Glacier Park: Trail of the Cedars (Photo Diary)


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Glacier Park: Trail of the Cedars (Photo Diary)

Glacier Park: Trail of the Cedars (Photo Diary)


The Trail of the Cedars, adjacent to the Avalanche picnic grounds in Montana’s Glacier National Park, is an extremely popular area. Those who hiked to Avalanche Lake during the EPIC Glacier Park Meet Up in June will probably remember this little walk and have a few pictures which should be posted. The photographs shown below were taken on October 7, an overcast Fall day. The overcast lightning meant a lack of dark shadow in the forest area and, since it was October, the water level in the creek was low.

photo DSCN9534_zpss9uzbtyw.jpg
photo DSCN9535_zpssdh3cppw.jpg
photo DSCN9536_zpswdz4edkj.jpg
photo DSCN9538_zpsf5s7zqpb.jpg
photo DSCN9540_zpspszsqjr6.jpg
photo DSCN9544_zpsrwfpqsr9.jpg
photo DSCN9546_zps5dr5jtzt.jpg
photo DSCN9547_zpsnsh7j8a7.jpg
photo DSCN9548_zpse5b01wpn.jpg
photo DSCN9549_zpsm5p1jdlu.jpg
photo DSCN9550_zpsboigfkk2.jpg
photo DSCN9551_zpss7gfduai.jpg
photo DSCN9552_zpshiegwnmn.jpg
photo DSCN9553_zpspbj6hvds.jpg
photo DSCN9554_zpsfxyrbuah.jpg
photo DSCN9557_zpssiwnqqjd.jpg
photo DSCN9560_zpswd96sytd.jpg
photo DSCN9561_zpsqodgqh0j.jpg
photo DSCN9562_zpsgbxxdsdt.jpg
photo DSCN9563_zps7dtyg4nq.jpg
photo DSCN9564_zpsbz36rzsp.jpg
photo DSCN9565_zpswbu0xj1x.jpg
photo DSCN9566_zpsughqkazm.jpg
photo DSCN9567_zpsddnhd61d.jpg
photo DSCN9569_zpsr1gud06w.jpg



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''In Wildness is the preservation of the world''...Henry David Thoreau.

Glacier National Park, one of the most beautiful places in America.

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Glacier Park in the winter.


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