Mayorkas on the hot seat


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Mayorkas on the hot seat
"You've been called upon to resign. Next year, if we have the majority in this committee, which we shall, you'll face impeachment," Higgins said, during Wednesday's hearing. "Own this thing. Out of respect for you and the office, I ask you to reflect upon that."

Yesterday Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faced the music from Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee and the House Appropriations Subcommittee, ahead of the planned termination of the Trump-era pandemic policy, known as Title 42. Under intense grilling over the open border, Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana warned of Mayorkas pending impeachment when Republicans retake the House.

"You've been called upon to resign. Next year, if we have the majority in this committee, which we shall, you'll face impeachment." "Own this thing. Out of respect for you and the office, I ask you to reflect upon that." 

Here is a sampling:

From Mayorkas we heard the usual gaslighting at one point claiming that the border was "effectively managed."


"Secretary Mayorkas isn’t an ordinary cabinet official. His intentional lawbreaking has cost countless American lives," Rep. Banks said in a statement to Fox News. "There’s widespread agreement that he must face consequences and Republicans are building a case and exploring avenues to hold Secretary Mayorkas accountable for his role in creating one of the worst humanitarian crises in American history."

One of the most insidious revelations came when Mayorkas said that the Department of Homeland Security is creating a "Disinformation Governance Board."  I imagine that would be a Soviet style censorship board. Could it be a coincidence that we learn of this dirty deed at the very time that Elon Musk bought Twitter?

"Mayorkas said a "Disinformation Governance Board" had recently been created and will be led by Undersecretary for Policy Rob Silvers co-chair with principal deputy general counsel Jennifer Gaskill.

"The goal is to bring the resources of (DHS) together to address this threat," Mayorkas said, adding that the department is focused on the spread of disinformation in minority communities

Fox News has reached out to DHS seeking more information on the "Disinformation Governance Board."

Hours later, Politico reported that Nina Jankowicz, who previously served as a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, will head the board as executive director.

"Cat’s out of the bag: here’s what I’ve been up to the past two months, and why I’ve been quiet on here," Jankowicz tweeted. "Honored to be serving in the Biden Administration @DHSgov and helping shape our counter-disinformation efforts." Mayorkas also named Rob Silvers and Jennifer Gaskell as leaders of the new board."

As you may have guessed Nina Jankowicz is another leftwing radical:

"The Biden administration's new tsar to combat disinformation has a history of sharing misleading claims about British ex-spy  Christopher Steele’s  discredited dossier and downplaying controversy embroiling President Joe Biden's son."

They are always up to no good. Unfortunately we have to wait 7 months to clean the filth out of congress.

We can only hope they impeach Mayorkas.



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Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
1  author  Vic Eldred    4 weeks ago

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday in a case that could determine whether the Biden administration can terminate the very effective "Remain in Mexico" policy.

Right Down the Center
Freshman Guide
2  Right Down the Center    4 weeks ago

"From Mayorkas we heard the usual gaslighting at one point claiming that the border was "effectively managed.""

Biggest nugget of disinformation in years.  Why is he allowed to speak?  Why isn't the left condemning and canceling him?  Why is the scum still on twitter?

Just Jim NC TttH
Masters Principal
2.1  Just Jim NC TttH  replied to  Right Down the Center @2    4 weeks ago

Three big questions of the day. Kudos.

Professor Quiet
2.2  Ronin2  replied to  Right Down the Center @2    4 weeks ago

Because he has the all might D behind his name; and that allows him to say and do anything w/o consequences. Only the left is allowed to control the flow of information and decide what is real and what is fake.

Republicans need to follow through on impeach for Mayorkas, and Merrick Garland. They also need to hold House Democrats to the same standards that Pelosi does Republicans. Which means strong censure and stripping them of their committee assignments. The squad alone has provided enough fodder to warrant it.

Freshman Silent
2.3  gooseisback  replied to  Right Down the Center @2    4 weeks ago
at one point claiming that the border was "effectively managed.""

They lie with such ease, its almost scary. 

