Is "Dirty Diaper Donnie" losing his SHAT!


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Is "Dirty Diaper Donnie" losing his SHAT!
"A brown stain, of unknown substance, and putrid odors FOLLOWS Dirty Diaper Donnie, where every he goes!" Jonathan Lipschitz, Part Time Idiot & Full Time Moron

My Fellow Lipschitz, Donald J. Trump, aka, "Dirty Diaper Donnie" is single-handedly turning 'Mur-Ree-KKK-Ah into a SHAT HOLE .

Under "Sleepy Joe's" watch, NO one has a job, not even a blow jobs, that is what Donnie is screaming to his MAGA LOON CROWD of Whack-A-Doodle!


"Things is dat bad, Honey", screams the Orange Menace at the empty stadium's seats, the silent cardboard cut-outs of the "should be" enthusiastic audience, does not exist.

Trump cry that, that things are "so bad, and we need so much money, Liberal Tits have made it against the law to snatch  pennies from a dead man's eyelids"!

Folks, for crying out loud, who, but a crazy-arse, disgusting idiots spouts this kind of junk rhetoric? 

"Now, what kind of a Lefty Law  is dat , I ax you?", Donnie howl to an asleep FOX TV-FAKE NEWS commentor.

"I Kan't get a job, kan't get it up. Ain't no jobs, not even Blow Jobs. No wonder,  E-Mur-Ree-KKK-Ah's Econ-eee-me, is tankin '."

Trump shouted at the TV screen:  "Vote fer me. I cut taxes for the rich, which benefits the poor, too"! 

Editorial Note:  "You don't have to be a rocket to know that, Snuffy. You only have to be a Trump BLIND MOUSE".

T-Rump Bone whines that "Snoring Sleepy Joe", ain't lifted one damn, gone dung it finger, not even the middle finder, to do anything about how our economic plan is "now dropping Dow Jones on its head, and possibly busting it wide open", or words not similar to these.

"That honey, ain't good fer the e-con-o-me", rants Dirty Diaper Donnie to no one in particular, because, "no one in particular" is not listening to him. Only really STUPID, disgruntled, career losers have the time to listen to the SHAT fountain spew.

"Joe Must Go", Donnie snorts, as he snorts Adderall, Cocaine, Uppers and Downers, according to former cast members of "The Apprentice."

Trump Tards pound their snuff singing, off key, "Dirty Diaper Donnie must 'Ass-Send to da THRONE' if we is gonna win da erection!"

Shout it out loud: 


(The above PSA has not been rated and probably is not true.)


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Donnie is not who you think he is. He is WORSE!


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