She's Not There - RH RM Sixpick MP

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Duration: 00:03:41
Zombie's cover song. RH lead vocal and guitar, RM harmony vocal and guitar, Sixpick bass, MP drums


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Sixties Brit rock! Golden Age...

Actually we would have to call this version something between the Zombies and Santana versions.  The music is more acoustically played but arranged very similar to the Santana version.  As with quite a few of these recordings this was live on Lake Norman.  We use to have the "Hot Bod" contest Saturday afternoons during the summer and although most of the people came in on boats and lived in the area, we would have topless bar dancers who would come for the $100.00 contest.  That made it all worthwhile.  They wold leave and I guess go to work after the contest.  LOL

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Sixties Brit rock! Golden Age...