Professor Guide
3  1stwarrior    4 weeks ago

U.S. District Judge Robert R. Summerhays of the Western District of Louisiana, who  said Monday he intended  to issue  the injunction , barred Homeland Security from taking steps to wind down the policy known as Title 42 over the next two weeks. He also set a May 13 hearing date to determine whether the pause should be extended beyond May 23, when the administration aims to fully rescind the rule, which was initiated by former President  Donald Trump .

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
4  author  Vic Eldred    4 weeks ago

Today's Testimony:


Republican Rep. Jim Jordan  was cut off and left seemingly stunned while grilling Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on whether 42 illegal immigrants on the terror watch list have been released into the United States. 

"Forty-two illegal immigrants were encountered at our border are on the terrorist and no-fly list. Are any of them still in our country?" House Judiciary Committee ranking member Jordan asked Mayorkas Thursday during a Capitol hearing. 

Jordan was then informed that his time has expired, but the Ohio Republican continued  pressing Mayorkas to respond

"This is an important question for this committee," Jordan continued.
"Congressman, I will deliver to you a response with respect…" Mayorkas said while Jordan kept pressing him. Mayorkas added that "some of them may still be in detention."

Jordan was then cut off due to his time being expired and Rep. Pramila Jayapal began speaking. 

Customs and Border Protection data released this month shows more than  40 migrants on the terror watch list  have been arrested by CBP trying to enter the country illegally since President Biden took office last year. 

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana yielded some of his time to Jordan during the hearing, allowing him to continue his line of questioning.

"Have any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list or no-fly list encountered on our southwest border been released into the United States?" he asked.

"As I mentioned before, I will provide that data to you with respect to the disposition of each one. I do not know the answer to your question," he responded. 

The response appeared to leave Jordan stunned. 

"The secretary of Homeland Security does not know the answer to the status of 42 individuals who came to our southern border illegally, are on the no-fly list and the terrorist watch list. You do not know whether they have been released or not into the country. That's your testimony."

"That’s amazing," Jordan concluded. 

Mayorkas testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, where he was expected to face tough questioning regarding the Biden administration’s plan to lift Title 42, a Trump-era public health order that has been used to expel a majority of migrants at the border during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
4.1  author  Vic Eldred  replied to  Vic Eldred @4    4 weeks ago

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., on Thursday accused the Biden administration of secretly ending Title 42 enforcement ahead of the May 23 deadline despite a court order blocking the move.


Issa made the accusation during an exchange with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who testified before the House Oversight Committee on Thursday. Issa said he had spoken with multiple border agents who said the Biden administration is already contacting migrants who were deported under Title 42 to reassess their status.

Title 42 is a Trump-era COVID-19 restriction allowing for the speedy deportation of most migrants at the border.

"When is Title 42 going to end?" Issa asked.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will –" Mayorkas responded before being cut off.

"No, no, no. Just the date," Issa said.

"The CDC said May 23," Mayorkas said.

"When we were at the border a week ago we saw that, on your orders, orders from Washington, but I have to presume they were yours, Title 42 has already ended," Issa asserted. "Your customs people were ordered to, and they were bringing in every day as many as they could get from down in Mexico Title 42 people that had been refused, and bringing them back in."

"When I asked the agent in charge, she told me that they were trying to clear the backlog completely by May 23… That is a clandestine ending of Title 42. Why did you do it?" Issa said.

Mayorkas denied making such an order and said the accusation was "factually incorrect." When pressed on why members of Congress had been told it was occurring, Mayorkas again denied that it was. He said only that his administration has ramped up deportations under Title 8 in anticipation of Title 42's end.

Issa then called for it to be entered into the record that multiple members of Congress had been informed "by a uniformed agent" that the administration was already working to clear the Title 42 backlog.

Mayorkas has appeared before Congress several times in recent weeks. His Wednesday testimony before the House Appropriations Committee made waves when  he confirmed  the Biden administration was in talks to reallocate resources such as doctors and nurses from the Department of Veterans Affairs to treat migrants at the border.

