Love + Death + Robots Season 3

By:  evilgenius  •  2 weeks ago  •  3 comments

Love + Death + Robots Season 3
No fucking way!

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Netflix's hit animated anthology is back for season 3. More love, more death and a whole shit-load more robots! Season 3 drops May 20th.

The official teaser trailer

The official trailer


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PhD Guide
1  author  evilgenius    2 weeks ago

It's one of my favorite return watching binges on Netflix. I can go back and pick my favorites when I don't have the time to devote to a whole hour episode of something else.

Professor Principal
2  Ender    2 weeks ago

I have never heard of this show before. At first I was thinking the one with that Malik guy.

PhD Guide
2.1  author  evilgenius  replied to  Ender @2    2 weeks ago

For a sci-fi/horror fan it's pretty damned good. Many of the shorts are taken from prominent writers in the genre like last season's The Tall Grass by Joe R. Lansdale.


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