A Dirty Dancing Sequel Is Officially Happening. Here's Everything We Know So Far.

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A Dirty Dancing Sequel Is Officially Happening. Here's Everything We Know So Far.

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A Dirty Dancing Sequel Is Officially Happening. Here's Everything We Know So Far.

Jennifer Grey will return for what's been dubbed "one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood."


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he original  Dirty Dancing  movie became a worldwide phenomenon following its release in 1987. Having already inspired a number of  spin-offs and re-creations , it's officially been announced that a  Dirty Dancing  sequel  is really happening, and Jennifer Grey, who famously portrayed Frances "Baby" Houseman in the original film, will return.

Now, two years after the project was first confirmed, the team has released new details on the plot, the soundtrack, and a possible tribute to Patrick Swayze. Here's everything we know so far about  the  Dirty Dancing  sequel .

The  Dirty Dancing  sequel is aiming to release in 2024.

Deadline  reports that the much-anticipated sequel is expected to start filming later this year with a possible release in 2024. The film will see Baby returning to Kellerman’s resort in the '90s, with her own storyline intertwining with a new romance involving a young couple at the resort. These stories will be soundtracked by a mix of '90s tracks and songs from the original soundtrack, including Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes."

Dirty Dancing  has always been one of my favorite films, I never imagined I would direct the sequel," director and co-writer Jonathan Levine said. "Through co-writing it, I fell in love with the characters (new and old), the world of 1990s Catskills New York, and the music, which will range from songs from the original movie to ‘90s hip-hop."

"I can’t wait to collaborate with Jennifer to bring this beautiful story of summer and romance and dancing to a generation of new fans. And to the longtime ones, I promise we will not ruin your childhood. We will tackle the assignment with sophistication, ambition, and, above all, love," he continued.

Baby will be back for the  Dirty Dancing  sequel.

Fans of the original  Dirty Dancing  will be elated to hear that Baby herself,  Jennifer Grey , is coming back for the sequel.  Deadline  confirmed that Grey would be both starring in and producing the sequel, meaning that she's heavily involved in the production.

Grey's involvement in the sequel is particularly important as the actress previously turned down the chance to appear in ABC's 2017 remake, which starred Abigail Breslin. Grey told  The Hollywood Reporter  at the time, "I was asked to do something on that show and I was flattered because I always want to be asked because it's nice to want to be included. But for me, it would be sacrosanct for me to do it because it didn't feel appropriate to me."

The  Dirty Dancing  sequel has directors and writers attached.

According to  Deadline Jonathan Levine , who is known for his work on  50/50 Long Shot , and the Hulu series  Nine Perfect Strangers  will direct the sequel, and is working with production executive  Gillian Bohrer , who had a hand in  Twilight , on the project. The screenplay was written by Levine and Elizabeth Chomko, who previously penned the 2018 indie film  What They Had .

Get ready for some nostalgia.

Lionsgate's CEO, Jon Feltheimer, opened up to  Deadline  about the movie, which he called "one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood." Feltheimer explained, "It will be exactly the kind of romantic, nostalgic movie that the franchise’s fans have been waiting for and that have made it the biggest-selling library title in the Company’s history."

The  Dirty Dancing  sequel will honor the late Patrick Swayze.

In an interview with  Deadline , Levine revealed that Baby may not be the only character from the original  Dirty Dancing  to return, saying that the sequel's team will be reaching out to some of the original cast members. Although original star Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer in 2009, the production team is also in conversation with the late actor's estate about including his character Johnny in a respectful manner.

"Johnny is a part of Baby’s journey in the story," Levine told the outlet. "This film exists in a dialogue with the original. We want to introduce this story to a whole new generation. That said, Johnny’s absence looms large over the story, so it’s a coming-of-age story but also a coming-of-age for Baby’s character in a way."


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Buzz of the Orient
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1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient    2 months ago

MOST of Baby will be back.

Greg Jones
Professor Guide
2  Greg Jones    2 months ago

I love Jennifer Grey. A few years ago she won DWTS.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
2.1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Greg Jones @2    2 months ago
"I love Jennifer Grey."

Yeah, I figured.  You were the only person to post a comment on the article about her that I posted a month ago.  Maybe you'll be the only one here as well.  Although I had access to a lot of DWTS episodes, I didn't have the one with her.  I can't open your YouTube.

PhD Guide
3  evilgenius    2 months ago

I've heard about this. I've been waiting on a plot breakdown, but haven't seen anything on that yet. I'm a fan of the original. Not too long ago I watched a documentary on the making of the movie. It's amazing any movie ever gets made...

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
3.1  seeder  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  evilgenius @3    2 months ago

I guess articles like this, and I'm also thinking of the ones for the Dune remake, are meant to build up anticipation and interest.

Professor Principal
4  Ender    2 months ago

I would have to say no.

so it’s a coming-of-age story but also a coming-of-age for Baby’s character in a way."

Uh, that was the original.


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