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Time Lord
link 12/27/12 03:11:41AM @time-lord:

Miss Chilli Peppa...ah gotta great idea fer an avatar pic. Can ya guess whaa ah'm thinkin?

Mrs D
link 09/14/12 06:41:37PM @mrs-d:

I'm not sure what I'm doing yet but it's nice to see my friends here. :)

Kara Shalee
link 08/06/12 02:45:16AM @kara-shalee:

Hi chelli, it's so great to see you over here. Thanks for the friends request, and I hope to see more of you!!

link 08/01/12 12:25:18PM @soovivers:

Hi Chelli - you never know who's gonna be where huh? lols I've been on here since Ms Perrie started it off and on. Lately mostly off. Great to see you.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 07/31/12 10:45:13PM @perrie-halpern:

Yes, I have been quite the busy girl for a while now. Glad you like the site. If you need any help getting used to the place, just give me a holler!

Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.
link 07/31/12 10:15:16PM @peter-loves-the-real-tea-party:

I am the very same. Great to see you here. Hope all has been well since my mostly departure from NV.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 07/31/12 08:07:28PM @perrie-halpern:


When did you sneak on? How rude of me not to say HI! Thanks so much for the friend request! It's great to see you!

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