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@Dulay, 07/11/18 10:55:09AM
CK, I have no fucking clue what you're whining about.

What 'challenge'? Be specific. Post the link.

I haven't blocked ANY comments ANYWHERE. I have no more ability to block a comment than you do. If your comment, wherever the hell it is, was removed I suggest you go whine to the mods, not me.

As for being a 'wanker', coming onto my 'guestbook' to whine, while failing to address your issue in whatever fucking thread your talking about OR to the mods proves who the fucking wanker is in this scenario.
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@Eat The Press Do Not Read It, 12/25/17 10:45:03PM
It's quite now, the house is silent. The grandchildren sleep, the relatives long gone, dishes done, wrapping paper cleaned up, the laughter, the tears, all wiped cleaned as we lean toward a New Year!
So, how dysfunctional was your Christmas?
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@Jerry Verlinger, 07/31/17 01:43:30PM
I'm very happy to see you here on NewsTalkers, and I'm also glad to see you remembered to look me up and invite me to your friends list. The Left needs all the Left leaning support we can get around here. You used to be pretty close to the political center, but you are leaning to the left now, right? We have many Right Wingnuts here posting their crazy articles and comments, which keep things interesting.

The most prolific of them being xxJerrerson51, who used to be Cornhusker4Palin on Newsvine.