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Bob Nelson
6  Bob Nelson    6 days ago

I've just "unIgnored" you, because it's annoying to not see your posts to The Beacon.

Please obey the guidelines found on the Group Page, and we will have no problems.

Thank you.

Bob Nelson
5  Bob Nelson    2 months ago

If you and your buddies persist, I'll simply exclude you from the Group.

I'll make a Clean Copy of the Giffords article tomorrow.

You may handle it... and all other articles in the Group however you please, and with full knowledge of the consequences. 

Good night. 

It Is ME
4  It Is ME    last year

Too many whiners.....not enough Doers ! 

3  Tessylo    2 years ago

Ha Ha!!  What posts?

Galen Marvin Ross
2  Galen Marvin Ross    2 years ago

So, I decided to come over here to give you your answer. I won't comment on your posts, unless it is something that I have a strong feeling for, then anything can happen, you will refrain from commenting on any of my seeds because, all you want to do is start an damned argument and, deflect from the seed, you refuse to look at anything that is put up to confirm what I have said and, INSIST that if the article itself doesn't say it then it must not be true, that is bullshit and, you know it, this is why I don't want you on my articles. So, all this being said, stay the fuck away from any of my articles.

2.1  Texan1211  replied to  Galen Marvin Ross @2    2 years ago

And you stay the fuck away from my posts.

THAT'S how it will work.

Galen Marvin Ross
1  Galen Marvin Ross    2 years ago

Texan, if you can't come on my seeds and, stay on topic then don't come on my seeds any more.