Race Law Enforcement A Volatile Mix Now Add High School Football To The Mix


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Race Law Enforcement A Volatile Mix Now Add High School Football To The Mix
The discussion over black lives and blue lives now involves high schoolers wearing blue and red in one central Ohio community. A promotional photo of the Marysville High School football team is leading to controversy after team members held the “thin blue line” flag representing law enforcement in the picture.

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It's sad when people go after high school students for supporting the people that protect them.  


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It's pretty sad that people are so wrapped up in BS that they have to go after children with their hatred and ignorance.  They did absolutely NOTHING wrong or illegal.

All they did was show support by displaying the colors:

     Green stripe: Military

     Red Stripe: Firefighter

     Blue stripe: Law Enforcement

     White stripe: EMT

For that they are called "racist".

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Very sad.  

It's even sadder that people here are apparently so uninterested in calling out BS like this.

Lots of fake titty, body shaming and Trump hatred articles to respond to though so i suppose they need to manage their posting time here accordingly ......

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I'm just against desecrating the US Flag. The "thin blue line" flag is against the US Flag code (modification of US flag). If we are so patriotic why don't we respect the flag?


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