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Raven Wing
2  Raven Wing    4 months ago

G...I have sent you a Friend request and I hope you will accept it. (smile)

2.1  Gsquared  replied to  Raven Wing @2    4 months ago

I did.  Thanks!

Eat The Press Do Not Read It
1  Eat The Press Do Not Read It    4 months ago

Gsquared:  I have posted new published a new whopper that I think will tickle your "funny bone."

"Trump promotes ROUND-UP as a cure for COVID19!" Let me know what you think. I appreciated your witty comments.

1.1  Gsquared  replied to  Eat The Press Do Not Read It @1    4 months ago

It's funny!  Your articles are pretty hilarious.

I'm glad you like my attempts at witticism.  At least somebody does...