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@Jerry Verlinger, 01/27/16 03:21:11AM

It has come to my attention that you don't know how to post an original article or seed a media article. I have been complaining about the NT Help Videos not covering that information for months. (sent Perrie another memo today)

This is how it's done;

Go to your personal homepage and click on your name, drop down box will appear, click on 'Your Forum Topics', 'Discussions' page will appear, click 'Topics' (Upper Left of page), page with all available topics will appear, click on the topic you want your article to appear in, discussion page for that topic will appear, click on 'Add A Discussion', the form used to post articles will appear. Paste the title from the article you're seeding in the title box and paste the body of the article in the Text section. (or paste your original title and text if it's your original work) Click on 'Create A Discussion' .... done.

If you have any questions about this or anything else please contact me via Private Notes or leave a message in my Guestbook.

Meanwhile, please feel free to join the NewsTalkers Community Group.
Jerry Verlinger
Co-Administrator The NewsTalkers Community Group