Zoologist Reacts To Viral Animal TikTok


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By:   Clint Laidlaw

Zoologist Reacts To Viral Animal TikTok

TikTok may be a poison to our society, but it turns out that it is full of crazy animal videos!

From scary animal encounters, to unidentified animals, to cryptozoology, there is some insane animal content on TikTok!


Clint's enthusiasm... his obvious enjoyment of what he's doing... are infectious.

Even when the topic is rather silly, as here, it is always entertaining.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T


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1  seeder  Outis    2 months ago


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2  Kavika     2 months ago

That was great. I live in Florida so I'm quite used to seeing gators and if I head down to the Everglades I understand it to be one of the few if not the only place in the world where gators and crocs co exist. Anyhow that guy that put his hand on the snout of the gator was experienced with gators, an amature would probably been dead or armless in a hot minute. 

Great video.

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3  MonsterMash    2 months ago

Watching the video was good way to burn an hour, thanks for posting it.


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