al Jizzerror

I co-founded a couple of Newsvine Nations (ButtHeads and SiN) with Cobalt.  They were free speech Nations that emphasized satire.  

This recently appeared on the NewStalkers home page:

Clarification On Comment Flagging

This is a clarification of our flagging rules. If a comment is responded to by the person it was directed to, it is considered in play, even if the previous comment was a violation. The reason is that the person that the violating comment was directed to, had the option to flag it, instead of commenting back. Moderation reserves the right to deal with egregious comments such as those that violate the TOS or otherwise do harm to the site.

My position:

I neither flag, nor do I will I ever delete any content on NT.  So, if you direct comments at me, I will always try to "keep them in play" by responding.  So, I invite all stalker/trolls to flame on me.

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