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@Jasper2529, 12/09/17 12:12:14PM
Thank you for sending me a friend invite, DocPhil.
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@Jerry Verlinger, 12/02/17 08:34:15PM

Hey, glad to see your here and thanks for the friend invite. I remember you from NV and I have you on the NV Friends List I printed out in 2013, after I move here in 2012, so we go back for a while.

You're going to like it here, lots of Viners signed on when NV closed, so it is going to get interesting around here.

Btw, you might want to join some of the groups I have going here;

NewsTalkers Community
End Violence Against Women
Child Abuse & Abductions
Climate Change & Environment
Police Brutality & Misconduct
Public Office Abuse & Misconduct
Good News Club

See you around the threads,
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@Trout Giggles, 12/01/17 09:27:10AM
It's so good to see you here at NT!