I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better When You're Gone - RM Sixpick RG LT and Stan

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Duration: 00:02:58
This is a tune from The Byrds and Tom Petty did it as well. Cover song (Tribute to The Byrds). RM guitar. Sixpick Bass. RG guitar and lead vocal. LT drums. Stan keys. We all sang backup vocals.


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Bob Nelson
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link   Bob Nelson    6 years ago

The Byrds were such a revolution. Tight harmony, on both vocals and guitars. Nobody has ever done as well. 

Bravo for a very good version. 


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link   sixpick  replied to  Bob Nelson   6 years ago

Very true Bob.  I think the lead singer here really did an excellent job.  The high harmony had a little more strength than mine.  I didn't do the mix down or I would have brought the mid vocals up at times in the song.  I loved playing the bass on this one.  It wasn't complicated, just had a good feel.