'Missing' Drunk Man Spent Hours Helping a Search Party Look for Himself


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'Missing' Drunk Man Spent Hours Helping a Search Party Look for Himself
He helped look for himself for hours before realising who the search party was looking for.

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He helped look for himself for hours before realising who the search party was looking for. SJby Shamani Joshi Mumbai, IN September 29, 2021, 10:06am

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Photo for representative purposes only by Yuri_Arcurs / Getty

A missing man in Turkey accidentally joined his own search party and looked for himself for hours before he realised he was the target of the rescue mission.

According to local media reports, Beyhan Mutlu, a 50-year-old man from a rural region in Turkey, was out drinking with his friends when he wandered off into a nearby forest and didn't return. Worried about him, his friends then alerted authorities, who set up a search and rescue mission to find him.

According to Turkish channel NTV, when news of the missing man got out, efforts to find him intensified in nearby neighbourhoods, with a large group of volunteers joining the mission. This search party was calling out Mutlu's name for hours when suddenly a man from within the group spoke up and reportedly said: "Who are we looking for? I am here."


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It is unclear how Mutlu found himself in his own search party or how his friends didn't realise that he was right under their nose the whole time. Police were able to safely escort Mutlu to his home.

This isn't the first time a missing person joined their own rescue mission. In 2012, an Asian tourist who went missing in Iceland was also found in her own search party after she reportedly failed to recognise her own description.

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1  seeder  Tacos!    2 months ago

Thank you Alex, I'll take "Signs you might have a drinking problem" for $2000.

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Professor Quiet
1.2  cjcold  replied to  Tacos! @1    2 months ago

Used to be a paramedic and truth is always stranger than fiction.

This would be a great plot twist for a novel or movie. 

Sparty On
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2  Sparty On    2 months ago

Awesome story .... so what does the guy look like?   Well, he looks a lot like you .......... DOH!

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After a hard night at Bob's Country Bunker bar and grill where chicken wire protected the band.

Back in my youth I actually played places like that. They still exist.

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Lol, good seed


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