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Nigel Dogberry
link 09/18/15 01:46:55AM @nigel-dogberry:

Poor Jerry.

Jerry Verlinger
link 09/06/15 04:53:18PM @jerry-verlinger:

JV is an asshole still.

As in still bustin' your chops? You can bet your ass that will never stop!

link 09/06/15 02:01:03PM @randy:

Good to see you again Mike. It's also nice to know you haven't changed that much. FR request sent.

link 08/14/15 09:48:08PM @gunny:

JV is an asshole still.

link 08/14/15 09:47:52PM @gunny:

Glad your back Mike.

Jerry Verlinger
link 07/31/15 01:36:56PM @jerry-verlinger:

"I'm Joey, I'm from Chicago, I'm a steel worker, I'm Union, what else you need to know?"

I think I'll skip my normal "Welcome to newsTalkers" greeting here.

What else do I need to know? How about where did you go to school? Or did you evengo to school?

What YOU need to know, and this is only my personal opinion, not that of The NewsTalkers or its' administration, is thatyou mister wise guy don't need to come up in here with your fucking attitude.

I don't like you, I don't like your mug shot,I don't like your fucking attitude, and I don't care about your fucking union, nor do I give a fuck that you're thinking I should go fuck myself.

Have a nice day.

link 07/30/15 11:58:24AM @dowser:

Welcome to NT!

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