The Adam Project | Official Teaser | Netflix

By:  evilgenius  •  10 months ago  •  4 comments

The Adam Project | Official Teaser | Netflix
We're gonna put the genie back in the bottle.

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Okay nerds. You didn't think I was going to go a whole week without a new trailer did you? In Netflix's new movie The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds teams up with his younger self to save the future. Since it's on Netflix and Mrs Evil loves Ryan Reynolds I'm sure to see this one when it drops on March 11th.

Director: Shawn Levy

Writers: Jonathan Tropper, T.S. Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett

Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner


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Professor Guide
1  author  evilgenius    10 months ago

Looks cute, but not ground breaking. LOL!

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
2  Trout Giggles    10 months ago

I love Ryan Reynolds, too. I will have to watch it

Professor Principal
3  Kavika     10 months ago

A combination of ET, Back to the Future and Avatar.

I like it.

Professor Principal
4  Ender    10 months ago

Canadians taking overĀ  !

Well, it has Daredevil and the Hulk...


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