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link 08/14/13 02:27:25AM @cm:

Thank you for the invitation TC to Shub's Economic Forum, its my honor to join the group...CM

link 08/09/13 12:17:23AM @kavika:

Thanks for the FR request TC...Happy to accept.

link 06/24/13 06:39:06AM @neetu2:

Oh, and I did notice your comment in the main room one day as I was passing through while on vacation, about Taos. Didn't quite make it there. We went as far as Los Alamos and then were told Taos isn't what it used to be, so we decided to skip it! After nearly 2000 miles of driving, we just decided to stretch our legs and walk around Santa Fe some more.

link 06/24/13 06:35:01AM @neetu2:

Sorry, TC, I know this is a bit late in coming, but I wanted to thank you for your FR. Delighted to accept!

link 04/28/13 03:39:13PM @cm:

Happy to be your friend TC, I think you know I Luv you always, talk with you later..

True American Pat
link 04/01/13 08:50:12PM @true-american-pat: good to see you my friend....I am getting sick of the vipers on the Ed Blog.....Hope your doing well.


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