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The Frustrations of Attempting to Negotiate an Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Below is the link to an excellent...
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Churchill, Zionism, and the Palestinian Question

I am currently reading a book about...
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Luise Rainer, 104, Passes Away - First to Win Back-to-Back Best Actor Oscars

LONDON (AP) Luise Rainer, a star of...
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Real Names of your Favorite Classic Film Actors

I'll start it off. Please add some...
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Edward G. Robinson - A Great Actor and a Great Man

Just wanted to post a short homage...
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link 09/03/13 11:06:47AM @sixpick:

Thank you very much Pokermik for the friend request. I consider it an honor and gladly accept. Wishing we all find common ground to work for the betterment of all Americans and people of the world. Thank you!

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link 02/20/13 02:30:35PM @njmick:

Thanks for the FR ,Im in Garfield and its cold as you know what, welcome and here you dont get banned for telling the truth!

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Buzz of the Orient
link 02/15/13 02:21:25AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Friend request gladly accepted.

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bitemore Gfotwo
link 02/11/13 12:14:32PM @bitemore-gfotwo:

Welcome, Mike! Happy to see you here!

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