A group of senators introduced a bill Tuesday that would "prohibit the use by the Department of Veterans Affairs of funds to provide emergency assistance at the southern border of the United States resulting from the repeal of certain public health orders, and for other purposes.

Republicans in the House took a similar action earlier in April.

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
4.1.1  author  Vic Eldred  replied to  Vic Eldred @4.1    4 weeks ago

More than 40  migrants  on the terror watchlist have been arrested by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) trying to enter the country illegally since President Biden took office, according to newly released CBP data.

The data, sent to lawmakers in response to a congressional inquiry and obtained by Fox News Digital, says that since Jan. 20, 2021, U.S. Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations has "arrested 42 subjects who were on the terror watchlist and attempted to enter the United States illegally." 

The Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) contains information about the identities of those who are known or "reasonably suspected" of being involved in terrorist activities. Republican lawmakers  have repeatedly  called for the number of those encountered at the border to be made public by the administration.

The number does not count the number who got past overwhelmed Border Patrol agents at the southern border. Fox News reported earlier this month that over  62,000 illegal immigrants  evaded Border Patrol agents in March alone, averaging about 2,000 a day. 

The latest information from CBP comes in response to an inquiry in August from 20 House Republicans led by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, which called for the Department of Homeland Security to provide a slew of information about the ongoing crisis at the southern border.  The lawmakers asked for the number of migrants who entered unlawfully and "are included on a list maintained by the Federal Government relating to terrorists or individuals prohibited from boarding a commercial aircraft."

The lawmakers had hit out at the agency for a lack of transparency.

"Due to the unprecedented nature of this crisis, it is dangerously irresponsible for your Department to not be as transparent as possible with the American people, the states of this union and the localities facing the frontline effects of this crisis," that letter said.

Fox News had previously reported that 23 individuals had been apprehended across the southern border by Border Patrol between Jan. 20 and the end of December. This latest figure includes the Office of Field Operations (OFO) data, and therefore includes those encountered at ports of entry. The information includes nationwide arrests and is not specific to the southern border.
Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott had repeatedly sounded the alarm over the number of TSDBs coming across the border, telling  fellow agents  last year that it was "at a level we have never seen before."

"We have terrorist threats we can’t get into in this type of a forum but they are real," he told Fox News’ Bret Baier in October.

The number of TSDB encounters comes as the Biden administration released its border numbers for March on Monday, showing more than 220,000 encounters -- the highest of Biden’s presidency. 

The data sent by CBP to lawmakers also details the costs of the care of migrants. Since January 20, CBP has spent $95 million of federal funding on personnel, $338 million on infrastructure, $98 million on utilities and food and $166 million on healthcare. Additionally, it has spent $12 million on transporting migrants by vehicle and $36 million on transporting them by airplane.

Both Republicans and Democrats have  expressed concerns  over the Biden administration’s plan to lift the Title 42 public health order at the end of May, which has been used to expel a majority of migrants at the border -- with lawmakers fearing it will lead to an even bigger surge in migration to the already overwhelmed border.

Professor Guide
4.1.2  1stwarrior  replied to  Vic Eldred @4.1    4 weeks ago
"he confirmed  the Biden administration was in talks to reallocate resources such as doctors and nurses from the Department of Veterans Affairs to treat migrants at the border."
I'm sorry, but that is BS - give the Illegal Aliens the medical that veterans, who are U.S. Citizens, need, deserve and are honored by law to receive????
Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
4.1.3  author  Vic Eldred  replied to  1stwarrior @4.1.2    4 weeks ago

I got the same feeling from listening to Mayorkas. All their compassion is for the migrants.

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
5  author  Vic Eldred    4 weeks ago

In Conclusion:

These are the facts: Joe Biden has adopted a wide open border policy. Today we heard his Homeland Security Chief tell House Republicans and the American people that 1) It ain't so and 2) His job is to help those seeking refuge and migrants. We didn't hear him say one word about protecting the American people or protecting US Sovereignty,

As soon as the Republicans take control of the congress, both Biden and Mayorkas should be impeached.

This article stands unblemished and beyond dispute.


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