Hill push to battle foreign election interference is stuck at McConnell roadblock


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Hill push to battle foreign election interference is stuck at McConnell roadblock
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S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Hill push to battle foreign election interference is stuck at McConnell roadblock

The Senate majority leader has not allowed a vote on any of the bipartisan measures to strengthen election systems and make it harder for hostile powers to manipulate social media.
WASHINGTON — Not every Republican agrees with President Trump that foreigners have a role to play in American elections.

In fact, some GOP senators have joined with Democrats to co-sponsor legislation designed to shore up voting machines and make it harder for foreign intelligence operatives to hack, leak and manipulate social media the way the Russians did in 2016.

But those bills are going nowhere — because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has not allowed a vote on any of them.


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Thrawn 31
Professor Guide
1  Thrawn 31    4 years ago

The GOP gives foreign govts the green light for election interference. 

Greg Jones
Professor Guide
1.1  Greg Jones  replied to  Thrawn 31 @1    4 years ago

There was no actual "interference" in the election. No votes were changed or manipulated.

In a free society, people are allowed the freedom to attempt to "influence" other people' attitudes, beliefs, and even political opinions. This is the law, and is called freedom of speech and expression.

Sophomore Silent
2  seeder  nightwalker    4 years ago


A key piece of trump's reelection strategy?

Professor Guide
3  FLYNAVY1    4 years ago

When Americans lose confidence in the validity of their votes being cast, it is then that we stand to lose the republic to autocrats and capitalists forever.  McConnell and his GOP minions have proven time and again that the Constitution and Americans come secondary to the party of Trump.   

Sophomore Silent
3.1  seeder  nightwalker  replied to  FLYNAVY1 @3    4 years ago

Seems to be the plan. Sadly, it also seems to be working.

Professor Guide
4  FLYNAVY1    4 years ago

....Sadly, it also seems to be working.

As much as I hate to admit it, Americans are a pretty selfish materialistic lot.  Sure we come together to sandbag against floods, or lend a hand after a tornado hits, but we don't seem to understand that we are all better if all boats rise with the tide.  The concept of us all being in it together doesn't register anymore.  The WWII generation knew about compromise to move the country forward.  Since Newt Gingrich, the word compromise is seen as a negative. 

Sophomore Silent
5  seeder  nightwalker    4 years ago

Too bad people don't wake up in Kentucky and vote his old decrepit butt out. He really should wear his price tag, but as long as the Kochs love him, that's the way it going to be.

Another of them "patriots" that just LLOOVVVEEE this country, but hates about 75% of the people in it.

Professor Principal
6  JBB    4 years ago

Beyond this point we may not know what to believe but we surely know by now we simply cannot believe anything Trump, McConnell or the damn gop says anymore...


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