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A Poll - Whom do you hate the most?

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A Poll - Whom do you hate the most?

Watching big crowds around the world marching in support of the terrorist organization Hamas, the tremendously increasing numbers of hate crimes against Asians (not just in the USA - lots of incidents in Canada and Europe as well), increasing antisemitism, killing of black people by white police, the adoption of Trump's and Pompeo's China-bashing by Biden and his administration, etc etc prompted me to realize how topical "HATE" is these days.  So I thought I would do a poll to determine the pet hatreds of the NT members.  I've provided a short list of what I perceive to be recent objects of hatred by the public, so let's see how NT members fare in this quest. 

As perhaps you know already, your vote is entirely confidential - even I having posted the poll, cannot determine your vote, or even who voted, so everyone is entirely free to state their TRUE feelings in comfort.  I do apologize that due to the system, you are limited to only one choice, even though you may feel otherwise. 

To vote, you click on the little circle to the left of your choice, and then you must click on the "vote" link below the circles to register your vote,

Asians / Pacific Islanders
Black people
The Chinese Communist Party / Xi Jinping
Netanyahu / Israelis
Hamas / Palestinian Authority


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Raven Wing
Professor Guide
4  Raven Wing    3 years ago

I don't hate anyone.

Professor Quiet
3  Ronin2    3 years ago

I couldn't answer the poll correctly because of the way it is worded.

I notice you have Hamas/Palestinian Authority- but not the Palestinian people; but then put Netanyahu / Isrealis together. Can I call a three way tie between Hamas/PA/Netanyahu and the radicals in the government? I do not hate the Israeli people. Lumping them in with Bibi is not right.

Close second would be Xi and Chinese government for their handling/cover up of Covid 19; that turned into a pandemic.

Not sure how the rest even made the list; how can anyone hate an entire race/religion/sexual orientation? (I know I know there are some morons that can hate that way; but I am allowed to not to agree with it or understand it.)

Thrawn 31
Professor Guide
2  Thrawn 31    3 years ago

Meh, I have individuals, not groups. 

Bob Nelson
Professor Guide
1  Bob Nelson    3 years ago

I can't answer the poll.

I hate no one.

Professor Expert
1.1  Krishna  replied to  Bob Nelson @1    3 years ago
I hate no one.

I also had a similar problem with the poll-- which also made it difficult for me to answer. 

My problem: I hate just about everyone. (Really difficult for me to answer the poll question! )

Masters Principal
1.2  Hallux  replied to  Bob Nelson @1    3 years ago

Agreed, hate provides sustenance ... now a good hefty dose of apathy will starve any monster.