Oklahoma woman makes up incredible story about "saving" Afghanistan girls robotic team! - The Lost Ogle


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Oklahoma woman makes up incredible story about "saving" Afghanistan girls robotic team! - The Lost Ogle
A couple of weeks ago, national and local news stations were all aflutter after Allyson Reneau - an Oklahoma biological mother of 11 who was featured on the Today Show 10 years ago for pursuing a Harvard degree and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the totally credible non-profit "Explore Mars" - claimed […]

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

"Unfortunately, just like the Oklahoma Standard, Allyson's story appears to be a media-manufactured lie."

That is an amazing and truthful sentence right there.

If there is an "Oklahoma Standard", it's "Self before others" and Allyson is clearly a follower of it.



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1  seeder  JBB    3 weeks ago

File this doozy under "Crazy Oklahoma Trumpers"...

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2  Kavika     3 weeks ago

Seems the girls robotic team is safe in Mexico and Australia issued special visas to 77 Afghan athletes including the afghan women’s soccer team

Trout Giggles
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This is the best part:

An Oklahoma woman is being asked to stop claiming any affiliation with the group of Afghan high school girls whose talents developing and building robots have grabbed international headlines.

Allyson Reneau of Oklahoma City was accused in a cease-and-desist letter from the team of overstating her role in their harrowing departure out of Afghanistan last week.

The letter, sent Tuesday on behalf of the team and its parent organization, the Digital Citizen Fund, is described as a “fair and final warning” to Reneau to “stop any and all false statements in relation to the Afghan Girls Robotics Team,” the team’s attorney, Kimberley Motley, wrote.

“Recycling old pictures with the Afghan Girls Robotics Team, many of whom are minors, as validation that you had anything to do with their immensely stressful and dangerous escape not only impacts the safety of the girls but it also significantly affects the safety of the members of the team who still remain in Afghanistan,” Motley said in the letter, which was first reported by The Washington Post and provided Friday to NBC News.

Motley wrote that the government of Qatar, which helped the girls flee Kabul in the wake of the chaos caused by the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan, “confirmed that they have no idea who you are and that you were not involved in any material way with the girls leaving Afghanistan.”

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