Progressive talk about replacing Biden flames out | The Hill


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By:   Hanna Trudo (The Hill)

Progressive talk about replacing Biden flames out | The Hill
As President Biden prepares to launch another White House bid, the nascent movement to find a replacement to run in his place has flamed out, with Democrats in both wings of the party pleased with the expected direction of his campaign and no alternative in sight. Progressives have wondered how Biden will position himself in 2024, having seen him…


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Professor Principal
1  seeder  JBB    one month ago

As long as Trumpo is a viable candidate, the one man who has and can willl have to whoop his no good lying cheating ass, again! Joe Biden 2024...

Professor Principal
1.1  CB   replied to  JBB @1    one month ago

There will be observable slippage in the man, the "Giant," Joe Biden. Aging takes a drastic toll on mind, body, and sometimes spirit. Now, Joe could be an exception.  He has a lot of lovely and supportive people to keep him up.

That said, referring to Trump, one has to wonder with his jaundice view of the country, the government, and separate reality/spaces in which he inhabits, there is a high probability that the man as president could 'fail'  mentally right before this nation's 'eyes'! Trump tries to hold too much animosity, too much anger, too many 'irons' over high heat in every quadrant of his being and professional life. That is hard to do - while going deeper into the 'sunset years.'

- My take.

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
1.2  Vic Eldred  replied to  JBB @1    one month ago

It is only if Trump is the candidate. Some thought the Biden is the only one who could beat Trump. I think it's more likely that Trump is the only one he can beat.

You best hope that Trump gets the nomination.

Professor Quiet
2  Ronin2    one month ago

Brandon is the Democrat nominee?


No hiding in his basement this time. No "I am not Trump" BS. No "I am the great uniter" stupidity. Brandon has a long and miserable record he can and will be attacked on repeatedly. Don't really care if Trump is the Republican nominee or not.

Two consecutive years of Republican House dragging the Human Fuck Up Machine through the mud will damage Brandon beyond all chances of winning.

Democrats drove this country into a ditch. They will be buried in that same ditch in 2024.


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