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I entered this world on my birthday.

All during my childhood I grew up.

When I transit to the World to Come, it will be without fear.

Instead with the same standing in awe of G-d that defines my life here and now.

Just prior to moving on and up to the next level of the great chain of being I shall revise my will.

I plan to donate my body to Science Fiction.

Peace and Abundant Blessings to One and All.


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"Working on an article on Teh Sabbath. Any one interested in co-authoring? Let me know. Enoch."
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link 06/12/16 07:58:24AM @al-316:

Greetings, my friend. Just stopping by to let you know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

link 11/26/16 05:55:46PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Al-316: Likewise.

Still on my bucket list to get together in thius life.

May need a deeper bucket.



link 06/12/16 08:40:51AM @enoch:

Dear Friend, Treasured Writing Partner and Brother in Spirit: You and your wonderful family are also in my mind, heart, soul and prayers daily.

I keep waiting for the State Mega Millions to award me a multi million dollar lotto prize, so I can fly down to visit.

No brass ring yet.

Maybe it would help if I bought a ticket?

While I wait for that, I also look forward to the day when they remove the crime scene tape from around the salad bar at Jays Diner.

Peace and Abundant Blessings to You and Yours Unto the Thousandth Generation., My Dear Friend.



Bob Nelson
link 02/26/16 06:27:35PM @bob-nelson:


I've been posting to my Blog for the last week or so... getting almost no reaction.

Now, that could be because no one is interested in what I post (  tough guy  ). But it could also be because posts to Blogs don't show up in the "Newest Comments" and "Newest Discussions" pages. Blog posts appear briefly on the NT Home page, in "Latest Activity", but they quickly fall off and are lost forever.

So... if you have appreciated my posts in the past, please stop by at my Blog, and if you like what you see there you can: 

   1) Stop by from time to time...

   2) Subscribe via RSS. RSS is a really, really REALLY good way to get your news. YOUR news, whatever YOU want to get. I've posted a tutorial.



link 12/08/15 06:28:00PM @randy:

My dear friend Enoch,

Please forgive me for being 2 days late in wishing you and yours a happy Hanukkah. As you know I am an atheist, however my wife is Jewish, so every year I get out the menorah and I'm in charge of making sure the candles are the correct number each night and lit the proper way. So far, so good. :-)

Your friend Randy

link 12/08/15 08:54:07PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Randy: Many thanks for your kind greeting.

It is much appreciated, and warmly received.

Channukah, the Festival of Lights celebrates two miracles.

First, there was only enough oil for illumination for one day for the Mzccabees while in hiding from oppressive forces. Yet it lasted for eight days and nights.

The second, and perhaps greater miracle is that the local utility company only charged for one, not eight days and nights. They billed just for the energy delivered, not how long it lasted.

If that isn't a miracle, then I do not understand what the term means. Smiles.

Seriously one of the things which keeps us going with winter and its darkness and cold impending are themed events featuring light and heat. There is universality, without respect for differences in beliefs and lifestyle approaches to such appealing themes in every season. 

We all, be they religious, secular, civil or cultural benefit from the use of symbols and rituals which help us to address situations we cannot control, yet will undergo. The trick is not to let our lesser sides take over and hurt, exploit, demean others in the process. At that, we as a species can use some work.

One bright and warm example of how to do this is what you and I are doing here.

We like and respect each other. We wish one another well in what we do. The warmth of our friendship, the illumination of us by the truth that being kind always works for the greater good is what this and other holidays really is all about.

In that manner, kindly accept the very best of wishes from Mrs. E. and me for Mrs. R. and you for a joyous and meaningful end of the year series of festivities and good times.

Life is too short for us all. It doesn't always seem like time flies when we are seated in the theater of dental cruelty for drilling and filling. But given the totality of time, and our span in it as vital beings, our time is chronically short in this life of ours.

I not only prefer to invest that time with people of your stature and quality, I am most honored to do so in fellowship.

Chag Channukah Sameach. Happy Channukah.


link 12/09/15 06:26:43PM @randy:

My dear friend,

Thank you for your kind words and blessings back. It's true that we are about as far apart as two people can be on religion, but can still have a sincere, non-judgmental friendship.

I do have a question though. We have a standard size Menorah and every year we buy the right sized candles for it. Yet every year I can not get the candles in the Menorah without standing over the sink using a knife to shave some wax off from the bottom of them to make them thinner! Can't someone make candles that just fit!Laugh


link 12/09/15 06:54:38PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Randy: I have no idea why standard size things don't fit together.

I also never understood why the number of hot dogs in a pack are not the same as the number of hot dog rolls in a package.

One things we do when we light the Menorah is take a lit match to the bottom of candles to melt them a bit before inserting them into the candle holder opening. That will make them fit and seal them in place.

Then we lite the Shamash (lead candle and use it to light the wicks of the other candles.

Finally, use melt the bottom of the Shamash candle from one of the already lit candles, and place it at the top of the Menorah.

Our neighbor across the street says one of the delights of the season for her is seeing our lit Menorah each night from her kitchen when she prepares dinner when home from work. 

We advised that her Christmas lights are  feast for our eyes as well.

Those who embrace humanity embrace all of it and celebrate its diversity ion the most positive sense.

You, she and we get that. Let's hope it is infectious and sustainable year around.

Great post Randy. We are indebted.


Buzz of the Orient
link 12/05/15 03:23:42AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

I don't know if you might already have read this story, but it is suitable for this season. Happy Hanukkah.

link 12/06/15 01:40:47PM @enoch:

Dear Friend Buzz: Mrs. E. and I greatly enjoyed your Channukah story.

it is reminiscent of the works of Sholem Aleichem and Isaac Beshevis Singer at their finest.

In particular the priority of spiritual over the material values brings to mind Shir ha Shirim (Song of Songs), and the famous scene form S. Ansky's Yiddish classic Der Dybbuk. 

In the latter, the Meshulem meets with the wealthiest merchant in the village. He asks the merchant, look through the window to the part, and tell me what you see. The merchant gazes, and reports he sees people, grass, trees, etc. 

Now look into this full length mirror, and advise what comes to your attention.

The merchant relates that he sees himself.

It is like this with people, says the Meshulem. Both a window and a mirror are made from glass. Owing to the silver behind a mirror, light doesn't pass through, it is reflected back. Look through a window and you see people and nature. Peer into a mirror, which has silver behind it, and all you see is yourself!    

From that point on, the merchant both became a Baal Teshuvah and a Baal Tzaddik. The mastered repentance through excelling at charity. He didn't let the silver behind him from success at business obscure the view of people and nature, and his responsibility to both.

There is a practical side to life. We must all make out way in this world. That said, we are all in this life together.

Our spiritual and humanitarian values are what rise us up above mere animal levels of existence. Thius story points it our very clearly.

We are indebted to you for sharing it.

Chag Channukah Sameach.

A Zissen Hannukah.

All best wishes for a joyous and meaningful Festival of Lights to You and Yours.



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