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Single mom, three daughters, never married. I live in northern Wisconsin. I commute at least once a week to Milwaukee, where I am part owner of a business.

I've a BA in Journalism with an emphasis on investigative reporting. I lean liberal, am unconventional, Tantric, a moral relativist, sardonic,  a collector of the esoteric, sci-fi fan and enjoy going to rummages.


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OH State Trooper Masturbates With Child While Watching Porn, Gets Off Scot Free

Ohio State Trooper Ricky Vitte Jr....
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The PC Clique On NT

There's a book I read entitled; "A...
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Indiana police threaten to Taser black firefighter in the face for waving at them

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77 youths sexually exploited in Milwaukee over two years, report says

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Is it only me?

I'm getting real fed up with the...
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Texas state troopers caught on camera probing women's privates aren't isolated incidents: lawyers

The first video was graphic enough....
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Mo. judge fires 34-year court employee for providing document that helped free innocent man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) A longtime...
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Sandusky laughs off witness testimony, implies Paterno didn’t believe he was a pedophile

Convicted sex offender Jerry...
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Patrick Stewart calls on ‘one million men’ to promise an end to violence against women

NEW YORKSir Patrick Stewart stood...
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@aeonpax • 2 hours ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on Out of the Past - Is Obama Really the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’?:
"Related; Obama's final year: US spent $36 million in records lawsuits"
@aeonpax • 2 hours ago • comments: 11
Posted a new Comment on Steinem-led media group gives top honors to Fox News for gender parity:
"Nothing like a lawsuit to force the issue of "fair pay.""
@aeonpax • yesterday • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Donald Trump, Jr., Criticizes London Mayor After Deadly Attack :
"Considering that the UK is ground zero for western pedophiles in government, royals, industry and authoritarian positions, which the working class there..."
@aeonpax • yesterday • comments: 11
Posted a new Comment on Steinem-led media group gives top honors to Fox News for gender parity:
"It doesn't say anything about the real issue here; Pay parity.  A big fail for Steinem trying to be relevant again."
@aeonpax • 3 days ago • comments: 66
Posted a new Comment on Out of the Past - 27 Facts That Prove Just How Badly Barack Obama's Presidency Has Devastated the Middle Class :
"While I may have problems with some of the statistics linked to here, overall, ALL of them together paint a damning picture of the effects of Obama's..."
@aeonpax • 3 days ago • comments: 15
Posted a new Comment on Rebuffed by Comey's testimony, Trump tweet teases new theory:
"When it comes to stopping Trump, the democrats are less than useless. However, It is Trmp and his gaggle of white house clowns, that will bring upon..."
@aeonpax • 3 days ago • comments: 15
Posted a new Comment on Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano over his Trump wiretap claim:
"After all is said and done, Trmp is still a lying sack of manure."
@aeonpax • 5 days ago • comments: 29
Posted a new Comment on Kellyanne Conway Tells Story About Hillary’s Concession Call On Election Night:
"It must have irked the Clinton team no end, to have to make that call, to such an inferior human. "
@aeonpax • 5 days ago • comments: 66
Posted a new Comment on Liberals Have to Avoid Sounding ‘So F*cking Condescending and Smug’:
"` Like with 99% of all cable news personalities, I've never watched them on TV.  I'm only familiar with them by name and on youtube.  In the case of Rachel..."
@aeonpax • 5 days ago • comments: 27
Posted a new Comment on Drugs are killing so many people in Ohio that cold-storage trailers are being used as morgues :
"I'll admit, the way I was "generalizing" was in reality, not 100% accurate.  I could have said,; ""most", "a large majority", "a large percentage" or..."

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link 01/03/17 10:26:19PM @sixpick:

Good to see ya and welcome back!

link 01/04/17 05:06:02AM @aeonpax:

thumbs up

link 01/03/17 12:06:58PM @96ws6:

welcome back!

link 01/03/17 01:27:32PM @aeonpax:

Thanks. I was going through old email, deleting it when I ran into an old message by Perrie.  It's all about red heads.


link 01/02/17 08:01:19AM @uptownchick:

Welcome back! 

link 01/02/17 09:16:44AM @aeonpax:

Big hugsBig hugsBig hugs

Nowhere Man
link 01/02/17 07:29:21AM @nowhere-man:

Welcome back Girl, I wish I could say things have changed, but they haven't.

And in some ways, worse than it was before.

But it's good to see you again....

link 01/02/17 09:14:43AM @aeonpax:


Thanks. The more things change, the more they remain the same. I can't say I haven't changed. Keeping the weight off is getting harder. I don't have the fire I used to have in arguing over politics.  Otherwise, I haven't changed that much.

Jerry Verlinger
link 08/19/15 12:22:43AM @jerry-verlinger:
'z'?! A small z? That's what you changed your username to?Why?!
link 01/02/17 07:01:38AM @aeonpax:

I took a hiatus. Real Time concerns (work/family) required all my attention. Now I have to change things back and get used to this place again.

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