Russia’s Wagner Group founder admits to US election interference


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Russia’s Wagner Group founder admits to US election interference

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

A day before the United States   votes in midterm elections , the founder of Russia’s Wagner Group, a private mercenary force, has admitted to interfering in US elections and promised to continue.

“We have interfered, we are interfering and we will continue to interfere – carefully, accurately, surgically and in our own way, as we know how to do,” Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Monday in comments posted by the press service of his Concord catering firm on Russian social media.

“During our pinpoint operations, we will remove both kidneys and the liver at once,” the Russian businessman wrote on VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

He did not elaborate.

A 2018 US Justice Department indictment accused a Prigozhin-linked   troll farm,   the Internet Research Agency, of sowing divisions in the US electorate during the 2016 election campaign by using Facebook and Twitter.

Prigozhin usually keeps a low public profile but has become more outspoken in the course of the Ukraine war and has criticised Russian generals.

In September, after years of secrecy, he admitted to founding the Wagner Group, which has been active in Syria, African nations and now Ukraine.

On Friday, the Wagner Group opened a   defence technology centre   in St Petersburg, a further step by Prigozhin to highlight his military credentials and take a more public role in Russia’s defence policy.

Prigozhin owns a network of companies and is often referred to as “Putin’s chef” because his catering company has Kremlin contracts.

In July, the US State Department offered a reward of up to $10m for information on Prigozhin in connection with “engagement in US election interference.”

Those allegations have led the US, United Kingdom and European Union to sanction Prigozhin.


jrDiscussion - desc
Junior Principal
1  seeder  Hallux    3 weeks ago

'Nice' to see the Bear has her very own Eric Prince. Nice digs Yevgeny!


The Wagner Group, a private mercenary force, opened its first headquarters building on Friday in St Petersburg

Professor Principal
2  Kavika     3 weeks ago

In addition to killing women and kids among their war crimes, they are into political espionage/interference as well. Branching out like any good little corporation.

independent Liberal
Freshman Quiet
3  independent Liberal    3 weeks ago

Damn Russians, but thank you. I went to the liquor store Saturday and purchased a case of Beluga Noble for $15. I was going to buy Belvedere and they had it just sitting by the register with a fire sale price. I'm waiting for high end caviar to arrive at the same point but it's still a little high.

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3.1  seeder  Hallux  replied to  independent Liberal @3    3 weeks ago
Beluga Noble

And you only bought one case?

Professor Principal
4  Ender    3 weeks ago

The funny thing is, the US has private mercenary groups as well.

Anyway, it seems they know who and what to target.

independent Liberal
Freshman Quiet
4.1  independent Liberal  replied to  Ender @4    3 weeks ago

Isn't that the truth, Blackwater comes to mind. Instead of social media they like to put bullets in the heads of women in children in third world Countries.

Professor Principal
4.1.1  Ender  replied to  independent Liberal @4.1    3 weeks ago

I know it is not a popular opinion and I will probably get blasted for this but, we all have known Russia does this. What people don't want to face is we do the same things. We only try to act like us doing it is in the better interest. Then we wonder why other countries hate us...


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