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Stephi Cantley
link 06/01/14 10:43:57PM @stephi-cantley:


Stephi Cantley
link 02/22/13 09:55:46AM @stephi-cantley:

I'm so glad you joined our Cat-Adorers!!! We promise that all kitties in this group will not try to eat your cute avatar

link 02/06/13 07:26:24PM @mjl3:

I am happy too, sometime ya just need to talk to "the girls"

link 02/06/13 05:46:28PM @mjl3:

Thanks for answering my group invite request :P

retired military ex Republican
link 02/04/13 02:10:20AM @retired-military-ex-republican:
Friend had one that lived to be thirteen oldest I've heard of my previous two lived to be ten.
retired military ex Republican
link 02/03/13 04:23:02PM @retired-military-ex-republican:

Yes she is a four year old gettting the grey beard. Shinny coat loves to give little kisses. She runs the house time for potty breaks time to eat and urgent needs when my black lab needs to go outside for a bathroom break. This is the third one we have had. Name is Lucy.

Kara Shalee
link 11/05/12 12:59:25AM @kara-shalee:

Thanks for the welcome back, Fed. Yeah, I wuvs you too!! You've also been a great help (along with Perrie, Mac and others of course) to me in learning this new system. It looks deceptively easy, but there's a lot to it. And the more you know, the more fun you can have. And I intend on having plenty of that!!

link 11/03/12 12:08:00AM @nona62:


Icelandic Woman
link 11/02/12 05:30:44PM @icelandic-woman:

Awesome Feddy!!! I will see you later tonight!!!

link 11/02/12 03:04:02PM @nona62:

Not to worry! If I can't figure this stuff out, just check "photos" I post there quite often.

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