videos, they will help you learn how to navigate the site.

You may also want to consider joiningNewsTalkers Community. NTC functions as the NewsTalkers bulletin board where any important changes, and some not so important changes, regarding the site functions, its policies or the Code of Conduct(CoC) are posted.

Thank you for joining us, we look forward to your contributions,

~Jerry Verlinger
Co-Administrator-NewsTalkers Community Group

link   Dowser    2 years ago

Welcome Yvan!

link   96WS6    2 years ago

Thanks for the FR. Gladly accepted!

link   96WS6    2 years ago

Welcome Yvan!


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