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Congressional vanity laws made to order boutique style :yuh think!

By:  Coral Atlas  •   •  9 years ago  •  1 comments

Congressional vanity laws made to order boutique style :yuh think!

OUR Congress has no problem rolling out self serving laws when it comes to insider trading or delays at the airport that affect them.

Meanwhile millions of disadvantaged Americans are under attack - the sequestration seems to apply only to the powerless majority many of whom are suffering as a result.

Most Americans can't afford to fly nor do they have a need too .....

The disadvantages for the Majority are not always economic ... as is the case with the GOP states that are passing laws that the majority of voters don't want attacking the rights of citizens based on income level, gender, age and race ....

Once again the rusty out dated legal system and political system raises it's head ... all the while the radicalized pseudo-religious right touts the constitution as a bible and the founders as apostles of God!

We are being told to obey the rule of law by those who make and abuse the law! You can't make this up folks - open your eyes and your minds to the truth.

Folks every time I hear and view and read the crap coming from the likes of McCain, Perry, Boehner, McConnell, Fox & co I want to vomit in their effing faces!

What do YUH THINK!


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Coral Atlas
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It's time for activism ..... get out the vote in 2014 and while we are waiting protest and broadcast what is wrong that needs to be fixed.

It is very obvious since the perps are openly thumbing their noses at WE THE PEEPS