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Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

By Hal A. Lujah, 2015-10-19
Yesterday, my fifth grandchild was born.  It has been a very sobering pregnancy, as he was diagnosed early on with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome , affecting his heart and aorta. By early evening on the day he was born, he had already undergone two surgeries.  One was done in utero, to implant a stent to increase blood flow through his heart.  The second was done right away after his birth to correct the placement of the stent, which had moved since being placed.   Not that he has any say in the matter, but he has been a real trooper so far.  Things are not going well at the moment, and he is medically paralyzed to reduce the strain on his heart.  His lactate levels are way too high, meaning that not enough oxygen is getting to his organs.  The hope is that another stent...
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